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My Colony v0.99.0 Released - Page 2

@Amorphus I did plan on doing this, but I wasn't planning on having it in 1.0. Although I could, it would just push the timeframe out a little. My plan was to be able to auto generate, or players could upload a black and white image of a certain size for the region, where white would be translated to land and black would be water/ether/lava. But yeah, anyway I can try to do this for 1.0.
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Never mind, I messed with the engine settings, moving them back and forth, and the problem seems to have corrected itself. Guess it was maybe a memory issue.

However, a new issue has come up for Zolarg. It stems from building/harvesting at the same time. For all other civs, when you are harvesting a resource, and then you build something that only that vehicle can build (the ore, reg, or gold mines for example), they will stop harvesting and go build it/them--unless you have some idle units. Then, the ones harvesting keep harvesting. Not so with the buggies. If I build more than a single building, regardless if other bugs can build it or not, *every* bug that can build it will. Then sit idle until you tell it to go harvest again. Not so big a deal mid/late game with new auto generating structures (labor camp, unholy mine), just before that, when you are planting/building for mining/harvesting is it an issue. I don't know if it is meant to be this way, since they are organic living beings verses mechanical rovers, or not. If they are doing this to reflect they are living, okay then never mind. If they are however supposed to be more like the rovers/bots.... I don't recall this happening before the grouping of units update. It may just be down to the age of my devices (1 x Android 5--2 yrs old, & 1 x Android 7--9 months old), and the way they handle memory.

Once again, thank you for a great game.
Thanks bastecklein <3
Thanks bast. I hope this doesn't put the update off for too long. The black and white image would be awesome. Imagine colonizing an earth-like planet with terrain shaped like the map of earth. This would be even cooler if high and low ground ever become a thing(like what you have for terrain in colony wars.).

I imagine that the liquid terrain type would be swapped depending on planet type(i.e. water, ether, lava, liquid methane, etc.). Would be nice if a substitute solid terrain like dry lakebed or ice could be generated on zero atmosphere worlds and then transform into liquid as the planet is terraformed.
Dear Bast,

One of the new draco buildings, Antanium Radiator, requires Alien Artifacts and Alien Relics to build.

Draco currently does not have any specific building to generate AA and AR, or even to import them. Online colonies can get them from trading with other players, but offline colonies can not get them. Is the AA and AR requirement to build the Antanium Radiator intended?
Hey is the update pushed out for the launcher yet? I'm just wondering if there's a bug going on that it's not updating for me, or if it's just that it isn't ready yet
I want a way to have a region-type thing with multiple planet types, maybe add a way to link most recourses (not atmosphere) on different regions that are different planet types. This would allow offline players to have access to all of the planet specific recourses and would allow for intergalactic empires!!
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Amazing update to help remove the grind, however I still have some complaints. I love the late game but tree harvesting in u.e. on non regions become a pain in the ass having to dedicate massive areas of land to tree farms. Even then my tree harvesting is slow for a 5x5 building. I would like a way to synthesize ether on non zolarg as to get self sustaining ether tree farms and to remove some of the idling to make tech offices. Another thing of note is that there isn't a middle in-between relic studies and advanced dig sites, and getting advanced digsites take a lot of artifacts to research early on. Another big grind that takes some idling is clay because there isn't automated clay apart from the slow 3clay per cycle ultra deep dig site and crystalline synthesizers being based on balancing for efficiency on guess and checking, instead of a building that synthesizes it
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