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My Colony v0.71.0 Released

Today I am beginning to push out the v0.71.0 update to My Colony, and it should be coming to all available platforms over the next few days. This release further builds out and improves the Regions feature, and finally adds a Capitol building to the Reptilians.

First off, let's discuss the new Region updates. The first change you will notice is that now on the Region overview screen, there will be a faint dotted line showing the borders of your various region cities, allowing you to more easily discern the difference between maps. I had noticed that once you get several cities right next to each other, it was becoming difficult to tell them apart, especially when they are using different map sizes.

This change just makes it a bit easier to see what is going on in your region.

The next change is that road tiles now "link" between maps. Before you get excited, I do not mean that rovers and colonists are walking between maps (yet), but now when you have a map with a road tile built up to the edge of a map, that same road tile will appear on the edge of adjacent maps, if there is an open spot on the map for the tile. This right now is mainly to provide a bit of continuity on the region overview display between maps, as you can see in the example screenshot above. Right now it only works on roads, but I plan on doing something similar with rivers soon.

The next change to Regions, which is a big one, is that resource consumption and production for all region maps will now continue as long as any city in your region is currently active. Region cities continue to produce resources even on the region overview display. It wont take much playtime for you to realize that this is a major game changer for region-based games.

There are other small changes and improvements to the Region system, and you will notice these while you play, but they aren't major enough to describe each in detail. Basically, the entire Region system runs a lot better than it did one version ago, and the improvements will continue over the coming updates.

The next change I made was minor but will be helpful to some. The GBT now shows a little status display at the bottom, outlining your current max trade capacity, as well as the amount of each resource that you currently have available to trade.

This is helpful because often I would find myself making trades, but the GBT window covers up the resource output display, so you don't know how much you need to buy or sell. This should help make the GBT just a bit better. In addition to this, the trade frequency timer has been reduced, so you can now make trades faster than you could before.

Next up is the new Capitol building for the Reptilian race, the Chamber of Laws.

Now that Reptilians can have a capitol to call their own, the next update will be bringing Reptilian embassies into the game. I also need a new structure to produce Oil, for when the map runs dry.

Finally, some older structures have gained the ability to be flipped. All Microchip Factories, the Civic Center, and the reptilian Antanium Impactor.

I expect to maintain weekly updates to the game going forward, and the next few will continue to focus on Reptilians and Regions. There might be a slight lag before the next update, and I am going to be preparing Antiquitas for it's Steam release, but after that, it is back to My Colony updates.

Enjoy the changes, let me know of the issues, and stay tuned for a whole lot more!
Sounds great! The new production across all districts within the region will really make it nice. I also like that each district has their own population count and you can see the combined population on the regions screen. I would be super interested in the bots and colonists moving between cities as that would allow me to have a city solely for putting landing pads in so I can fill other cities corner to corner with resource generating buildings. For now I'll just have all the immigration per city though.

Good to see some more progress on the reptillians as well. Interested to see where they are going. Overall solid update :)
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Question: You said that the time was shortened for selling trades, is it the same for buying, like did you lower that as well?
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incredible update
dfv123 said:Question: You said that the time was shortened for selling trades, is it the same for buying, like did you lower that as well?

Yes they have both been shortened. They are not both running on the same interval, but they have both been shortened.

Someone had a bot a few months ago that was doing rapid-succession trades, so there still needs to be the mechanism in place to detect that and auto-ban that account. But as long as trades are made from within the client, it wont be an issue.
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When you say production continues for all cities, do you take the ▲▽ values and extrapolate them, or do the cities actually continue to produce and consume?
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It is all simulated, based on the last several minutes of play from each city, minus certain kinds of resource changes, like construction, or a big tech-unlock research spend, or buying stuff from GBT, gifting, galactic emperor prize, etc.

I would like to have it actually run to be more accurate, but it would take an epic amount of CPU and RAM, especially if you had a large number of cities.
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So for showing resources changes, if each city has no building going on, only buildings running, the region screen would show what the combined total of each city being able to produce. If you leave a city while anything is being built or something else major is going on, it won't be at full production because of other drains or effects. Cool, it would be nice to have it more real time, but that may require some major rewriting as the game has never been meant for running 24/7 in the background.
good evening the game still rowing as far as is in wide card or mega card is there a way to make it more fluid?

I started a region a few days ago, so far it's working OK, but I look forward to the possibility of adding an existing colony to a new region ^^

Concerning the actual state of regions mechanics, how do we backup a region and all it's colonies?
In the Game Data menu, I don't see the sub-colonies, only the region, and the exported file does not include them.
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