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Intersettlement Bus Station

Regional Bus Station with SkyBus 4.0

No-frills platforms servicing the proprietary SkyBus aerial transport, Regional Bus Stations are all that's needed to connect settlements across the planet!

Now with 27% less fatalities!

Wait, this actually has a really low seating capacity. Either that or the scaling's off.

Empty station
Station with SkyBus
Flying SkyBus
Landed SkyBus (for landings outside of bus stations)

(P.S. @bastecklein do you think you could implement something like "garrisoning" units into buildings where the building shows an alternate model when it's holding a unit? It'd work really well for landing pads in general.)
Boat enjoyer
What about massive settlements? Could I build more than one of these to connect different corners of my massive city? Or would I have to look elsewhere, for something that could carry the player across my massive settlement?
The Spice must flow.
Yeah, in the interest of player mode I suppose you could build stations anywhere; the inter-settlement is just to emphasize that the stations should also allow your population to work/live(?) across settlements.
Boat enjoyer
I'm excited to see this play out Spam!
Update: Gave the SkyBus a basic interior and updated all derivative models accordingly. Let me know if you want to switch back to the blacked-out doorway version.
Boat enjoyer
I love the interior Spam. This will be helping me travel comfortably to all of the destinations my Player Character will need to go.
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