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My Colony v0.58.0 Released

The v0.58.0 update for My Colony should be hitting a device near you soon. I expected another Reptilian content update, but I got sidetracked and started implementing the education system instead. Oh well! Here is what's new:

My Colony v0.58.0 Changelog

New Stuff
  • New Tech: Basic Education
  • New Occupation Class: Teacher
  • New Structures: Center for Relic Studies, Adult Daycare, Small Elementary School, Small High School, Small Community College
  • New Policies Added: Deport Arbitrary, Deport Homeless, Deport Poor
  • Some non-square structures can now be flipped. If no issues crop up related to this, more will be added soon.
  • The 'Research' producing buildings now have IQ requirements for employment
  • Desktop-class users can now change the flip orientation of structures before placing them
  • Various minor UI changes
For some reason I decided to spend this update activating the dormant education system that has been inside of the engine for some time now. I am sure there are bugs to work out, and the system will be refined over the coming updates. Right now, only basic research structures require educated colonists, in order to give people time to transition. Eventually, there will be IQ requirements set for most structures.

For Human colonies which have managed to accumulate Alien Relics, there is a new Relic Research Center which is ultimately an Aluminum Generator on steroids. It is a good late-game way to produce aluminum without having to maintain 900 Aluminum Gens.

The next update will probably add education to both the Zolarg and the Reptilians, as well as iron out any education related bugs which may arise. I will probably also enable flipping to most structures in the game, at least the ones which do not have text written on the side of them.

Before then though, a great update is on the way to Antiquitas, adding in the Gauls as the second civilization.

Also, a new Desktop application called the Ape Apps Launcher will be coming out soon, and you can find more details about what it is here:

That's it for this update. Enjoy, much more to come!
Sounds like a fun new twist! Looking forward to testing it out.

Is there a fatigue element to being educated if they are built far away?
Does getting an education permanently increase your IQ or does it need to be maintained?
Will deporting people have an effect on happiness?

Thanks for the regular updates!
Human Colony Charter: pTfi0Opt
Insectoid Charter: EXFzp37s
Hey Bast, two requests in response to this update (I know, it's new and has quirks, just letting you know what I've seen)

1. The new shadow for placement is awesome for 1x1 buildings, but for 2x2 and gives a weird overlap and makes it very very hard to see how many you are placing in a line. If it can work for 2x2 and up size buildings where it's not overlapped, that would make it perfect.

2. I am thrilled there is an aluminum generator on steroids now! However, the GBT for Relics is pretty much dead and only the stargate allows import (at 100,000 for like 2 billion dollars). Can we have relics in the space elevator and mass driver as well so they are a bit more attainable?

Thanks for the hard work!
Human Colony Charter: pTfi0Opt
Insectoid Charter: EXFzp37s
I enjoy my colony but I cant wate for the Antiquitas update .

Juts so you can see how some of us can be . I am deleting every colony to start fresh .
And this isnt the first time . I love the building aspects more then just gaining massive resources .

8 out of ten for my colony and so far ten out of ten for Antquitas . Great games .
hope colony wars turns out to be a hit as well .
64 bit my colony is very laggy Desktop version
try to move the map or change the screen size results in a stop lasting 5 seconds or so .
spacks 4 gigs ram 64 bit windows 7
my 32 bit dell 2 gigs ram game stays just about frozen . desktop version

chrome 32 bit same computer works normal no lag .

JaxxSilva said:Is there a fatigue element to being educated if they are built far away?
Does getting an education permanently increase your IQ or does it need to be maintained?
Will deporting people have an effect on happiness?

I would also like to know if learning is a skill colonists can do regardless of distance between the colleges and housing. There are workers for such buildings that I assume works the same as per normal.

One other thing, if the game is moving towards the direction of being able to switch the orientation of buildings I believe all platforms require a way to switch the orientation before placement, not just desktop versions. Otherwise desktop version will be the only way to create those more complicated layouts that use the orientation to its advantage.

I like this idea of an education system in my colony so far, I do not believe that distance should effect students for ease of access or at the very least have the fatigue distance much larger than working conditions.

I look forward to further updates
Hello! I am a High Wizard from the Nations of OZ, come check out our discord server!

I have placed different buildings around. I set them in rows of 3, so 1 small then to the third biggest, the college just to make sure every one Can get educated, they seem to offer different levels of education!
Great update
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How do you deport colonist?
I have a capitol level 6, but there is no option of deportation.
>deport poor.
I built a lot daycare, elementary,highschool and college, but no student at all. I wonder why, as the colonist IQ average at 75.

Are they too dumb and lost on the way to school?
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