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Lava world ideas

So just want to say that I'm enjoying the new lava world and it's a real challenge to keep a colony going long enough to reduce the atmosphere to below 15 mil in this planet type. I appreciate bast using some of my suggestions and incorporating them into his scheme of things, and I think that with a few tweaks, this planet could be even more awesome and attract more people to it. So here are a bunch of my ideas for how this world could be amped up.

1.) Since it would make sense that a flying object would not be affected by anything that happens on the ground, I would love to see that same rule be put in place by my colony. This way, you can have queens in the air at all times in case an eruption goes off and kills all of your mounds. Then you have a guarantee to start over and not lose the game. then, if someone loses their mounds with no queens in the air, it's on them for not taking precautions.

2.) eruptions stop when the atmosphere is under 50 million, but lava still spreads until the atmosphere gets under 1 million atmosphere. Once the atmosphere is at optimum range, the player should attempt to put the lava out of it's misery since they would have idea number 3.

3.) Obsidian extractors. The lava planet is just awash in lava, and has been like that since it was formed. Therefore, layers of obsidian deposited by lava flows over time are buried beneath the planets surface and can be harvested via an obsidian extractor once the atmosphere is under 15 mil. This is optional, because yes, the obsidian is supposed to be a hard-to-get resource. However, if a player survives long enough to reduce the atmosphere all the way down from 500 to below 15 million, I would think that they deserve a safe supply of obsidian.

4.) sugar furnaces. These would be made from obsidian and would burn sugar hotter and produces as much power as a power spire. Small amounts of obsidian are constantly consumed, since some obsidian is mixed with the sugar to maintain a high temperature burn. Use this idea if wood is not going to be a viable resource on the lava world, which I doubt it is.

5. Dark versions of all of the buildings that require wood if wood isn't going to be an acquirable resource on this world. obsidian can take the place of the wood requirement in many advanced buildings if you make dark versions that resemble obsidian.

6. Dynamic planetary response to atmosphere level. It would be nice to make the lava world turn into an earth-like world when it reaches optimum atmosphere level, and crystal deposits could turn purple or green or some other color that's not being implemented right now. And then it would be nice to see the planet change from an earth-like world to an ice world once the atmosphere is below 1 mil atmosphere, at which no more lava flows and the crystals turn blue. What do yall think, wouldn't that make it more interesting? In fact, you could make all planets turn into a lava world and cause lava to spread once the planet gains too much atmosphere in my opinion. And then you can make them turn to ice worlds or red planet-like worlds when the atmosphere gets too low. Those would be the ultimate penalties for not managing your atmosphere correctly. I would still only allow obsidian extractors on worlds that began as lava worlds though.

7.) obsidian made structures are resistant to lava, but not lava proof. Obsidian structures that are contacted by lava will sustain constant and mild to moderate damage. More advanced buildings will be more resistant to lava, and some may even be impervious depending on their function. This could be another function of obsidian, since, if bast were to follow my idea of replacing the wood requirement with obsidian, then lots of buildings would have dark versions that have obsidian in place of wood, and wouldn't ya think that obsidian would have a natural resistance to lava. Anything that is made even of a little bit of obsidian should have at least a small resistance to lava.

8.) Lava world for humans. Since one of my ideas was to make all planets turn into lava worlds when they become shrouded in dense atmosphere, it would be fitting to give humans a crack at the lava world as well. I mean, they have more advanced technology than zolarg, so if zolarg can do it, why can't humans do it?

Well, those are my ideas, hope yall like them. Again, I'm very grateful for how the lava world turned out and these are not complaints, I just want to give some ideas that would do the lava world some justice.

Something that could be used for extreme atmosphere reduction could be a Carbon Sequestration Facility. Carbon sequestration is when CO2, which atmosphere in MC basically is, gets thrown underground or under the ocean to keep it from polluting the atmosphere. I think it would be cool to have a high tech well structure that would drain atmosphere very quickly for the lava world.
Really dig your elaborated ideas!
First question, why aren't your more active on the FFF????

1. Have you experienced this doesn't work already?
2. Do you know they stop, or are you suggesting they stop at 50mil? And why would they stop, are you suggesting these eruptions occur because of some type of global warming? There are planets out there with no atmosphere and lot of eruptions ;-)
3. The idea is good, but by the time you get to that point you already have so much obsidian that it makes we wonder if there really is a need to extract more obsidian from the ground.
4. Wood is available on Lava, its a combination of the normal Zolarg and Zolarg ice world. So it has both tech trees. No natural sugar available, you get it from crystals. No water pools, you use crystal for water. Besides that it's normal Zolarg. Except for the part you get uranium and diamond deposits. But, the idea of not having wood is good! I would really like it if we have more use for the lava and or obsidian.
5. I would really like dark buildings! Imagine darkpavement with obsidian instead of regolith!
6. This would be very cool, but also extremely difficult! We would need buildings that eat up massive amounts of atmosphere. I'm up to 5k pop and my atmosphere has hardly dropped. I doubt, if you're able and patient enough to get that far, having a million pop with the current options would do anything about that problem. Remember that the water thingies eat atmosphere but the production buildings produce atmos at the same time.
7.Yes, makes sense.
8.Makes sense.
i love the idea of building in obsidian(like wall or wall who use power but don't need obsidian) ,the idea for the atmospher can be good and thee obsidian extractor can work like a big "small"water extractor 2X2 can be the most logique and if the atmosspher go less than 20 000 000 the lava world will come more easy
in 6 days ive managed to get 650k of my atmosphere.
Humm dont know about wood being tehre I bought the wood tech needed and no trees of any type appired on the build bar .
But seeing your saying they are mite just give it another shot .
persoinal i just enjoy fighting the volcano and lava
I have both fir trees and mega trees.
Trees work. I had several fir forests before they blew up and now have a grove of mega trees off to one side.

Also, something @nunez499 and I were discussing in the general discussion area; we want an actual volcano. I think something that when it degrades turns into a mineral or ore deposit.
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if you want a wall to the lava the water poll is ok (put 2 path it is more safe)
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