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My Colony 2 v0.44.0 Released

Just in time for Christmas is the v0.44.0 patch for My Colony 2! I did not have a ton of time for My Colony development this month, but I wanted to get something published before spending time with the family, so let's see what is new!

Aside from minor bug fixes, the following user submissions have been added to the game, with content from @spamdude @RekEm1999 and @therealchromedino
  • Diamond Drill (RekEm1999)
  • Vehicle Foundry (spamdude)
  • Cybercoin Mine (RekEm1999)
  • Bakery (spamdude)
  • Tenement (spamdude)
  • Small Server Farm Operation (RekEm1999)
  • Statue of Achievement (therealchromedino)
  • Spice Clinic (therealchromedino)
In addition, the model for the Vehicle Factory has been updated. The Small Warm Lightpost has been depreciated, and replaced by the custom color selection option added to the regular Small Light Post.

Anyway, keep the suggestions and content coming, I know the players really appreciate the efforts! I probably will not be doing much work for the rest of the year, but I will be back at it again in January with more MC2 goodness, so stay tuned!

Let's go! We need to get those Diamonds drilling now!
the mc2 is real
Check out Spamlandian Broadcasting Service (formerly STV) at this site!
spamdude said:the mc2 is real

Can we get much higher?
The Spice must flow.
We can keep going higher. In fact, we need to if we want to keep My Colony 2 going in the right direction.
Does anyone else want the Public Bast servers back up?
I will start the main two back up. At one point I had 8 servers going at my house and it was impacting my internet and the family was letting their discontent known.
Owner of Ape Apps, LLC
Which ones did you want to bring up Bast?
I had some outdated save files to the public servers, so that was back on my mind since I was running off of those.
My Colony

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