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how do i get people to stop protesting

hello my name is jack paul and today we are going to find my cloths
Go into the Statistics tab with "S" on your keyboard if on PC, and go into population. Tell me the stuff on the pie chart. Just saying "title" doesn't help anyone, including yourself. This isn't the Steam Forums after all. Describe your situation.

Normally though, you need Food, Water, and medical facilities if you're far enough to have them to prevent people from protesting. Then to have a normal work policy, and also a living wage does help alot. If there's more people than you have space for, for long enough that can cause some unhappiness.
I have all of the things you have described but they are still protesting
fire hoses work for the government . So does tear gas .
But if your just to nice then give them money .
That works every time unless you have to many sick .
give them 200 $ stimulus .
Think about it how happy do you get when someone gives you money lol
As IIIStrife said. Check you statistics (I think it is under government). There will be a pie chart that tells you why they are angry. Start fixing the largest slice first and keep going until they are happy again.
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EXUCUTE THEM!!! just joking don't execute them
The largest factor for my colonists is fatigue. How do you fix fatigue?

You'd think they'd complain about health since I forgot to keep up with hospitals but no, fatigue...
turn off the render colonist or give them money via stimulus package or living wage.
The main concern of my colonist is fatigue... Any tips on how to address fatigue? I can't seem to figure it out.

I honestly don't understand how to keep my colonists content. They protest no matter what.
My colonists get ill and start protesting, although there is available space in the hospitals. They also protest and have a happiness of 0%, although hardly any of them uses the entertainments options. They have enough savings to go to the pubs, but the colonists don't. They don't even use the green domes, which are free.

Tried taxing them and then giving a stimulus package of 300, but that had only minimal effect if any.

EDIT: I also have a living wage of $4, and have had that for a few days. Doesn't seem to help.

Any thoughts?
@scripht Try setting the work policy to light. You will need a level 2 consulate.
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