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How to Access My Colony Beta

Tomorrow (Jan 6) I plan to begin work on the My Colony v1.2.0 patch, as there are still outstanding bugs related to the recent major engine changes. For this next patch (and with all patches going forward), the Web version of My Colony no longer defaults to the latest in-development beta code.

Web will now be a "stable" branch release like the other platforms My Colony is available on. In addition, the web app service worker has been updated and improved to where, after you've played the web version once, you shouldn't even need an active internet connection to load the game and play offline.

For those who do wish to test out the latest Beta code, that option is still there on the web. You will now have to access My Colony in your browser at the following URL:

Finally, if you are playing on either the Web or Windows 10 (Store) client, the non-beta app will have a new menu option at the bottom of the slide-out menu titled "Try Beta" when there is currently beta code in development. This button will automatically bring you to the above link.
Nice :)

Have you done something about the city creation? because every time i create a new city with blank map, got corrupted and disappears from the map. On normal web version, and beta version.

ps. i love the new color for the buttons :)
Thanks @Ansom I didn't know about the city creation bug, I will look into it
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Will the ape launcher have a beta option too? Maybe even an option for a separate app for it?
You can also have a beta version on Android. I'm part of a few beta app programs. It's a good way to squash bugs.
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So something I noticed, not certain if if matters or not, but it is something interesting. In the early game of a city in a region when you have multiple unfilled houses, because that's how I generally play, the colonists will fill as a group one house alone. The thing of note is that they have a tendency to switch from one relatively likely location to another location on a whim. Like several times a second. Given that it takes a few seconds of colonists being in that building for the stats to update I would be slightly interested to know if maybe this isn't contributing to mass die off somehow. Simply mabye the computer is somehow a little laggy on working out what the statistics of healthcare is and in that interim somehow it kills everyone off. I did find that, possibly based upon placebo but who knows, if I only have one large housing unit and fill it up before moving on to the next all housing units stay stable with colonists staying in one space and it seems to make die off significantly less prevelent. Still can happen and still be a problem, but it seems to be significantly less extreme. Also it seems like it might be something in the map, maybe. You asked for things we noticed so I'm just giving observations you know you're own code so you'll know if any of these matter. I'm finding that sometimes I can get north of a 9000 in one space and using identicall strategies I end up with less than 3000, again doing it one building at a time really helps but it might be worth trying multiple locations in quick succession using identical starts and seeing if any of them have random die off the others don't exprience
@bastecklein the problem is not only related to city creation. Any new building will be gone if i just exit and re-enter the city.

Seems a problem with saving.
I'm having the same save game issue, even starting a new map gets corrupted and deleted upon saving/changing region map. Also got an issue with building starports. The game crashes immediately upon clicking on the building or ahortly after being built.
OMG YES!! The Population vanishing issue appears to be resolved with the 1.2.0 beta!
They're arriving by the startfreighter load!! My plans for galactic domination are back on track!! =)
WOW i never expected browser to be off line thing is NO matter what version a player MUST sign in to access full version thus must be online there is NO way to play the payed version OFF LINE as once the game is closed it does not keep your loge in even though when started it will show you signed in even though your not .
This was posted about over a year agaio . The game can be played offline BUT only basic version not payed version .
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