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My Colony v0.45.0 Released

Greetings everyone, it's time for another shiny new version of My Colony, v0.45.0! This update is a lot smaller than I had planned, but there were numerous bug fixed that I wanted to get pushed out, so I rushed it. It's still solid gold though, do don't worry :-) Here is what's new:

My Colony v0.45.0 Changelog

New Stuff
  • New Structures: Unholy Pit of Stuff, Unholy Mound of Worship, Unholy Core Mine
  • New Resource: Alien Relic
  • New Premium Content: Creative Mode
  • LIS Black Market Bazzar now randomly gives out a random resource in exchange for 1 coin. Goods are always flowing in through the black market.
  • Unfinished changes to the 'New Game' flow
If it seems like this update is rushed, it was. It's ok though. There were a lot of bug fixes made to pathfinding (again), and colonist/vehicle selection. I also found a bug that was making harvesting vehicles request a new path from the path finder almost non-stop, which is now fixed. This should increase performance and help with mobile battery consumption.

Beyond that, this was mostly a Zolarg update. You might notice they have a new alien artifact of their own, the Alien Relic. This comes from the same ancient alien race as the Alien Artifacts on human worlds, and will open up the Zolarg's own alien tech tree in the updates to come. Eventually there will be three classes of ancient alien resources in the game and combining them will allow each team to unlock the ultimate ancient power in the game! But that is a ways off.

Finally, for premium users, a casual Creative Mode has been added. All building options are unlocked and cost nothing to build, so you can make whatever kind of colony you want. Offline only, of course.

One final thing to note, the server that the web version of My Colony is hosted on is acting up right now. I think I am being throttled because I have used up all of my hosting bandwidth for the month. I expect it to be resolved by Oct 1, and it shouldn't impact the Android/iOS/Windows/Mac/Linux versions of the game, only the browser-based version.

That's all for now, much more to come, and thanks for playing!
Love you too bast
I am become death destroyer of federations.
The Zolargs of Chakra Phool and Nottis of the Commonwealth of Domination sing their praises for their new stuff.
Commonwealth of Groddle
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Hi there, beautiful
Hi, sorry to bother, but I'm just wondering if I ever will receive an .amk file, I've sent, I think 3 emails to the support.apeapps email, with the email I used to get premium on android.
Send another lol. I’m not trying to ignore you I just get several hundred emails per day so a lot gets missed.
Owner of Ape Apps, LLC
Rush is fine, it's nice to see the developer do quick bug fix.

Hope the random death of colonies will fix too, because until now I still don't know how to stop them keep dying.
(Already keep them at light work, enough hospital, food, water, job, even the short distance and turn off the render)

Right now I'm struggle to play or not because my colony need reduce atmosphere to keep them alive, but they are already dying for unknown reason.
creative mode should have infinity items so that, for example, the diamond chrystal reactor is able to work.
Its me Lego.
okie xD
Thanks for the frequent updates! Creative mode should be fun.
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My Colony

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