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My Colony v0.75.0 Released - Page 3

so this latest update stripped my colony of approximately 75 trillion GDP. Any way to have it restored?

Me2 I got stripped a ton to
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@evansricky please see the release notes and also this thread:

In short, the GDP calculation was completely inaccurate before, and has now been fixed. All GDP's are being adjusted accordingly, not just yours. Your old number is not coming back, because it was totally inflated and not a real reflection of GDP.
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@bastecklein in the Windows client (downloaded from your website), the window now shows standard borders (on Win7). Is that normal?
Yeah, I got rid of the custom borders because they weren't rendering very nice on other operating systems.
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i often get this page unresponsive error in chrome
I'm still losing all resources when I log back into my region?
I've noticed in the outflow of the money resource wages and welfare.
Welfare could be salary and wages the wages set from the policy. Except my wages in the outflow were 5,7mil. I have it set at 10 dollars and I have 200k pop. If every colonist gets 10 dollar
it can't be more than 2 mil. And I have the salaries set higher than the 10 dollars for wages, so something is not right about those figures.
About atmosphere, is it possible to have too much of it?
Hello, i had a game save but soon enough, after transfering it to online, i couldn’t get in, it was eternally stuck at “doing cleanup”. Anyone else have this issue and know how to fix it?
My Colony

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