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Introducing the Imperial Trade Representative - Page 2

For a quick stupid fix could you just require a basic random "captcha style" math problem to sell or buy anything... Basically just eliminating the ability to use a script or macro.
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What I am saying is the 50k limit is set by the server, it is not hard-coded into the game. The game is hard-coded to set max trade at the gifting capacity price, but in times of emergency like right now, the server can override that and set it's own max trade. When v0.50.0 is released and enough players have upgraded so that I can cut off server access to older versions, the 50k cap will be increased, but not before. This is the way it will have to be for right now. I can't have a situation where somebody can post 2 billion aluminum for some outrageous price and then have a script just auto-purchase it.

And to @PureEvil 's suggestion, I can't go back and add a captcha problem to older versions that are already released and on players' phones.
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Damn you're quick with the responses... I love that you are an active developer..

Thank you and keep up the great work.
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I hope you don't treat my script that pulls the trades from the GBT as malicious, just because it does it every few minutes all day long. It doesn't buy or sell anything. It's just for displaying the offers of FFF members in a discord channel.
I’m not sure of the member you are referring to, but if we knew for sure then he/she would be banned from the FFF as using exploits is against our policy.

Anyways, some of us at the FFF had a meeting to talk about ways that would reduce some of the ongoing GBT issues.

1. Players should not be allowed to go over their current storage limits. This can currently be done by placing a request for resources or by receiving a gift, resulting in a player able to hold millions of something with only 50k of storage. Making it where excess resources from gifts or GBT requests simply filled the current storage and the excess disappears prevent a player from being able to stockpile billions of a resource without the proper capacity.

2. Tying into the issue above, there are certain resources that currently have no storage limit. These include Ore, Gold, Aluminum, and Uranium to name a few. There’s no reason that I can see for any player to need a nearly infinite amount of a resource. Using the warehouse or another storage building to limit this would make more sense.

3. The amount you post for trade cannot exceed your current storage capacity. Meaning you cannot have multiple contracts that add up to 100k of a resource for sale on the GBT if you only have 80k storage space. This would already be minimized if #1 was implemented and holding more than your current storage was not allowed anyways.

4. The storage limit for a certain resource is reduced by the amount of that resource you have listed on the GBT. Once the contract sells, the storage space returns to normal. This way if the contract is not sold and the resources are returned to the player, it does not exceed the storage capacity. Or anything in excess of the storage capacity vanished upon the return of those resource.

5. Possibly tie the GBT to your consulate or capital level, so that only players that are within +/- 1 level of your consulate or capital level can see your trades and vice versa. Allow the max trade amount to increase with these levels as well, so that smaller levels only trade with smaller levels and larger trades stay with the larger levels.

I’m not sure what your current plans are but hopefully these will give you some more ideas on possible solutions to address the issues of players using GBT exploits for personal gain.
Why not just an upgradeable version, just like capital and consulate?
bastecklein said:A cap on the amount of trades per colony would not work. Lot sizes would be in the millions and tens of millions. Nobody would be able to buy anything except for the huge colonies who would just be trading resources among themselves.

The cap of 50,000 is required until the majority of players are on v0.50.0 of My Colony which is not even done yet. There is an exploit in the API allowing trades to be auto-purchased in bulk via script, but I cannot completely patch it without cutting off everybody else's access to the GBT. You can thank one of your peers here for ruining this for everybody else. If I'm not mistaken, the guy taking the heaviest advantage of it hangs out on your 'FFF' discord channel.

You can spam trades if you wish but the new version of the client it going to make spamming very tedious and annoying to do, plus posting a bunch of trades in rapid succession will probably cause the GBT to put a hold on your account for review.

Anyway, the GBT API has been under daily attack now for the last 3 days, so something had to be done. Believe me I would have much rather not had to do anything at all.

Would you tell me who this is?
That would explain why my 100 k regolith offer and the regoliths themselves all of sudden disappeared.
Have you decreased the cap again? Tried to sell gold in groups of 50000 and lost the lot again. This game is pretty pointless if I cannot sell what i make
Like its been said. The GBT is to trade, not to get rich in the process. The idea is you help someone else and in return you get a compensation.
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