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My Starship - New Concept Game - Page 5

#41 2018-06-12 13:30:50
@DillGuy9 well you can never underestimate the power of Antaura.
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#42 2018-06-12 14:37:52
So that is your reasoning, the ALMIGHTY POWER OF ANTAURA!!!
Dylan Carter
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#43 2018-06-20 17:52:09
Lord the ship is just so slow I would die of old age before i ever get a upgrade .
Besides absolutely no instructions on how to upgrade a ship or what it takes .
Things like that are need First in a game that is more then just a clicker .
O i am sure you will eventually get around to this in a year or 3 mean wile no one has a clue on how to do much more then go from planet to planet in slow motion .

Kirk - are we there yet ? Ohora - NO we will get there when we get there caption .
Kirk to engineering scotty give me warp power now . She cant take it caption .
( mcoy ) Caption should i get out and Push ? lolol

#44 2018-06-27 21:46:39
Dylan Carter
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#45 2018-07-09 18:33:55
I am interested in this with the upcoming add ons to the game you have planned.
#46 2018-07-13 17:31:23
How DO you ugrade your ship?
#47 2018-07-14 01:52:47
Not yet
Dylan Carter
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#48 2018-08-18 00:05:22
Itd be good to be able to see the amount of money a ship or planet has so when trading i dont have to keep lowering the units im selling until they can buy
#49 2018-08-25 19:58:31
My Starship has just been updated to v0.7.0, the full changelog of which you can see in the original post for this thread.

This update adds critical infrastructure to the game, and because of work completed with this release, the game is about to get a lot more exciting in the coming versions.

My Starship v0.7.0 adds the concept of Factories, and the critical new resource Starship Parts. These two new features, when combined, are going to allow for some of the most requested additions to the game in the coming updates, namely ship upgrades and the purchase and sell of starships.

The Factories also add a new dynamic, as planets begin to convert raw materials like Ore and Gold into manufactured materials like Steel, Microchips, and Starship Parts. This alters the mix of which resources are needed at each planet, opening up new pricing structures and trade opportunities, when a player learns which resources are needed at which planets.

For users playing an existing game, existing planets will construct new factories as the necessary resources become available. That said, it is suggested that you start a new game with this release, as planets will begin with several factories right at the start, greatly speeding up the time required to get the new resource production mechanisms up and running.
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#50 2018-08-31 12:29:21
Hey what are the requirements for a factory
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