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Why isn't there a speed setting somewhere?

My Colony is a game that is perfectly suitable, and will probably benefit from having a speed control option. This is something most colony build games have, for example: Oxygen not Included, Rimworld, Surviving Mars etc. Not having the feature feels like a huge disadvantage for someone (like me) who wants to have everything done as fast as possible, thus wanting to speed up the game. Furthermore, having the ability to pause the game makes planning ahead much easier, because you don't have to yell at your rovers to not build something until you're happy with your design.

The way I would implement such feature, would be having 5 different speeds; 1 Pause, 2 1x speed (normal), 3 2x speed, 4 3x speed 5 as fast as the CPU can handle it. This means that even if you don't want to speed up the game, you're not forced to do so.

however, I know that it may not be perfect on mobile devices, since their CPU is not as powerful as the CPU of an PC, which means that their devices may only be capable of running the game at 2x speed and as fast as possible, but not 3x speed. Either way, it's an improvement over running the game at normal speed, and they can still pause the game.

to end it up, I'd say this is a feature that should be included for the premium game. Getting this very handy feature with the removal of ads and new buildings seems like an awesome deal, and may even get some players to get the premium version just for the speed option.
The fast forward feature was never added because it can give an unfair advantage to other people playing online.
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i do think though pause feature should be added. especially when are building stuff
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Maybe only when offline? I'm a mobile player only and my game can't handle much, let alone playing at 2x the speed of a normal game. So maybe lock it to offline and mobile above a certain RAM limit?
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