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My Colony v1.4.0 Released

I am now putting the final touches on My Colony v1.4.0, which should be going out to all platforms over the coming days. This is Crime/Nanite Update Part 2, and includes a few other changes, as well as a somewhat unfortunate change to how the game will be distributed on the Windows Store. Read on for more details!

Firstly, the Crime engine switch has been flipped on in this update, so if you do not have Security related structures in place, you may want to build those now. Crime isn't a huge deal, but it can spiral out of control if you let it, so please be sure to have the appropriate structures in place.

Moving along, the Nanite tech is now available to all civilizations, but since the costs to unlock the tech were fairly high, I had to introduce new structures for both Reptilians and Zolarg for generating Civics, Research, Money, and the three Alien resources.

Reptilians gain access to the new Office of Patents and Licenses and Center for Ancient Extraction, which offer major increases in resource output required to unlock the Nanite tech. Once unlocked, the Reptilians get three additional Nanite relates structures, the Nanite Fabrication Den, Micro Evaporator, and the Microgrower.

On the Insectoid side, the new Unholy Hall of the Ancients produces the large amount of resources necessary to unlock the Nanite tech. Once unlocked, you will also find the new Nanite Fabrication Lab and Nano Crystal Tubes structures.

Not to be left out, the two Human civs also gained the new Helium Nanomine, which produces very high amounts of raw material resources.

All in all, there are 9 new structures in this update, spread across the three species.

In addition, some balance related tweaks were made. The Advanced Materials Silo and the Unholy Tower of Stuff can now store Ancient Instructions. The Antaura output of the Shrine of Mystics has been increased. The Unholy Core Mine now produces all resources at a faster rate.

Additionally, I have made some improvements to the way stacked units harvest resources, which has been requested for some time. You will notice that it just works better now.

On to some other My Colony news. You may or may not have noticed, that My Colony was removed from the Play store three times since the last update. They first removed the game for giving credit to the in-game music creators and community graphics artists in the store description. Apparently giving due credit was considered adding spammy keywords. After I fixed that, they removed the game for having inappropriate advertising, despite the fact that the game uses their own AdMob advertising network. So I went into AdMob and limited a bunch of the allowed ad categories, and the ended up rejecting the update again. So I made some more tweaks and finally they let the game back in the Play Store. Regardless, I ended up wasting several days messing with this issue for (in my opinion) dubious reasons.

In addition to this, some of you may or may not have seen that starting in June, MSFT is removing support for in-app advertising as a way to monetize applications on the Windows Store. This pretty much kills off the business model for the game on Windows, although the change is not entirely surprising given the declining performance of in-app based ads.

Given the above, My Colony will soon be going paid-only on the Windows Store, similar to how it is on Steam. In truth, the "free app with ads" business model has been in decline for some time on all platforms, and the only way to really make it work now is to become spammy with popups and whatnot, and I'm not prepared to do that on any platform. So Windows will be the first platform to make the switch, and I will consider doing the others later. Users who already download the free version on Windows will not lose access to it though, so if you've already downloaded it it will not impact you. The free version will go away for new users in a few weeks and I switch over to the paid version. The paid version will also unlock Premium on all platforms, just like on Steam.

So anyway, that is all for today's update. Enjoy, and stay tuned for more! And stay safe from the virus!!
Hi Bast,
In reference to the new update, it seems that the game is now rejecting my online colonies when I try to upload them up. It says that the game rejected my credentials and it asks to make sure I am using a licensed copy of the game.
If you know why this is happening or how to fix it, please let me know
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@sirdrewdude what version are you playing on (win/web/android/etc?)
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You must have an older script cached, perhaps from the Beta version. If you can do an empty cache/hard reload it might solve it. That error happens when your game data file does not match up with what is on the server.
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I see the Nanite value extremely variable, from 2'000'000'000'000'000, to 1'300'000'000'000, to 400'000'000'000 for 2B nanite.

Should also affect the GDP (i have some nanite map with 6T gdp, other with 3T, other with 2T).
Hey Bast, do you think it would be possible for an Xbox Series X release of My Colony?
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hi, thank for new update. nice to have new building to pursue.
right now gbt kinda useless, full of spam from leftover of high resources player.
may i suggesting, how about in each resources you show only name of player and total particular resources they sell with their price.

and us as buyer will chose the seller name, put our number and pay as we need
with this, i believe sell screen less clutter dan we can buy any resources in good way
and no spam selling anymore

because auto selling actually a good way to stop waste resources

Luker124 said:Hey Bast, do you think it would be possible for an Xbox Series X release of My Colony?

I originally had My Colony on the Xbox One, but Microsoft made me take it down when I added multiplayer :-/

Indie developers aren't allowed to publish multiplayer games sadly, and I'm not big enough to get a license from MSFT in order to do so.

You can probably play the game on the Xbox using the built-in web browser app though, as the game is fully gamepad capable.
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Hey @bast, I was thinking about the mass transit system and I have some ideas. Oil could be changed into gasoline in an oil processing facility. With this gasoline, you could make a starter level of mass transit like buses and taxies. Then there could be a new resource such as Neodymium or Rare Earth Metals that are only found on a certain type of maps such as Cobalt and Ether. This resource could then be processed into magnets in a magnetic processing facility or something of the sort. These magnets could be used to make a monorail a med game type of transport. In the late game, there could be a tech you have to research to start making Super Conductors which could be used to make flying cars or something of that sort. Thanks for this newest update it is great!! I hope you stay healthy in these trying times. -Conco2
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My Colony

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