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Does the both the Android and Windows version of EZ Outliner have export and import capabilities?

I'd lke to be able to simply copy any changes via usb, rather than syncing in the cloud.

So if I add an entry to an Outline on my android device on the recliner at night, then I'd like to just copy the database over to the Windows PC in the morning with the usb cable.

Is that possible?

1y ago
Hello everyone,

First time posting here. EZ Outliner has been great and working fine. Haven't been on it for about a month I would guess. I have 4 files there. 1 would open but the others have a "Error opening file" banner on the bottom of the page. This is on my android phone. So I went to my PC and and NOTHIHNG is there at all. Like on a new account. On my phone, the all the files are listed but only 1 will open.

Please tell me they are not gone and where do I go to get the others back?

1mo ago
Today's update to My Colony brings a few UI changes that might still need fleshed out a bit, but I think in the long run will be seen as an improvement over what we had previously. Here is a look at what is new:

My Colony v0.60.0 Changelog

New Stuff
  • New Structures: Advanced Clothing Sweatshop, Transcendent Academy, Auntie Belles Cupcake Factory, Synthetic Diamond Laboratory, Universal Commodities Exchange
  • New Tech: Transcendence
  • New Resource: Ancient Instructions
  • New UI for the main resources readout
  • Lowered worker IQ requirements for the Small Research Lab
  • 'River' tiles can now be bulldozed on the Earthlike map
  • Increased the cost of the Center for Relic Studies
  • Lowered building repair costs
  • Obsidian has been added for trade on the GBT
  • Synthetic Crystalline can now be built on all Zolarg maps (probably LIS too, forgot to test that)
  • All humans can now unlock the Diamond Mining tech
  • Center for Artificial Learning now generates the new Alien Instructions resource
  • Added two new UI engine settings

The biggest change in this release is the new UI for the resources. You can see a more detailed discussion about it in this thread. Essentially, anybody who has played on mobile, particularly in the later stages of the game, knows that the resource layout would end up taking up half of the screen, making is hard to play the game properly. To fix this, the resources section has been condensed to between 1 and 3 (depending on your UI options and screen size) lines at the top of the screen. The resources now scroll by in a ticker-type banner, instead of all being displayed at once. You can toggle between this view and the old view by tapping/clicking on the resources display.

Also to reduce resource clutter, the numbers have been abbreviated and the total storage capacity has been removed by default. For example, where your food storage may have once said: 2,567,321/4,000,000, it will now just say 2.6M. If you want to go back to the old way, go to engine settings from the slide out menu and you can customize the readout any way you like it.

Anyway, I see this as a good change to clean up the main interface a bit, but please let me know your comments or ways to improve it further (or tell me if you don't like the change at all). The option is there to completely go back to the way it was before, so it should work out fine for most people, but again just let me know how you guys like it to be.

Moving on, some later-game tech and structures have been added for the Human races. The new Human updates allow the production of Diamonds on all colonies, and introduce a new resource which unlocks the production of Alien Relics for human players. These updates are necessary for offline colonies to be able to produce these resources, but are expensive enough to where they shouldn't destroy those resources for online players on the GBT.

Speaking of the GBT, Lava World players who are actually able to survive long enough to unlock the global market can now export Obsidian. Obsidian will become an important resource soon, so stay tuned for that.

Zolarg colonies now have the ability to create synthetic Crystalline on all maps, including the Sugarland map, also unlocking several Crystalline related structures.

As for the Reptilians, they now have access to the GBT through the new Universal Commodities Exchange structure. The Universal Commodities Exchange is actually like a mix of the GBT and the Black Market Bazaar, as it also brings in a slow steady stream of rare resources from across the galaxy (through theft).

Coming Soon

My plans for the next few updates include Reptilian independence structures, with a capitol building and others. Also, all three races will be getting new Obsidian related structures, and Humans will be seeing some new ultra-expensive later-game content. Alien Instructions will also be coming to the GBT with the next update.

So that's all for today's update. I will be working on another Gaul update for Antiquitas next, and before the month is out I plan on releasing My Tokens and a cross-platform multiplayer beta for Death 3d. Between all of that though, there should be at least 2 more My Colony updates this month, so stay tuned!

The My Colony update is live now on Web and the Ape Apps Launcher. Should be arriving very soon on Android, and will probably hit iOS, Windows Store, and Native Client later this week. Enjoy!
4y ago
I would also like to note that there should be an advanced charcoal production building, if possible due to the fact of there only being one ok charcoal producing building in the human civ, and in alte game with alien tech, you almost need automated charcoal production
The Ancient Automated charcoal Producer
It just keeps on pumping out charcoal at a seemingly endless rate, using up wood and alien instructions as it produces charcoal
It can employ 10 workers, not needed, unskilled
holds 1000 ancient instructions, 1000 charcoal, 1000 wood.
generates 10,000 charcoal/min, uses 100 wood/min, 1 instruction/min
has an area of 4 (2 * 2)
Tell me what you think!
3y ago

Welcome to the first ICG Event!

The ICG is a community driven event to bring the players together in one space to have fun with the game in various unique and interesting ways! The Intergalactic Colonial Games (or ICG) is our branding of the many events and activities that NOZ will be hosting! With a wide variety of events and prizes, we will be hosting ICG events every weekend!

For more information, including the rules to these events, please visit before continuing.

The first event we will be hosting is... a race!

Now, what exactly is the race we have in mind you ask? Well, as the informational thread I linked above describes, a race means that participants will start an entirely new colony and race to a certain milestone to win the grand prize. The race for this event will be the collection of Civics!


There are three player groupings, with each being more challenging than the last to complete.

  • Group 1 is 0-250,000 population on your largest colony. The Goal will be 250,000 civics by the end of the event period.
  • Group 2 is 250,000-1,000,000 population on your largest colony. The Goal will be 5,000,000 civics by the end of the event period.
  • Group 3 is over 1,000,000 population on your largest colony. The Goal will be 50,000,000 civics by the end of the event period.
The event period will be 1 week long from the time it starts.


These goals may seem daunting, but I assure you, they are all possible. As impossible as they may seem, there is an equally great reward! This event will not only be for fun, players may win unholy amounts of resources to the colony of their choosing by winning. So let's see some competitive spirit in here!

As described in the informational thread, each tier can have up to and including 3 winners. First place will receive 3 packages of their choosing, second will receive 2, and 3rd place will receive 1 package of their choosing (each package is a large sum of one resource).

Group one may choose between the following prizes:

25,000,000 Ore
25,000,000 Regolith
25,000,000 Aluminum
25,000,000 Microchips
25,000,000 Gold
25,000,000 Steel
25,000,000 Alien Artifacts

20,000,000 Wood
20,000,000 Charcoal
20,000,000 Oil
20,000,000 Helium
20,000,000 Ant Paste
20,000,000 Robots
20,000,000 Antanium
20,000,000 Pottery
20,000,000 Bricks
20,000,000 Uranium
20,000,000 Crystalline
20,000,000 Cloth
20,000,000 Toys
20,000,000 Clay
20,000,000 Sugar
20,000,000 Wool
20,000,000 Software
20,000,000 Diamond
20,000,000 Wheels

15,000,000 Alien Relic
15,000,000 Alien Instructions
15,000,000 Obsidian

5,000,000 Triantanium
5,000,000 Ether

Group two may choose between the following prizes:

200,000,000 Ore
200,000,000 Regolith
200,000,000 Aluminum
200,000,000 Microchips
200,000,000 Gold
200,000,000 Steel
200,000,000 Alien Artifacts

150,000,000 Wood
150,000,000 Charcoal
150,000,000 Oil
150,000,000 Helium
150,000,000 Ant Paste
150,000,000 Robots
150,000,000 Antanium
150,000,000 Pottery
150,000,000 Bricks
150,000,000 Uranium
150,000,000 Crystalline
150,000,000 Cloth
150,000,000 Toys
150,000,000 Clay
150,000,000 Sugar
150,000,000 Wool
150,000,000 Software
150,000,000 Diamond
150,000,000 Wheels

100,000,000 Alien Relic
100,000,000 Alien Instructions
100,000,000 Obsidian

30,000,000 Triantanium
30,000,000 Ether

Group three may choose between the following prizes:

1,000,000,000 Ore
1,000,000,000 Regolith
1,000,000,000 Aluminum
1,000,000,000 Microchips
1,000,000,000 Gold
1,000,000,000 Steel
1,000,000,000 Alien Artifacts

800,000,000 Wood
800,000,000 Charcoal
800,000,000 Oil
800,000,000 Helium
800,000,000 Ant Paste
800,000,000 Robots
800,000,000 Antanium
800,000,000 Pottery
800,000,000 Bricks
800,000,000 Uranium
800,000,000 Crystalline
800,000,000 Cloth
800,000,000 Toys
800,000,000 Clay
800,000,000 Sugar
800,000,000 Wool
800,000,000 Software
800,000,000 Diamond
800,000,000 Wheels

600,000,000 Alien Relic
600,000,000 Alien Instructions
600,000,000 Obsidian

300,000,000 Triantanium
300,000,000 Ether

As you can see, the prizes are well worth your time and are designed to be a great boost to anyone in the game. The top prizes are difficult to get, but they are possible.

How to enter?

It's simple! Just comment your name in game here and tell us you want to enter! You are also required to join our dedicated events commonwealth in order to enter. The charter code for the commonwealth will be revealed when the event starts. We need to know what your colony name you will be registering as will be in advance. You may put [ICG] in your colony name as, though this is not required, it will make our jobs easier when running the event.

When we know the name of the participant, we can give you a small boost just to get started with to avoid the tedium of the early game. Players will receive all of the following:

5,000 Ore
4,000 Steel
3,000 Gold
2,000 Microchips
2,000 Wheels

This event will begin on the 16/11/2019 so we will accept applications to join until then! Once more, the event duration will be 1 week from the starting date.

Upon completion the event goal, comment that you have done so on this thread. We will then review your colony history before acknowledging you have completed the event.

Of course all rules and regulations must be followed by all participants. These may be found in the informational thread

Contact us!

Though not a requirement to participate in the events, I encourage everyone who is interested in the events to drop by the NOZ discord server for a great My Colony community. NOZ has a lot of very experienced players, whom are also very active in game. To learn more about us, please join us here at

Good luck with the events, and may the odds be ever in your favour.
2y ago
Hello guys.

This is the part 2 of the Ascension series! Here are more of my ideas for Insectoid end-game items!

  • Immortal Power Spire
    Now, release the ultimate potential of Antaura... with this Immortal Power Spire! Just for a trace of Antaura mixed with some crystalline, it can keep the most power draining devices in the galaxy running for hours!

    Generating power like a immortal. What else I can say? :)
  • Eden Garden
    Those ascended insectoids who understands how the life energy flow will be able to use the immortal power to make crops growing into a massive bushes of fruitful foods.

    Consumes Antaura, ant paste ,water and some alien relics. Producs lots of food and sugar. Or even wood.
    Additionally, this would be a good place to relax...
  • Antenna of Utopia
    The node emits waves that will stimulate the nerves of the insectoids (both mortal and immortals), keeping them happy and (phycologically) energetic.

    That would become a large debate if the real stuff were brought to human society...
    Constantly consumes ancient instructions.
  • Crypt of Unholy Crystals
    Crystalline infused with Antaura has even higher potentials, BUT also far more dangerous than synthetic crystals, they will engulf everything on the planet if uncontroled. A deep crypt is designed, enchanted with immortal powers, to grow the crystals safely without affecting the yields.

    Consumes antaura, alien artifact, and ancient instructions.
  • Maze of No Exits
    With the Ascension technologies plus some ancient power, this maze will let the criminals suffer until they truely wish to be forgived for good.

    A security structure that uses alien instructions and powered by antaura.
  • Pantheon of the Brotherhood
    A gorgeous hall for all the brothers of Insectoids to enjoy themselves in devine feasts, and make wishes that the immortals will make your dreams come true! If you 100% believe in immortals and bring a gift for them.

    This would be a multipurpose building, a mix of entertainment, tourism, health, civic production and antaura production.
Since a lot of the questions in this section are related to the EZ Office applications, I have created a new separate site dedicated only to those applications. I will be changing the in-app support forum links as I update them, but until then, if you have a question regarding one of the EZ Office apps, please see this new website:

The following apps are considered a part of EZ Office
  • PDF Document Scanner
  • Noteastic Notepad
  • EZ Calendar Maker
  • EZ Database
  • EZ Diary
  • EZ Letter Maker
  • EZ Outliner
  • EZ Register
  • EZ Sheets
  • EZ Tasks
So again, for questions/suggestions/support related to any of the above apps, please see the new EZ Office website. Thank you!
2y ago
Yes you should be able to do that @EZCurious

If you backup the file using the 'Export Outline' menu option, you ought to be able to bring it into your windows client using the 'Import Outline' menu option.
1y ago

Could someone please explain to me how to use the AMK key I purchased?

I sent the following to the support email:

How do I use the key?

I paid for it.
I downloaded it.
I try to upgrade.
It asks if I have a key.
I click “Yes”.
It does nothing!

P.S. When I double-click on the AMK key it opens EZ Letter Writer then tells me the key is not for EZ Letter Writer.

Come on, man! I need some guidance!

Any help y'all could give me would be appreciated.
2mo ago
Replied to your email, but also for anyone else who sees this, there was actually a bug in my code that @kbird63 's message pointed me to where the "browse for key" feature was broken, which I have now resolved.
2mo ago
Were you signed in to your account on both devices?
1mo ago
Network Browser from Ape Apps is quickly becoming the number one network management and media streaming app for Android, but many users are confused as to how to successfully set up a network connection between their computer and their Android device. The following instructions show how to establish a network link using Network Browser for Android and the Windows operating system.

Step 1: Install Network Browser
Obviously the first step is you need to download and install the free Network Browser app onto your device. It is available for both Android and Kindle devices:
Step 2: Enable Sharing on your PC
If you already have a home network up and running then you can skip the next couple of steps. On some Windows installations, network sharing is disabled by default for security purposes. To enable it, do the following:
  • Open the Control Panel on your PC and click on Network and Internet.
  • From the Network and Internet screen. click on the Network and Sharing Center option.
  • On the Network and Sharing Center screen, you should see a Change advanced sharing settings option on the right hand side. Click on it.
  • Scroll down to the Password protected sharing section, and put a check in the Turn on password protected sharing option.
Step 3: Share a folder
This step is simple. Once sharing is enabled on your PC, right click on a folder you would like to share, and select Properties. From the properties window, select the Sharing tab, and click on the Share button at the top:

In the File Sharing window that opens up, select users that you would like to share the folder with (choose an account you have access to) and then click on the Share button on the bottom right corner.

Step 4: Note your IP address
In many cases, Network Browser will automatically discover your PC at this point. On some networks though, you will need to set up a manual connection using your IP address. To find it, open the Command Prompt app on your computer (you can do this by pressing the windows+R keys, and then typing "cmd" in the run window). From there, type ipconfig and press enter. There will be several options that come up. If you are on Wireless, you will want to find the section that is labeled Wireless LAN. It might look something like this:

The value you are interested in is the IPv4 Address. It will probably be something like 192.168.x.x, unless you have a more customized setup, in which case you probably already know what your IP address is.

Step 5: Set up Network Browser
Open up Network Browser on your Android device. At this point the app may automatically discover your PC. If so, great! You're done. Otherwise, open the slide-out menu and select Manual Connection at the top of the menu.

Step 6: Fill out your network settings
The last step is to input your PC information into the app. The Server Address will be where you type in the IP address you marked down earlier. Server Nickname can be anything you want to help you identify the server. Domain will be blank in most cases. Username and Password will be the Windows account settings for the user that you added to your shared folder back in step 3.

Step 7: Enjoy
For the most part, that should be it. Setup will vary by operating system and version, but it should be similar for most platforms.

Need additional help? If you are having problems, feel free to post them here in the forum and I or someone else will respond with help. Chances are, if you are having an issue, somebody else might be having the same one!
4y ago
This application is for advanced users only.

What is it?

The Ape Web Apps Desktop Bridge adds extra functionality to apps and games hosted on and those downloaded from the Windows Store, giving them additional features and capabilities normally only available in the native client versions of the apps and games. These features include things like offline file-system storage access and peer-to-peer connectivity over local area networks (think offline LAN multiplayer). These features are generally unavailable to web and store apps due to web browser security standards.

Who is it for?
The Desktop Bridge was created by @bastecklein to allow for testing native cross-platform features while doing development on the web. It was previously too archaic and technical for distribution. However, with upcoming online and offline multiplayer features for games such as My Colony, Antiquitas, Colony Wars, and Death 3d, it would be impossible for web-only users of these games to use their full feature-sets.

Do you need it?
It is important to keep in mind that using the Ape Web Apps Desktop Bridge is still somewhat technical, and in most cases it is preferable to just install a native client version of the app or game you are wanting to use. Setup requires installing a security certificate authority to your operating system or browser of choice, a step which some users may be uncomfortable with. But for some circumstances where you either cannot use a native version of the app or you just prefer the web or store version, the Ape Web Apps Desktop Bridge is available to unlock full desktop-class functionality for software hosted on

The Ape Web Apps Desktop Bridge is available for free to download from the Ape Market at this url: . It runs on most recent 64bit editions of Windows, macOS, and Linux.

The installer is not digitally signed with any certificates, so you have to allow installation manually if you get a security warning. On Windows, it will look something like this:

On macOS, after extracting the app to your Applications folder, you will have to right-click (or command click) on the app and select 'Open' the first time you run it. There are generally no special instructions required on Linux. When installation is complete, you will be greeted with the standard console screen:

At this point everything is ready to go on the bridge-side of things. On Windows only, if you are using the standard Windows Firewall, you will be asked to allow port access to the Desktop Bridge. You must allow access, or the bridge will not work properly. Once the app window is up and running, closing or minimizing the window will simply minimize it to your system tray. To quit the application completely, you must right-click on the tray icon and select 'Quit.'

Certificate Installation
In order to actually use the Desktop Bridge, you must install a security certificate onto your PC. Why? Ape Web Apps is hosted on a secure (https) domain, and as such can only interact with resources which contain a valid security certificate. A similar restriction applies to Windows Store apps. With the Ape Web Apps Desktop Bridge, you are essentially hosting a secure server on your own desktop that acts as a middle man between the game and your PC. Most home users don't have to install certificates on their own machines, although it is a lot more common in corporate network environments. The bridge will not work properly without the certificate, so if you are not comfortable with this step, then you might as well not continue.

Certificate installation will be different depending on your operating system and environment, but below are some common installation scenarios. You can probably get enough information here to make it work on any platform.

The first thing you have to do on all platforms though, is download the certificate authority used to validate the Desktop Bridge application:

The next step will depend on your environment.

To install the certificate on Windows, you will need to open the Control Panel and go to the Internet Options application. In the window that comes up, select the Certificates button in the Content tab.

Next, go to the Trusted Root Certificate Authorities tab and select Import.

On the next screen, you will need to browse to the file you downloaded. You will have to change the file type filter to 'All Files', as the file extension is different (.pem) than the one that is automatically selected. After you selected the downloaded certificate, press the 'Next' button. On the next screen, make sure your options match what is below and hit next.

Certificate installation should now be complete on Windows.

Installation on a Mac is quite a bit less involved. You generally just have to double click on the certificate file you downloaded. It should open up the Keychain Access application and ask which keychain you want to install the certificate to. You will use the login keychain.

Then in the Keychain Access window, select login on the left side, find the new localhost key, and double click on it. In the window that opens, expand the Trust section and change the setting to 'Always Trust.'

Certificate installation should now be complete on macOS.

On Linux, installation will differ based on distro. On some distros, you may be able to just double click on the downloaded certificate and import it to your keychain and be done with it. Whether or not the web browser will accept the certificate is another matter. For Chrome on Ubuntu, I had to actually install the certificate into Chrome itself, which was a simple matter. On Chrome, navigate to the chrome://settings/ page. From there, scroll to the very bottom and expand the Advanced section. Scroll down further to the Privacy and Security section and click on Manage certificates. From there, go to the Authorities section and click on Import.

On the popup window, check the following boxes and say OK.

That should be all you need to do on Chrome. The setup for Firefox is very similar.

When the Desktop Bridge is running, applications on Ape Web Apps (not Windows Store apps) will save all files and game data into the Documents folder for your desktop user. Files are also stored internally into the browser just in case, and may also be synced to the Ape Apps Cloud depending on the application.

Use this thread for all discussion related to the bridge. If it gets enough activity I can make a dedicated forum section for it, but right now for the benefit of all, keep all discussion in the same place.

Final Note
Remember that the Ape Web Apps Desktop Bridge minimizes and closes to the system tray. You should consider closing it when it is not in use, both to free up system resources and for security. You should get a system notification whenever a client connects to the bridge, although the notifications may not work properly on all systems.

Update History
  • v3.6.0 - 20180129: First public release
4y ago
I would like to note that Alpha Draconians can produce ancient instructions, but cannot store them. Why is this?
3y ago
I would suggest that for the alpha draconians there should be an advanced tech tree, with possible add-ons like the ability to store ancient instructions and access to more ways of generating ancient artifacts, instructions, relics and triantanium. There should also be abilities to possibly generate other common resources like plastic and use those for better housing and upgrades to importation and immigration. Adding on to the tech tree, there should be ways to upgrade embassies and upgraded embassies should give you special powers.
3y ago
There should be a storage building for starships and/or relics/instructions/other ancient things/compounds.
Here is what I made:
Starship Hangar
A place for you to store your starships before they are needed
Stores: 10,000,000 starships
tile size: 8 * 8 (64)
requires workers with 120+ iq, blue collar
employs 1,000 workers
produces 1,000,000 money/minute
uses: 100 triantanium, 10 civics and 100 robots to keep running
Tell me what you think!
3y ago
any way to get a new building that produced ancient alien instructions....maybe introduced at the transcendence level? Its a pain to have to build a ton of AI research centers followed by a bunch of advanced robotics centers just to keep up with the research centers need for robots.... and then in the end, they really only produce a little of what you really need. Im at a point where i want to build more cupcake factories, and centers for relic studies...but its a pain to have to build 20 new research centers and corresponding robotics each time

sorry for the long post
3y ago
The new Research Converter suggested here: will also create Ancient Instructions.
3y ago
Why can't I connect to my network?
The app finds my PC with its right IP address.
I follow the setup instructions above to the letter including my correct username and password for the PC I am trying to connect to.
But I keep getting an error box that says the setup is wrong and I can't connect.
Please, someone help with a suggestion or two.
1y ago
How to change column width, how to sort, how to do anything? Surely there are instructions somewhere?
5mo ago
Do you have Trash Woes?
Trash piling up and your recycling centers can’t handle it?
Well I have a fix for u!

Introducing the TRASH CANNON
[Insert nonexistent picture here]
This neat contraption fires your trash at the nearby star, completely obliterating the trash.
Completely automated and only requiring 500 power, this 2x2 cannon, every 20 ticks, fires one volley of 20 trash into space.
This building only needs
50k ore
50k steel
3k aluminum
1k wood
30k trash
and 5000 oil to start it up with the mega Bot!
Remember, only when you understand the power of AI will the instructions make sense!


4y ago
I do not know how well the retailer but there are many bugs about jobs already settlers leave their place of work for no reason and then he never entertained in the places provided for this purpose (pub green bars) then some buildings like chip factories are blocking, that is, all the settlers are working, but the production bar is still blocked and the last point is that I have to click on the list of workers in each building to restart the production. please fix this problem for 0.49.0 and if you do not understand me and create a march part in mega card and play for several hours and you will see that it's serious here I hope I gave you all instructions
4y ago
justbegon said:Positive changes.
Too bad the facebook login has disappeared, some backwards compatibility would have been nice. Now I need to wait a few weeks until I can play the map, that is on my phone, on my computer.

You can do this without the Facebook sync. The FAQ has instructions on how to do so.
4y ago
Is it possible to share a drive as opposed to just a folder, and if so, how is it done
4y ago
Loris said:Is it possible to share a drive as opposed to just a folder, and if so, how is it done

I think on Windows it's generally done the same way as sharing a folder. If you open My Computer and right-click on a hard drive, there should be a 'share' option in the context menu. If you are using Linux you need to set up a share in your samba configuration file.
4y ago
Followed your instructions ( Chrome appchach-internals ) Delete Confirmed
Using developer tools ( then right clicking browser reload to do a hard reload ( right click Shows hard reload .
Done .
Bug still present
Update Bug now is also Auto save as well ---The auto save that happens once in a wile when it happens the save will not finish ether requiring a browser refresh to reload game .
but again the game does save .
The only way now to avoid this is to TURN off auto save all together and use Compressed save Only .
Then the game runs normal and saves normal in game and when leaving to main screen .

To reaffirm This failing to Complete a save in game is with normal Uncompressed save And auto save .
And I have verified it across 3 different devices each using chrome ( as long as it is any other version the game is fine .

Please I would rather Live with the bug then have Chrome removed from platforms as I us it 90 % of the time and the game ( both run so well on chrome ) I would hate losing chrome to run ether game .
4y ago
I just want to chime in to say that these instructions don't work form me. There are five little squares below the Small Rover Transport, but they remain empty when I send rovers over to the same square as the transport. I've tried sending the transport over to the rovers, but that doesn't work either. Any ideas?
4y ago
Want to know how to add custom items/textures in the my colony game?

Well here's how with easy to follow instructions.

The way the game uses mods is similar to minecraft, basically you are just redressing a building/item in the game with your own artwork, but the building/item will perform just as the building/item you swapped it for.
(so a tree will still only have 15 units even if you make it fatter graphically and so forth)

1. Create a graphic you want to add in the game using an art app or program such as one of these free tools.

I use Adobe illustrator but also know how to use the other apps so if you have questions please ask.

2. Make sure the graphic is suitable for the item you want to swap with
(such as a lander with the same footprint as a stadium will not shrink down well once drawn).

3. It's best to set your clean art file/art board to the dimensions of the item you want to swap with, the dimension info for each game item can be found in the modding section in the game.

4. If you already have a graphic made my advice would be to create a new file with the dimensions set to 64x64 pixels. Copy and paste your artwork into the new 64x64 file you just created and resize it to fit.

(i leave a gap so there's some space between my art and the edge).[/size]

5. Save or export your graphic as a transparent background .png file name it well so it’s individual and easy to locate later.

4y ago
Greeting again to everybody. Just in time for the weekend is yet another glorious update to My Colony, v0.61.0! There have been a handful of changes made in this release, so let's take a look at what I've done to your precious sweet space simulation game!

My Colony v0.61.0 Changelog

New Stuff
  • New Structures: Independence Hall Level 3, Obsidian Furnace, Larger Residential Complex, Gravitational Compression Warehouse, Galactic Fine Arts Exposition, Patricians Den, Obelisk of Plenty, Unholy Obsidian Burner
  • New Resource: Painting
  • New Premium Content: Statue of Admiral Tots, Caution Sign
  • Preliminary My Tokens Integration: Players who have created avatars using the My Tokens app will now see them appear in their game as tourists.
  • Queen and Obsidiobug can now be built at the Unholy Mound of Worship
  • Star Gate can now import/export Obsidian
  • Customs Processing can now import/export Alien Artifacts and Obsidian
  • Space Elevator can now import/export Plastic
  • Black Market Bazaar now has a chance to produce Paintings
  • Medium Range Star Gate can now import/export Obsidian, Pottery, Paintings, and Ant Paste
  • Added a new keyboard hotkey shortcut for flipping structures (f).
  • Added 'Build Another' button to the object options screen to 'clone' an existing building
  • Added a building count to each build option on the construction sidebar
  • The Cloning Facility and Luxury Tower can now be flipped
  • Added engine support for blinking lighting effects, blinking has been added to the Landing Pad lights
  • Storage Limits have been implemented for Ore and Regolith
  • Obsidiobug can now be built on all Insectoid worlds
  • The Unholy Core Mine now has a chance to produce Obsidian
  • Ancient Instructions trading added to the GBT
  • Switching an offline colony into online mode now comes with a steep resource penalty.

There were quite a few small changes in this release, a lot of them relating to Obsidian now becoming a resource used in construction. All civilizations now have a way to produce Obsidian to varying degrees.

I introduced a couple of small UI changes based on suggestions in the feedback forum that I think people are going to like, one adds a small counter to the build menu showing how many structures of each type are built (currently up to 99, I might expand that), and the other adds a "++" icon to the object options for structures allowing you to quickly queue up a certain building type for construction. They will be pretty self explanatory in game, but if you want more information, refer to the relevant threads here and here.

I started adding basic support for My Tokens in My Colony with this release. You can get detailed information in this thread, but as of right now, Tokens you create have a small random chance to show up in your game as tourists. The Tokens stuff will be optional, but will also be expanded quite a bit over the next couple of months for those who wish to use this additional social feature for the game. To create Token avatars for both My Colony and the forum, you can check out the in-development web app right now at this location:

This LIS finally received a long awaited upgrade to their capitol building, the Independence Hall Level 3. Because of the way the LIS government tree works, it is actually the equivalent of the United Earth's Capitol Level 5 in terms of trade capacity and policy unlocks. I plan on getting LIS up to par with United Earth in government structures probably next update.

Reptilians got a couple of new structures this time, along with the ability to build the already existing Water Pool, which just goes great with their lovely River Pebbles. The new Reptilian Galactic Fine Arts Exposition unlocks a new resource the luxury Painting. This will be used by all civilizations for luxury structures, once there are enough of them out there for trading. The paintings are also available to the LIS through the Black Market Bazaar. In addition to Paintings, the Galactic Fine Arts Exposition also brings tourism to the Reptilian worlds.

The humble Zolarg got a couple of new structures this time, one for producing Obsidian, and a long needed upgrade to the Money Pit, the Obelisk of Plenty, which is sort of their scaled back equivalent to the Humans' Investment Bank. I still have a lot of Zolarg content to add, but their graphics take longer to do so my motivation has been lower to work on them :-/

Next, you will notice that the storage caps for Ore and Regolith have finally been implemented. I announced this back in December, so there has really been plenty of time to prepare. These were the last two resources without storage caps, so it only made sense to turn on. To aid with this, there is a new storage building called the Gravitational Compression Warehouse, which stores up to 4 million of everything. Basically, one of these buildings (or two maybe) gives you enough storage to build anything in the game and then some, so I think there is plenty of storage available for those who need it.

On the more technical side, the Windows 10 version had quite a few fixes and upgrades this time, and now gains the ability for cross-platform offline LAN multiplayer that all of the other versions already had. Due to the changes though, the Windows Store version now requires at least the Anniversary Update to Windows 10. Now, this update came out like two years ago now, so pretty much everyone should have the Anniversary Update. If you don't though, be sure to get it so you can upgrade to the latest version of My Colony. Or just use the Ape Apps Launcher, which works on any Desktop platform.

Finally, the price of My Colony Premium has now been raised by $1. I announced this change back in January, and have finally implemented it. The game has a ton of content at this point with free online play, and honestly I think its a bigger game than many offerings on Steam which go for $10 minimum. It would be nice if the game could have no free version and just cost $4 straight up for everything, no ads. The ads are actually the source of many of the game crashes on mobile, but honestly I can't feed my family without them, so it is what it is :-/ But I do appreciate everybody who has paid for premium and helped make this game what it is today!

So that's it for this update. Hope you enjoyed, and there is a lot more to come, so stay tuned!
4y ago
please note that I haven't done much research into this, so don't take these numbers seriously. The main idea that I'm getting across is that diamond, obsidian and triantanium would be instrumental in the construction and research of these structures. Structures that use the black hole manipulation tech will be far more capable than the most advanced human structures and would occupy much less space. They would also require far more power and water than any other structure in the game.

Unholy he3 generator - generates an unholy amount of he3 from unholy amounts of regolith using a constant supply of water and uranium. The ultimate space saver for lunar colonies.

power: 10,000
reg 200,000
he3 500,000
gold 400,000
steel 500,000
alu 10,000
dia 100,000
chips 50,000
tri 20,000
ura 50,000
obs: 25,000
arts: 2,500

tech required: black hole manipulation

Alien he3 storage - using black hole manipulation technology and strong materials, massive amounts of he3 can be stored in the same amount of space as a large he3 tank.

space 2x2
upgraded from large he3 tank
power: 500

build costs: bast can figure this one out

tech required: black hole manipulation.

Alien Hypercube - The alien hypercube uses super durable materials like diamond, triantanium and obsidian, and space compression technology to compress millions of cubic feet into a 2x2 area using a controlled singularity or black hole. The hypercube would have ten times more jobs, colonist and tourist space than the fantasy land arcology and provides enough food production and medical care to support all of it's inhabitants, the only challenge is power. Each cube would require 250k power. Also, each cube would require 500 water and 100 he3 each second, so the need for he3 would skyrocket as people start building these.

space: 2x2
power needs: 250,000
consumes: 500 water and 100 he3 per second.

build costs:
ore: 20,000,000
water: 50,000,000
alien arts:50,000
ancient instructions:100,000

Research required: Black hole manipulation

Miniature theme park - this building provides an unholy amount of entertainment for a vastly populated and overcrowded colony. Uses a controlled black hole or singularity to house roller coasters, water rides, shops, and even a lake.
entertains: 100,000
tourists: 100,000
jobs: 100,000
admission fee: $50
space: 3x3

build costs, bast can figure this one out.

Research required: Black hole manipulation

New research - Black hole manipulation - learn how to compress massive amounts of space and stuff into a tiny area.

Lete me know what you think. I'll add more to this thread as I develop the idea. It's 2am though, and I need my sleep for now.
4y ago
DeepSpaceSteve said:
bastecklein said:It’s got to be a cached Service Worker refusing to die. You can open the Dev Tools on the page, go to the Application tab, nuke the Service Worker, and do a hard reload.

I'm getting this too, how do you nuke the service worker?

I posted some instructions here:
4y ago
Lord the ship is just so slow I would die of old age before i ever get a upgrade .
Besides absolutely no instructions on how to upgrade a ship or what it takes .
Things like that are need First in a game that is more then just a clicker .
O i am sure you will eventually get around to this in a year or 3 mean wile no one has a clue on how to do much more then go from planet to planet in slow motion .

Kirk - are we there yet ? Ohora - NO we will get there when we get there caption .
Kirk to engineering scotty give me warp power now . She cant take it caption .
( mcoy ) Caption should i get out and Push ? lolol

3y ago
Hello everyone, I have just finished up work on My Colony v0.69.0, and it will be going out to all devices shortly.

My Colony v0.69.0 is yet another engine stability and bug fix release. In the last changelog, I talked about how My Colony has been basically blacklisted on Google Play due to having a high number of crashes. To combat this, I made several changes to the Android version of the game, including limiting map sizes, removing ads, removing the Galactic Emperor rewards, etc.

Amazingly, these changes had absolutely zero impact on the crash rate of the game. So most of them have been reversed in this update. My Colony v0.69.0 also rolls up two Antiquitas updates worth of engine patches, including a new Engine setting which allows users to disable the multi-threaded path finding engine.

For those who have been playing a long time, way back in v0.40.0, I moved all path finding operations to a separate worker thread in order to improve performance, and at the time it made a pretty big improvement. The only downfall to this was that it cost more RAM usage in order to work, because the games collision map had to be cloned and copied over to the worker thread in order for the pathfinder to be able to use it, since a Javascript object can not be accessed across two different threads. On PCs with a lot of RAM or on smaller maps, this was not such a big deal. On Android though, which restricts RAM available to each app far more than other platforms, it is possibly problematic, particularly on larger maps.

With this change, multi-threaded path finding is now turned off by default on Android only. I am testing to see if this has any impact on the crash rate. The new engine setting option is found at the very bottom of the Engine Settings list if you want to test the difference between the two path finding methods on different platforms. I suspect this might also help the issues some people have when they order a bot to go build something, and it just sits there. I am thinking the path resolution instructions were somehow getting lost in the cross-thread communications. We will see.

In my testing, turning off the multi-threading does not significantly lower performance. Back when I initially implemented the multi-threaded feature, the game calculated every path for every rover and colonist on the map. I have since made changes to where all paths are simulated, unless the unit starting or ending position is within the players viewport, as there was no reason so show an accurate path of a colonist walking from his house to his job if the player is not even going to see it happening.

There were several more bug fixes added that were carried over from the two most recent Antiquitas updates, but the path finding change was the major one, and represented a somewhat significant change in the underlying code, allowing the game to now support either single or multi-threaded operation.

Hopefully some of these changes do something to help the crash rate. My Colony has a crash rate on Android of around 7%. Oddly, Antiquitas, which runs on the exact same code base, has a crash rate of under 1%. Even more strange is the fact that Antiquitas features background music and higher resolution graphics, leading to more RAM consumption over My Colony, yet there are almost no crashes. Also strange is how I get virtually no support emails or forum posts from actual people about My Colony just force closing on Android, yet it is apparently happening to nearly 10% of users.

Regardless, the ongoing issues on Google Play have basically killed My Colony from a business standpoint. The following snippet from My Colony's weekly usage chart shows the exact point Google blacklisted the game on the Play Store:

Ignore the huge drop at the end, as that represents this week which is only half way through. The game has basically leveled off because that is the usage on Web, Desktop, Windows 10, and iPhone. There are essentially no new downloads coming from Android devices at this point, which as you can tell by the chart, amounted to about half of the My Colony userbase.

Here you can see the last 6 months worth of downloads from Google Play:

So anyway, that is where My Colony currently stands on Android. I have not added any new content this time, as I am trying to focus my time on getting the crashes resolved, if there is indeed any way to resolve them. And even if they are resolved, there is no guarantee that Google would ever un-blacklist the game anyway, so there is that.

Regardless though, there is another small change I added to the game this release. It has always bothered me that the regular textile mill was animated, by the synthetic textile mill was not. So I added animation to it!

So that's all for today. Similar to the v0.68.x series of updates, My Colony on Android will probably receive several more updates than the other platforms. It saw a 0.68.1, 0.68.2, 0.68.3, and a 0.68.4 update, and the same may happen with the release. Just trying to get it fixed. Even if the game never returns to profitability, I at least can hopefully get the engine fixed up so that it works properly for the next game.

Thanks for playing, much more to come!
3y ago
You know how there are the Ancient Alien/Quantum buildings? What if you made a Transcendent Genre of buildings that are upgrades to other buildings without Alien/Quantum upgrade options. For example, transcendent tree farms, sheep farms, triantanium refineries, antanium synthesis labs, and some transcendent Atmosphere, Clay, Diamond, Uranium, Sugar, Helium, and Ancient Instructions creators.

Maybe even a Transcendent Capitol/Independence Hall building.

Also, there could be a Hyperspace Reactor generating heaps of power. (1x1 building)

Oh, and by the way, thank you for every hour you spent on My Colony. It's a wonderful game. The nations of Eowyn, Starlight, Assyria, and Aurora Dawn thank you.

Edit: Never mind the triantanium stuff. Also, maybe a transcendent happiness generator?
3y ago
I followed all the steps listed. I downloaded the desktop bridge, and the certificate, added the certificate to the list of trusted certificates and the desktop bridge still behaves like it would without the certificate.
3y ago
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