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In-Game Federations

#1 2017-11-21 21:10:03
This is a discussion for the concept of in-game federations. Do you want this feature to come to My Colony? And if so, how do you envision that it would work, and what would be the purpose/benefit of it?
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#2 2017-11-22 05:22:20
Federations are led by 1 colony. That colony is elected(colonies vote using the congress hall), and just like in real elections, the candidates have to advertise to the voters (Advertising costs money). The leader of the federation is responsible for negotiating with other federations. Federations can buy resources from other federations and put them on the the market. When a federation makes money, it distributes it evenly among the colonies. Federations also have a special internal market shielded from the outside forces of other colonies.
#3 2017-11-22 05:26:44
Federations give people a reason to keep playing the game after they complete their colony (this depends on the players opinion of what a complete colony is).
#4 2017-11-22 17:49:19
great idea for the election but how long time during the reingn of the leader of the federation?
for the intern market it is a good idea
if you don't understand my post i am sorry but if realy want to understand it ask me and i will translate it
#5 2017-11-22 20:10:13
Elections are held every month.
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#6 2017-11-22 21:24:03
Within the FFF we have discussed about this and come up with the following:

Federations are groups of CW´s under the same flag, working together by sharing resources and knowledge. They have internal communication this can be with messages and discord or build in chat in MyC. Every federation has a Federation main building and a smaller building for its members. Joining the CW would be through annex. Only CWs can annex to federations. Dependent colonies are bound to the federation the leader is joined to.

Benefits a Federation could set up:
- They have a internal market that doesn't affect the normal GBT / mass driver market. Prices are defined on a per trade base like on the global GBT, but trades are only visible between Federation members and their subcolonies.
- They have a global warehouse which size is a percentage of all warehouses of all members. (Like 5%) Members can put ressources in that warehouse or it automatically get's put in there if the storage of the individual colony is full. Members can take out ressources which they need, but limited to a fixed amount per day or percentage of the global warehouse capacity or percentage of the ressources in the warehouse or percentage of the individuals storage capacity. That could be defined by the Federation leaders. Different ranks may have different permissions on what they can take out.
- Instead of a warehouse, a member colony could set up what and how much of the ressources it has can be given away for a fixed price (can by 0). Like I have 1m storage capacity and I define that when I'm over 900k of this ressource, everything above can be taken from me for that price.
1. Management is done with a building that can be shared by a minium of two CW's. They can accept or reject federation membership. They can give permissions to the members in the form of ranks.
Ranks are at least admin who have full control over the Federation and members who are part of it. Other ranks could be defined with different permissions. Like if they are allowed to accept new members and what they can do with the things mentioned above.

2. Same management, but not only with a building in the game, but with a special section in the apeappswebsite. This would require everyone to have a apeappsweb account and having it linked to the game. Request to join the federation is done through thw website, request is passed along to the inbox of the federation and accepted or rejected there. And that's passed along to the game. Thee buildings would only serve to see who is in the federation, same with capitol and consulate now. But wouldnt have management functions.

3. A intermediate between 1 and 2. Federation leaders get a section the apewebb for management, but requests to join are done in the game.


FFF Management
#7 2017-11-22 21:56:40
I like the nunez's idea, but I think requests should be made and accepted in-game, rather than on the ape apps website. Number three is too hard on the dev since almost anyone can create a federation. The website would be flooded with subforums.
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#8 2017-11-22 22:06:55
here is a list of ranks for the in-game federation,
highest to lowest

1. leader: supreme leader(if you do not like this name, change it to something funnier)
2.committee members: supreme council
3. admin: admin
4. no rank: members of the Federation of the supreme leader(add the name of leader colony here)
#9 2017-11-22 22:15:30
I personally think this would be a great idea. It could allow colonies to join the 'Federation' but not have to be in a certain commonwealth, for example there could be multiple commonwealths and independent colonies under one federation. I also believe it would be great for there to be a ranking system involved, thus being that every member has a rank (much like guilds) for example the order could go (not specific on names but you get the general idea): Overlord, Officer, Lieutenant, Sergeant, rookie and noob. Each role would have different permissions (set by the federation leader and the rank names should be changeable by the leader/co-leader/s)

The federation leader, should simply be the person who made the federation, however let there be the option for impeachment (much like a real world government), so yes it could be viewed as a government, with general policies for the commonwealths and independent colonies in it. For example a tax.

It would allow already made 'Federations' like FFF to have a real purpose.

General ideas:
1. Trade tax within commonwealth members.
2. Daily money earned for attendance (set by 'commonwealth contract')

I hope I've put some ideas forward. :)
#10 2017-11-22 22:51:12
bkudaimi said:I like the nunez's idea, but I think requests should be made and accepted in-game, rather than on the ape apps website. Number three is too hard on the dev since almost anyone can create a federation. The website would be flooded with subforums.

The idea is to be able manage the Fed outside the game as well.
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