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My Colony v0.98.0 Released

After several weeks of work and dealing with a suspension from Google Play, My Colony is back with patch v0.98.0, the Zolarg Update! The Zolarg have long lagged behind the Human races in terms of content, and they are still behind with this patch, but the gap is closing, and will continue to close in the months ahead. But this is a good step in the right direction, as this update adds 20 new structures to the Zolarg lineup, as well as a couple of new techs and units, and access to the Abandoned World map. There are a couple of other goodies thrown into the mix as well, so let's take a look at what is new!

Firstly, My Colony is now available to players on the Kongregate platform, which you can find by clicking here. So if you get a new commonwealth member who plays on Kongregate, be sure to welcome them to the My Colony family!

Next up, there has been a long-standing bug related to Entertainment, Medical, and Education stats on certain buildings. This was only reported by certain players, but after finally isolating the bug, I believe more people were probably experiencing the issue, even if they did not realize it. Essentially, a certain condition would lead to a routine in the code that was supposed to check if a building had more guests/students/patients than the building allows, and instead of a greater than symbol in the code, I had accidentally typed an equals sign, which was altering the in-memory game definition for the building class in question, changing the number of guests/students/patients that the game thought the building allowed. This would actually have far reaching effects throughout the entire colony, making entertainment buildings think they did not accept guests, and so on. The game would be fine again once the game definitions were reloaded from memory, but would get messed up again during gameplay.

So anyway, that bug is now fixed. Things like that are easy to miss when there are tens of thousands of lines of code to deal with! Really though, the impact should have been pretty deep on most colonies, so do not be surprised if there are changes to the way the simulation runs now going forward.

I have made a tweak to the existing Zolarg Customs Processing structure, increasing the rate that it receives tourists by about 2.5x. It was just taking forever for new Tourists to arrive on Zolarg maps, and there was no real reason why the building needed to be so slow to begin with.

So now we move on to the new Zolarg content. Since there is so much, I am just going to list everything out and then offer an overview in the following commentary.

New Techs
  • Mega Construction
  • Insectoid Dominion

New Units
  • Regobug
  • Etherbug

New Structures
  • Polished Water Vats
  • House of Running Rum
  • Labor Camp
  • Megamound
  • Potterbug's Mound
  • Deluxe Command
  • Unholy Tower of Stuff
  • Glazed Mound
  • Smart Power Spire
  • Quantum Slab of Processing
  • Quantum Wet Cone
  • Quantum Circuit Foundry
  • Unholy Gold Grower
  • Crystalline Growth Chamber
  • Tower of Truth
  • Antanium Blast Furnace
  • Ether Powertube
  • Designated Swim Area
  • Regolith Incinerator
  • Pot of Ether
To start with, I wanted to address some of the long-standing complaints with Zolarg maps. One of the big ones was the super low giftcap as compared to other civs. With that in mind, Zolargs have gained another upgrade to their Capitol structure, the Deluxe Command.

This brings the Zolarg gift capacity up to 500,000,000, which I believe is reasonably sufficient for any colony. Likewise with storage, Zolarg get another large boost with the upgraded Unholy Tower of Stuff, which has a capacity of 3,500,000 for most goods.

For power generation, Zolarg gain two new power plants, the upgraded Smart Power Spire and the new Ether Powertube. The Ether Powertube is the most powerful, offering 12,000 power generation, but it requires Ether to operate. This is no problem on the Abandoned World map which the Zolarg can now populate, but the structure will otherwise require receiving a gift of Ether or purchasing it from the GBT. There will be more Ether specific structures coming to the other civs as well, and I plan on adding other map-specific resources to other planets too, as I have previously outlined a few months ago.

For those who can't get Ether though, the also-new Smart Power Spire still offers 3,500 power generation, making it no slouch either. Realistically, it would only take a handful of Smart Power Spires to run a full medium sized map.

Zolarg can now be played on the Abandoned World map, which required the addition of the new Regobug and Etherbug, as well as the ability to convert Regolith into Ore using the new Regolith Incinerator.

Now I would rate a Zolarg Abandoned World as "not for beginners," as without proper management, you will quickly run into shortages of Food, Water, and Sugar right off the bat. Ore production is also expensive in terms of Sugar and Regolith, at least until you unlock other Ore generation methods. It is the only map though where Ether can be obtained (for any civ), and it should be fully playable once you get past the initial stages.

Zolarg Alien Tech gets a boost in this update, with much needed "quantum" upgrades for several existing structures. Zolarg also gain Pottery production, automated Wood harvesting (through the new Labor Camp), and automated Crystalline generation (through the Crystalline Growth Chamber). All of these changes make running a Zolarg resource farm a lot less of a chore than it was before.

Obviously there is still a lot more to do with Zolarg, but this update does make it a lot better. Once Zolarg are up to speed on most of the resource generating buildings, they will also need to be filled out with regular diversity type buildings. Things Humans have that make a colony not look so uniform and bland, multiple ways to create and use resources in different combinations. This will all come, it just takes a bit of time!

So there is still a lot more coming for Zolarg in the future, but not in the next update. v0.99.0 will be focusing on the Reptilians, and they will be getting a similar "shot in the arm" that the Zolarg just got in this release. Following that, My Colony will finally be hitting v1.0.0, and I am going to finally stop calling it Beta. I figure after 100 feature updates and countless platform-specific bug updates (152 on Android alone), the game can finally be referred to as 1.0, lol.

To celebrate the 100th feature release of My Colony, I plan on doing a special public edition of the My Colony podcast, where anybody in the community will be free to join me for the recording session, as we discuss the past 3 1/2 years of My Colony and talk about the future! I am either going to use Discord for the recording, or embed recording and group voice capabilities into the My Colony streaming mechanism and record the Podcast while I stream gameplay. I haven't decided yet, but after research, I think adding the capabilities to the site would be trivial. It's just a matter of whether or not I want to take the time to implement them :-/

So anyway, that is all for today's update. It should be rolling out to all platforms over the coming days, so be on the lookout! As always, leave your feedback and suggestions, and stay tuned, because there is a whole lot more My Colony to come!
Dear Bast,

Thank you for another update, both for the additions to Zolarg gameplay which were sorely needed, and for fixing the entertainment bug. Looking forward to future additions of Zolarg content as well. Hope the addition of the game to Kong will bring even more new blood to the game.

Sorry if I may have posted this before as it was already buried in the forum, but there are a couple inputs I would like to share :

1. Resource storage
Can you add the following resources : Charcoal, Oil, and Software to the Zolarg storage buildings, such as the Unholy Tower, the Unholy Pit, and maybe the Quantum Pile? They are being used more in the newly added buildings, but right now the storage options for those 3 resources are quite abysmal.

Especially seeing that those storage buildings can already store other resources that Zolargs can't even use or produce (i.e. plastics, robots, tri, steel, toy, wool, etc).

2. Storage cost
Would you confirm whether the 2.5mil gold cost of building each Unholy Pit is intended? We have several questions popping up from time to time in chat. It seems too focused on one resource only, and it is really challenging for early-mid Zolarg players to afford this intermediate storage because of its costing focus on significant amount of gold only. If not intended, would you consider redistributing the cost over a few other rare resources?

Thank you.

*I'm so excited!* And we're almost to 1.0! That's so huge!
Also the fact that several of those buildings were from the suggestions just makes me so happy, it really feels like it's a community effort to add and improve the game!
@MizarAlcor I can reevaluate the storage cost on the next release, I didn't particularly have any rhyme or reason behind the current values. And I actually had intended to add the other resources to Zolarg storage, I just forgot about it since I had so much going on at once :-/ I will add it to the list for v0.99
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uhm, how i can build the Etherbug? Not sure if i miss something. I have pretty much all tech (i miss ship and mega construction), and build most of the building.
hi, the Starport seems to be broken now. Building it crashes the browser.
Ansom said:uhm, how i can build the Etherbug? Not sure if i miss something. I have pretty much all tech (i miss ship and mega construction), and build most of the building.

Oops, I accidentally messed something up with the Etherbug :-/ It will be good to go for v0.99.0.
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Ok :)
Do you plan on making a way for United Earth and LIS to obtain ether more easily than trading or gifting?

Be sure to join the NOZ discord!

Just your friendly neighborhood MC moderator!
Electrogamer1943 said:Do you plan on making a way for United Earth and LIS to obtain ether more easily than trading or gifting?

Sure, the idea is that Ether production is limited to the Abandoned World map, not to a specific civilization.

Eventually there will be several planets that have a planet-specific resource that will require trades to obtain.
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My Colony

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