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chrome 1.0.0 when pay roll comes due it is now making number of colonists go to 0 - Page 3

#21 2019-12-22 12:49:40
Does it happen right when the payroll window appears, or does it happen after you pay?
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#22 2019-12-22 13:39:41
mine happened when payroll windows appears
#23 2019-12-22 15:18:02
as the poster above is saying but i reposted under feedback and gave android details that will hopefully give enough info
#24 2019-12-22 15:44:14
Happens when the payroll window appears. I can see the colonist count has reset prior to paying.
#25 2019-12-23 09:26:32
bastecklein said:You know it just dawned on me guys, I don't think it's the payroll that is killing your colonists, it is probably the lack of medical facilities, since the birth/death calculations also happen on the same time interval as payroll. Make sure you have enough medical facilities in your colony.

Hi, Bast. Made new colony of LIS at abbandoned world. For ~400 colonists i had 49 first aid stations. Food, water and money are in excess. Prior to every payday - colonists went off all work places (stats i.e. 0/0/10), and after "time to pay your workers" the counter of colonists in resources string became 0. all vanished. this happens independently of paying. just when the window appear. autopay didn't solve the problem

i also noted, that at the time when colonists go out of their work running header at the bottom says that "there is an ongoing health crysis in %cityname%. will %username% do something..."

now for 912 colonists, i have 46 medical clinics. however the situation hasn't changes. in statistics the numbers are 14 births, 163 deaths, and 24225 immigration. autopay didn't solve the problem. stats of concerns show NaN% and diagramm ~30% respectively for uneducated, depressed and health. Despite education, entertainment and medical buildings are built within 3-5 tiles of houses. health stat show 0%...

i didn't notice this at my bigger colonies, despite lesser amount of medical buildings and their distance from buildings.

MC version 1.0 for win 10 x64 downloaded from ape-market
Yggrasil. 5hbMU92y
Bifrost. BunFSklb
Muspelheim. rzNWiopv
Freyja. Qjw33QjZ
Frigg. rh1ePg4O
... and others...
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#26 2019-12-23 12:35:06
I can put up with numerous bugs in the browser, I can put up with the fact that it eats up all the RAM in the Windows client. But the death of the entire large population is too much! (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻
#27 2019-12-23 15:15:01
Sorry guys! I'm afraid I can't work on this issue until next week, but investigating and fixing it will be #1 priority for v1.1.0 patch as soon as I get home. Until then, please keep posting all information related to this bug in this thread, with as much detail as possible to assist in finding the cause. Sorry, and thanks!
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#28 2019-12-23 20:55:00
Bast I hope i speak for every one here Enjoy your holaday be with your family the game can wate
#29 2019-12-24 01:03:01

I have done some test (chrome, web version), at every payday the game will calculate the life expectancy, if is 0, all pop will be gone without trace.

With 16 First Aid Station: life expectancy 213
With 16 Medical clinic: life expectancy 219-225-219
With 16 Large medical clinic:life expectancy 253
With 16 Integrated Medical clinic: life expectancy 266-263-262(x3)
Plus one Sm. Hospital: life expectancy 258
Plus other 2 Sm. Hospital: life expectancy 259 (and 192k pop)

In most of the case the pop won't appear in the Total Deaths, now i have 26k deaths, even if i "kill" over two hundred thousand colonists.

around 80k pop, at payday back to 1-2k (16 medical clinic=96 heal slot=1920 pop heal, right?), and will add 19k at the total deaths.

an other round, 100k pop killed, only 20k added in the total death (total 65k)

an other round, 135k pop, only 19k remain, 60k added in the total death (tot 125k)

Without healthcare i don't have death wave, only populations collapse without any trace (life expectancy: 0), with some health care building i have a positive life expectancy, and i have 1/3-1/4 death with trace, the rest without trace. After a total cover i don't have any more death.

But.. i have notice, every n-time the game check the house and jobs value, filling the high grade first and even leaving some building without any worker. Several players reports attest this behavior just before the payday, and healthcare without worker =deathwave.

script.js:48949 life expectancy: 0
script.js:48949 life expectancy: 0
script.js:48949 life expectancy: 0
script.js:48949 life expectancy: 0
script.js:48949 life expectancy: 213
script.js:48949 life expectancy: 213
script.js:48949 life expectancy: 219
script.js:48949 life expectancy: 225
script.js:48949 life expectancy: 219
script.js:48949 life expectancy: 253
script.js:48949 life expectancy: 266
script.js:48949 life expectancy: 263
script.js:48949 life expectancy: 262
script.js:48949 life expectancy: 262
script.js:48949 life expectancy: 262
script.js:48949 life expectancy: 262
script.js:48949 life expectancy: 262
script.js:48949 life expectancy: 261
script.js:48949 life expectancy: 253
script.js:48949 life expectancy: 254
script.js:48949 life expectancy: 255
script.js:48949 life expectancy: 256
script.js:48949 life expectancy: 257
script.js:48949 life expectancy: 258
script.js:48949 life expectancy: 259
#30 2019-12-25 11:00:44
I don't know if these events are related, but I can not see any colonists walking around. I have the setting turned on in the engine to see them. Second, while having a huge abundance of first aid stations, none are in use. This is causing the health to plummet to zero? when the population drops, the corresponding deaths don't match. Hundreds will disappear, and 1-3 deaths listed in population.
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