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My Colony v0.47.0 Released

Just pushed out a quick release to My Colony, v0.47.0! It's not a major update, but it's majorly awesome (as always). Here is what's new:

My Colony v0.47.0 Changelog

New Stuff
  • New Structures: Diamond Solar Tower, Bureau of Bureaucracy, Cloth Farm, Relic Cauldron
  • On Desktop/Tablet devices, there is a new toggle in the building construction popup window that lets you turn building "chaining" on or off.
  • Insectoids gain the Alien Language tech that humans already have
  • Ice world is now slightly less dark
  • Giorgio Institute and Center for AI Learning now store Alien Relics
  • Star Gate can now import/export Alien Relics
  • Game will now auto-save when moved to the background
In addition to the above, there were quite a few changes not specific to the My Colony code, but to the individual "wrapper" apps that I use to port My Colony to Android, iOS, Desktop, and Windows 10 UWP, so please let me know if any bugs crop up that aren't necessarily related to My Colony itself. I think most things should be in order, but am most worried about the Windows Phone 10 version of My Colony, since I am unable to test it on a real device.

The next update is going to expand Zolarg alien tech, who now have access to both Relics and Artifacts. I added the ability to get artifacts so that Zolarg could start gaining access to some of the Human tech tree items, which all require artifacts in the later stages. Zolarg alien buildings will probably be purple similar to the human ones, and will start infusing tech into the Zolarg colonies.

I am also going to try to add full gamepad support to My Colony in the next update, and possibly try to release it on both Android/Fire TV and Xbox One. It already has partial gamepad support which you can test now by plugging an Xbox 360 USB controller into your PC, but there is a lot that needs cleaned up before it's ready for the TV.

One final note, I believe My Colony v0.47.0 and the current build of Antiquitas both have the following bug, which I am unable to pin down, where the Ice World has a partial shaded box covering the entire map. See the following thread for an example:
If you have this issue please post in that thread with all relevant information so I can try to get it squashed before the next update.

That's all for now, the next update will probably be before next weekend, depending on how busy I get. Enjoy!
I couldn't test the new stuff yet, but sounds amazing!!

the link goes to the forum area bug reports
Its me Lego.
Oops, fixed link
Owner of Ape Apps, LLC
Seems colonies still will stuck when they go out the building.
(Turn off Render Colonists again)


Nop, just wait a second them they will start moving.
Hey bast here is a link to the chrome 32 bit striped ( aka programmers version
If you have chrome 64 bit this version will stand beside it ( I use bother 32 bit versions my self .
So with this you can download a 32 bit version wile still having the 64 bit at the same time each runs seperatly
this may help you see the weird night bug on 32 bit
as every other version works
PS Note this installs its self into downloads file .
so if you go looking for it will not be in C drive program's
Hi developer! Ur game keeps getting more and more awesome! I m playing on andriod tablet however i cannot seem to start with a LIS base, ice base or insectoid base (only shows red planet,moon and forest bases) because i need to farm diamonds. May i know why?
Koko said:Hi developer! Ur game keeps getting more and more awesome! I m playing on andriod tablet however i cannot seem to start with a LIS base, ice base or insectoid base (only shows red planet,moon and forest bases) because i need to farm diamonds. May i know why?

Pls excuse my dumb question haha i have founf them in offline mode
@bastecklein how do you think should big colonies handle trash? land fills?
Its me Lego.
and well for the waste we will have to make large discharges but it is necessary an impressive quantity of colonists to produce too much waste and so that the waste bury the colony it is almost impossible
Don't know what changed under the hood, but now I have troubles again saving the colony.
On saving, CPU drops to 0% and everything halts.
In Chrome dev console I get the error message that the string is too long.
Never had this on the native app, but now.

Maybe I just hit another limit, or maybe it's the change you made.
Currently my biggest part of the save game is the data of all the buildings. Like with the colonists before, for every building are so many variables saved with their full name, even if they don't make sense for that type of building.
With the new version, new variables like prisoners are introduced. Maybe that blows it up a little more.
19MB compressed save game. Now I'm stuck there.

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