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[API] Player Info (New)

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This is an updated version of the now depreciated Player Info API. New version now returns an object detailing whether or not the account exists, what colonies are available, and the time that the user was last online.
{"exists":true,"colonies":[{"name":"Domination","charter":"0hZgBkjn","independent":"April 19, 2017","population":"288521","founded":"April 8, 2017","screenshot":"https:\/\/\/screenshots\/ss-949442.jpg","lastactive":"2022-03-29 23:21:02","account":"bastecklein"},{"name":"Imperial Munson","charter":"8Ksj9SAy","independent":"December 5, 2019","population":"34943","founded":"September 2, 2018","screenshot":"https:\/\/\/screenshots\/ss-900950.jpg","lastactive":"2021-12-21 14:31:40","account":"bastecklein"},{"name":"Zolargia","charter":"7qkXSuCr","independent":"June 12, 2017","population":"33733","founded":"March 10, 2017","screenshot":"https:\/\/\/screenshots\/ss-616107.jpg","lastactive":"2021-12-21 14:33:26","account":"bastecklein"},{"name":"Pixelville","charter":"sjlK2GZ9","independent":"December 7, 2019","population":"8779","founded":"November 25, 2016","screenshot":"https:\/\/\/screenshots\/ss-44837.jpg","lastactive":"2022-03-22 18:21:01","account":"bastecklein"},{"name":"Cap Test","charter":"Ik4MEoNu","independent":"0","population":"2193","founded":"December 3, 2021","screenshot":"https:\/\/\/screenshots\/0","lastactive":"2022-02-13 19:45:28","account":"bastecklein"},{"name":"Wetland","charter":"kfnejuF4","independent":"December 14, 2019","population":"350","founded":"December 16, 2018","screenshot":"https:\/\/\/screenshots\/ss-975471.jpg","lastactive":"2022-02-07 22:01:15","account":"bastecklein"},{"name":"Booshland","charter":"82RdbsyZ","independent":"0","population":"18","founded":"March 6, 2022","screenshot":"https:\/\/\/screenshots\/0","lastactive":"2022-03-07 02:18:56","account":"bastecklein"}],"laston":"2022-03-29 23:21:02"}
From there, you can drill down even further using the Colony Info API on one of the charter codes.
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Is there a call limit on requests to the API?
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Thanks Bast !
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cry8wolf9 said:Is there a call limit on requests to the API?

No, just don't go crazy! I can institute limits with access keys if it ever becomes a problem, but I hope it wont.
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Thanks for the info. :)
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