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Login credentials issue

Hi Bast,

I wanted to log in to my online colonies that is about to expire in a couple days, but got the following message instead :
"The server has rejected your login credentials. Please make sure you are using a valid licensed copy of the game"

Would you kindly inform me what to do in this situation, as the colony is going to expire in a few days?
Thank you beforehand.
Im seeing this too.
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What version and platform are you guys on? I just tried all of my colonies on v1.9.0 on the Ape Apps Launcher and they all seem ok
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For me, I have 3 different colonies :
Colony 1= Play in browser , colony doesn't have cloud save on = login credentials issue
Colony 2 = Play in browser , colony has cloud save on = login credentials issue
Colony 3 = Play in Steam , colony has cloud save on = open normally

All in version 1.9.0.
Ok @MizarAlcor (and probably @cry8wolf9 too), I think on the browser you need to go to the browser menu -> more tools -> developer tools. Resize the developer sidebar so you can see all of the options. Go to the Application tab and click on Service Workers. Stop and Unregister the service workers for both and

After you have done that, do an empty cache + hard reload by right-clicking on the refresh button in the browser

I think what is happening is your browser has cached the version of the game.js file where I forgot to update the release code number. It was accidently live for about 5 or so minutes on the web version when I was doing the v1.9.0 update, but I thought I had fixed it before anybody was impacted :-/ You may have opened the game just at the wrong time.

You may have to do the hard-refresh thing a couple of times.

Let me know if it works.
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I'm having the same problem on mobile online, playing on the ape web apps. It virtually lag free, that's why I play on there a lot.
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@Lurker124 on mobile you should be able to browse to chrome://serviceworker-internals/ (assuming this is chrome) and find/unregister the Ape Apps service workers from there (untested, idk if it will work or not)
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By the way, I have just added an easier way to address this in the future, might take a couple of reloads for the option to show up. But now if you are on the browser version, select "About My Colony" from the bottom of the slide-out menu, and there is a new option at the bottom called "Clear App Cache."

This should do everything I mentioned above with just the click of one button. It will not impact any of your saved games, only the cached game code.
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Hi Bast,

Thank you for the feedback. Unfortunately I tried both solutions :
- Using the new Clear App Cache
- Stopping Service Worker via Debugging Tool (as I use Firefox), and then do Ctrl+F5
both still result in login credentials problem.

Should I clear all cache and cookies for ape and ape/mycolony via the Firefox Privacy menu?
As long as I backup the colony, I should be safe, right?

Under Firefox site data menu, there is :
- Site :
- Storage : 281MB (Persistent)
Should I maybe clear this, or should I stay away from it?
If you have the colony backed up, feel free to clear everything, @MizarAlcor
Just make sure you back up all of your colonies that aren't cloud synced!
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