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Colonist Lifecycle Changes for v1.0.0

Another day, another big new change for the upcoming My Colony v1.0.0. Prior to this update, with the rare exception of a few retired colonists, you didn't have to worry much about how old your population was. That's about to change. Starting in v1.0.0, your colonists can now make babies, and babies can't get jobs. So you will now have some unproductive mouths to feed!

The Stats window now gives you a breakdown of your current population by age group. By default, Colonists will not work until they are 18 years old, however there is going to be a new "child labor" policy you can implement to force younger kids into the workforce, at the expense of some approval from the population. I might also add a similar "work until you die" policy, where you force the elderly to work instead of retire.

Speaking of retirement, it is now based on age rather than money. By default, colonists will be leaving the workforce at age 65.

Childbirth actually changes the equation of the game a bit, as it is not impacted by your Immigration policy, and does not care about how many available houses you have. This means that at some point, you aren't even going to have to worry about immigration in order to grow your population, as the natural birth rate will take care of it. However, it takes those newborn workers until the age of 18 to enter the workforce. You also need to make sure your housing can keep up with the births. It's a lot to consider!
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Finally childbirth and not movin’ in & out!

And we can also consider a policy - birth control (such as 2-child policy), if you want to limit the birth rate.
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Great Idea love to see the aging factory flushed out great thinking. Might I suggest adding a birth rate, a death rate, a retirement rate, and a "becoming 18 rate" to the population tab to better help to make housing and jobs for citizens in the future.
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out of curosity @bastecklein will the deport option take into account that there are kids now or will it split apart families? Also would love to see a deport Retired option lol
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The deportation options are going to be changed, since some of the existing will not work with the new system. I think I will have both a deport retired and also a super inhumane deport kids option, lol. Their parents can stay, but the kids get the boot.
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some scattered thoughts:
  • Could be possible to remove the children from the colonist house slot? or adding separate slot for children (0-18) and Senior citizens (65+).
  • I will love to see more specialist buildings for different age, like kindergartens and rest homes
  • Since people will die.. we will need cemeteries
  • The growing is to little, the colonist need to do more baby, or soon my map will be full of retirees colonist, and some baby, Like Italy in this day. Deport the senior citizens is not.. a good way to handle the problem.
  • Other thing about the first point. My Colony until now have pretty much only industrial city. All city have just one purpose, produce something. Pretty much everything is a primary and secondary sector. I'm not sure will be a good idea the ageing, at least on this way. Now we have 8 not working slot, and only 12 active, without any control. The house should remain for working stuff. If the citizen can't work (to little or to old), should occupy other slot (like.. kindergartens and rest homes), but not the current house, at least without adding slot for baby and senior. Even if we can move building, will be a mess to adapt current city, or constantly changing the city with the change of citizens.
  • Could be possible adding more control on the birth rate? Like the worker ratio, No children policy, 1 children for family, 2 for family, or 4 for family, ecc
Yeah, I really think that housing for children are necessary. I agree with Ansom in some regards, as the colony is more of a corporeal style city with the aim to make things for money. Because of this, we should have the ability to control where their kids get to live. They weren't given permission to have a Baby in your colony, so they don't get to decide where they stay either. Of course, having kids stay in these housings will require workers and would result in a small decrease in approval ratings.

I have kind of a fear of people aging when it comes to these kinds of games. When playing "surviving mars", you have to keep importing people because your people dye of age relatively quickly, meaning you can't have a really organized system for long without having to go back and re-organizing the whole system because all of your key people have retired. The main concern of mine is, if you're going to have people age, at least give them a decently slow aging rate so that us players don't have to constantly battle against it. And maybe eventually give us the ability to stop aging altogether, maybe in end-game. You could imagine how high your population would rise after you research that tech But we have regions, so it's not much of an issue anymore.
lord just dont add in divorce for colonists ill louse every thing lolololol
and garant she gets the kids .
With the graphic illustrating the distribution of people in the age categories would you be able to add a percentage of the how many people are in that category compared with the total population? It's just it would help people calculate the total number of people they actually need in their colony to fill all the available jobs.

In the economy section we have the real Number: Total pop, to young for work, work force, retired worker.

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