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Big Economic Changes Coming to My Colony 1

The upcoming v1.22.0 release of My Colony is going to be introducing a significant change to the economics of My Colony, and some players may need to adjust their strategies in order to compensate.

The lowly workers of the My Colony Universe have decided that enough is enough, and they have been treated poorly by their overlords for far too long. They have been forces to scrape by on poverty wages, while their colonial masters have stashed away trillions and trillions of the generic Money currency, and now they want their piece of the pie.

Before now, colonists did not really care what or how much they were paid, they just dutifully did their jobs without complaint. Soon, failing to pay your colonists what they feel is an appropriate wage will result in a significant hit to your approval rating and a decline in production output. If left unchecked for too long, workers may even go on strike!

Here is how the new system works. Before, the poverty level was calculated, but being in poverty did not actually impact the game in any way. Now, workers in poverty will end up resorting to crime in order to make ends meet. This will lower your production output and land values across the board. So at the very least, you will want to make sure to keep wages above the poverty line, to avoid sending your colony into a criminal death spiral.

After poverty though, colonists will now start to become aware of their station in the social hierarchy. In particular, colonists will compare their annual salaries to the GDP per capita of the overall colony. If your colony is raking in record GDP and profits and your colonists are getting paid scraps, they will become angry, impacting your overall approval. However, if the situation persists and wages are significantly below GDP per capita, there will be a chance for workers to go on strike.

Strikes will happen based on occupation. For instance, the "Scientists Union" may choose to go on strike, effectively shutting down all structures that employ scientists. This can quickly destroy an economy, so you want to try to avoid a strike at all costs.

Anyway, the new wage/approval system is but one of many exciting new features coming to My Colony v1.22.0, so stay tuned for more updates!
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~cakedon (formerly itsLiseczeq)
For standard map, ok. If well balanced, should give the "money" a reason to exist.

For region map? I mean.. if the cities are already operational, the player could just don't enter it, for new cities, the player could limit himself to playing for the time necessary to stabilize the map, to move on to the next one, or lower the wages before closing the city, avoiding retaliation and strikes, while limiting costs ..
oh yeah, Can't wait!
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Best of regards, Wastelander (formerly Architecture), Overlord and Designated Leader of the Earth States.

Yikes, I need to start paying my workers better STAT!!! Thanks for the heads up!

Best Regards,

Dino, Emperor of Terra Nova
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Also, 134M GDP per capita... 560K workers... Man I'm dead...

Edit: My GDP per capita has skyrocketed to 844M and my GDP has skyrocketed to 784 TRILLION. I am pretty much done for, especially since the nanite market crashed. A bit of hope though for me is the skyrocket in Weapons of Mass Destruction prices, which is at levels not even starships have reached before. Cash into the market while you can!
The Spice must flow.
I play in a region and build mostly small maps. That's a huge amount of time to balance each one.

Can we get policy at the region level? Setting all those wages is a pain. At least let me set a new default or mass change the all please.
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