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Better marketplace

To improve the League Trade Authority, rather than having a list of different offers from sellers and buyers. Instead, collect all posts of a single item together, grouped by price, showing the lowest 3 prices to buy at and highest 3 prices to sell at each with a number of units in total. That way it makes it simpler, but also means that if someone posts an offer selling 20,000 food but you only want 5,000 then you'd be able to buy 5,000 of that 20,000. Anything that doesn't make the top 3 highest sell and lowest buy prices is in the background, so if all the volume of any of the top prices is bought, the next highest/lowest price moves into view. It's similar to how trading markets work. I made a mockup of it in excel to explain it better. I've included a photo of what that looks like. Hope it's useful. :)

Won't this be bad for all the trades in between?
What do you mean by that ? As in the trades that don't make the lowest sell or highest buy price?
I definitely thing the trading system needs upgrading somehow but I also think it would screw with the offers in the middle.
So? If an offer is in the middle because it's more expensive to buy, unless the purchaser wants to buy a certain amount and is willing to pay extra, there is no need for them to need to sort through the other listings.

I like Stardust's suggestion overall, but a tweak I'd ask for is to just have the listings sorted by price/100, so you can choose yourself how many you'd like to look through.

Being able to buy *part* of a listing would be EXCELLENT! It would mean I could place a standing order of 20 million of something (or whatever number floats your boat) and just not need to worry about it for a while. Or put all my aluminium on the marked in one lump instead of dividing it into bite sized chunks.

Something I would like to see on the market is the ability to cancel listings. I accidentally listed quite a lot of aluminium for about a sixth of what I intended and I really hope the contracts expire... Oh, one literally just sold then haha. Talk about timing.
It would be pretty sweet to have say a graph of how much a resource has sold for per 100 over the last week, say. This would mean I could be sure I was getting the best price possible for my sales and not paying through the nose when I buy.

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