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My Colony v0.89.0 Released

Today I am pushing out a minor release to My Colony, patch v0.89.0. There isn't a ton to say about this update, as it just corrects the syntax errors that had been logged and makes a few minor UI tweaks. The only real noticeable change occurs if you are playing with a mouse. Now when you highlight a building, it will get a red outline color, and also bring the highlighted building to the foreground if there is another structure on top of it.

Sorry to all to the slow pace of progress on My Colony and my other apps right now. This summer has proven to be extremely busy for me outside of game development, and it sadly does not appear to be slowing down any time soon, so I expect July to be just as slow as June was. Eventually the busy season will end though and I will be able to get back to doing "real" work, so stay tuned!
Hello Brandon,

Thank you for updating My Colony as always. We are glad to receive the updates and have fun with them! But please, take your time. It's okay to not have an update every now and then when we expect it. We know there is more coming. Take some time to relax maybe and enjoy your summer? :)

Have a good summer to everybody else out there.
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Thanks for all your hard work.
i noticed that you still cant export templates on creative region maps are you going to enable that @bastecklein
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Thanks. The update required many new permissions and also mentioned some additions to the Zolarg race.
Are there details about these items?
My Colony

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