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Disappearing Civics after Independence Claim - 5/1/20

Recently I've been playing with Insectoid race and I just today claimed Independence, but after I did that everything went ok until my civics out of nowhere went back to zero than climbs to like 1500-3500 civics than it disappears again over and over. It's weird and I don't know to not lose it all because I've been trying to farm it for a core mine upgrade, but it just keeps on disappearing. It getting upset about this. Update asap if you can! :)

Region map or classic map?

Try to open the civics windows (statistics > Resources > Clic on Civics), and see if you have some consume. I don't remember if the insect have building able to consume civics.
if i remember right they have a type of trade building. check to see if you have auto trade on too
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I have the same problem.
Playing as LIS, just declared independence, have 3 cities in a region. If I go to my main first city, civics build up appropriately. If I go to a sub city, civics build up to 3k or so, then reset to 0. I have a production of about 1k per minute, and 0 consumption buildings.
found a fix for it... two years later, build a regional bussing authority in the region you clicked the "gain independence" and it will be fixed, worked for me 1 hour ago
Are you ever going to fix this? I am tired of putting in a lot of work, only to have to throw my colony away because of this damned leak. The above mentioned leak no longer seems to work.
Oh, I thought this was fixed a long time ago
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If it was, it has resurfaced. I am still getting it in local game, United Earth, Earthlike, region. In my selected city, I declared independence then immediately built a regional bus depot. As long as I stay in that city, civics accumulates as expected. If I leave the city, to either the regional view or another, I start losing civics, around 19k to 20k a tick. It depletes much faster than it can accumulate, leading to a persistent zero. I am running a paid copy from the Microsoft Store, so tracking down log files is a challenge.
Should mention, I have build 1.27.0

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