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My Colony v1.23.0 Released - Page 2

you should add as a small update being able to set number vaules such as 1k or 1m or 1b. it whould make it easier to buy/sell and trade stuff with player or on the (GBOT). that whould help a lot
Hi, I just wanted to say thank you for creating such an amazing game that's free to play. I love the new idea of weapons and dark matter, and am interested in how it could be used. I also am glad to see that your bringing back colonist lifestyles and strikes, though maybe you could make that a toggleable setting (maybe even extra trophies for colonists that have to deal with that difficulty). One idea I have that I really think should be implemented in the game is having alien production for Charcoal and Clay. Being able to actually produce bricks on a mass scale is amazing, but Charcoal, which so important to the game cannot be mass produced in any significant quantity. Having a mid to late game way to produce Charcoal and Clay would be a game changer. Perhaps this could give a use to cobalt so that it acts as catalyst??? Just an idea. Anyways hope you find it interesting and we can see more stuff implemented in the game.
Also just a thought, maybe WMD could be used as a demolition tool, like destroy everything in a 10x10 area for dense forest clusters.
Hey fyi Coin transfer is not working, someone sent me coins (twice), said I recieved it, checked my balanced and wasn't there.
Nice update, bast!
Best of regards, Wastelander (formerly Architecture), Overlord and Designated Leader of the Earth States.

Hello Beck, thank you for the upgrade to the buses. Next, if the Dark Matter Part 2 has this--nevermind, otherwise--some of the new buildings are unbuildable/usable. At least if you are playing UE, and are in an offline game. No ether.
so how do you tink people can sell enough resources to get 35 TRILLION coins Bast ? Ships rarly sell even with the the weapon Base that eats them like candy .
weapons no longer worth much . and no one going to be buying dark matter . as for alien arts lord it would take Billions . so in effect there is no real way to get 35 trillion playing one line . or course the big reason i play one line at all was the 100,000,000 IMPORT feature . off line the most is 1 million from the ship port .
you want to do what your saying we need a IN game way to Make 35 trillion coins !
Maybe the answer is just to lower some of the costs to reflect new reality VS making it so you can easily get 35 trillion to begin with @colbya
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When do you think the next update will be coming out?

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