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My Colony v0.83.0 Released

Once again it is My Colony update time, and v0.83.0 will be heading out to all platforms within the coming days. This release continues the bug bashing series I have been working on, but also implements a few new features that I hope you find useful. Let's take a look!

The first change I want to go over deals with the behavior of the Bulldozer tool, which I outlined in more detail in this thread, but I think it is important enough to mention again because it could potentially cause somebody to nuke a large part of their colony by accident. In prior versions, when you would click on a blank space of the map, it would automatically deactivate the bulldozer so that you wouldn't accidentally click on something and delete it. I have removed this safety feature. I have also made it so that you can do a double click/drag gesture to do mass bulldozing. Since this can potentially be dangerous, activating the bulldozer now makes your resource readout bar red in color, so that you are more aware that the tool is active. Here is a quick video of how the tool now works.

Back in the first update of the game that included the bulldozer (v0.42.0 in August 2017), you could actually somewhat use it like this, but I nerfed it a bit due to players accidentally bulldozing large parts of their colonies. I am hoping that with the red tinted game, the red border around the screen, and the red resource bar, it will be plainly obvious to all that the bulldozer tool is active.

Next up, I have worked with @Sobeirannovaocc to bake the Coloniae ADU service right into the core code of My Colony, allowing it to be used on all versions of the game. Coloniae is a free online service maintained by Sobeirannovaocc that tracks detailed stats and trend histories for online My Colony players. The ADU service is available to all online colonies, and can be turned on by a new setting added to the Statistics screen of your colony.

Keep in mind that Coloniae is a third party service, not supported by Ape Apps. But I am sure that @Sobeirannovaocc will be more than happy to help you with any questions you may have about it 🙂

The next few changes involve trade. There have been longstanding issues with the GBT, especially for new players/colonies who cannot buy anything because the lot sizes are so big that they either do not show up in their trades, or they are priced totally out of the market. To try to help make the GBT more useful for newer and more established colonies alike, several new changes have been implemented, the first of which is the auto-trader.

Auto Trade is in it's infancy and will be expanded and refined in future updates, as I am able to monitor it's usage and the impact it has on the market, but here is how it works right now. Auto Trading is off by default, and can be enabled or disabled on a per resource basis.

When the Auto Trader is turned on, every few minutes (it's somewhere between 7 and 10 minutes depending on your device speed) your colonial trade representative will take stock of your auto-trade enabled resources. If your warehouses are full, sell orders will automatically be posted on your behalf. Several trades may be made, representing up to 10% of your supply level. But trades will also be made in lot sizes ranging from small to large, so that all levels of players are able to see and access them in the GBT. The sale prices are based on the current GBT market value of the resource. Before posting a new contract, the Auto Trader will also look at the current Offer contracts, and purchase those if they are a good price and fall within 10% of your total resource level. The auto trader will never just train your supply inventories.

Likewise, the Auto Trader will also make trades for you when your supplies are low. If an auto-trader enabled resource falls below 25% storage level, the Auto Trader will check the market for reasonably priced offers, and purchase them. The Auto Trader will not spend more than 2.5% of your total money on a transaction. If no contracts are available within those parameters, a new offer contract will be posted instead.

Obviously the usage of the Auto Trader will largely depend on the number of people who enable it, since there ultimately needs to be two parties for each transaction. I am hoping that once more players begin activating the auto trade feature, the GBT will fill up with actual useful contracts instead of just the insane offers that almost nobody can afford or even has storage for.

I got the auto trading idea after reading this post by @Conco2 related to the in-game GDP calculation. It occurred to me that there are so many late game colonies that are just fully stocked on all resources, and so their factories really aren't producing anything since all storage is full. Because of this, GDP is stagnant since nothing new is being created. I figured it would be helpful to set up a way to automatically export those goods without even having to think about it, since a real life economy also has to have exports in order to grow. Since the GBT was being underutilized anyway, I figured I would give this idea a shot.

To emphasize the importing and exporting aspect of the economy, the game now keeps track internally of the dollar value of your annual trade income and losses. Graphs for these stats will be making their way to the Economy statistics tab soon.

The Auto Trader will need tweaking and will probably have some user customization input options in the future. I just wanted to get the concept out there and see how it actually works, and then go from there.

After implementing the Auto Trader, it occurred to me that the GBT would be loaded with Food, Water, Ore, and other low end resource contracts that nobody needs by the time they build the GBT. To help with this, I added a new feature to the regular, non-GBT trade buildings. Now, any building that allows resource importing will also allow you to purchase GBT contracts that fall within the building's trade capacity level.

For example, the Galactic Freight can now purchase any contracts from the GBT that have a unit size of 1,000 or less. This should actually be really helpful for newer players, as it will allow them to buy needed goods without paying the standard 50% import fee, offering an extreme discount from the normal import prices, while at the same time helping later-game players who are auto-selling contracts using the GBT. The way I see it, it's a win-win for all.

I am hopeful that these new trade related features will help address some of the problems with the GBT and online trading in general. Of course, it could also make things worse. You never know!

The final change I want to highlight was a requested feature for blank region maps. They will no longer create a river on map types that include a river by default.

There were other little changes that you might notice here and there, but this about covers the big things. Let me know what you think and what issues you find. The update should be hitting all platforms with the next few days, so be on the lookout, thanks for playing, and stay tuned for more My Colony!
Thank you for this update Bast.

For any questions about the ADU, please head over to the Coloniae Official Thread.
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Thank you for the new update bast. You never fail to surprise.
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Is it just my impression, or are starship worth less?
First impressions ----
auto trade - here is the result with chips ( storage 70 million ) the auto placed 100 - 500 then over 7 million lol .
works as stated BUT adding a slider for the % used would touch it up . 7 million is a little steep .
like 1 to 10 % a pop out slider for the auto trader . personally seeing how it worked I would probly put it around 4 % of storage . But really its not critical after all 7 million out of 70 million will be refilled in two hours .
As for the dozer let me just say every game requires some learning and anyone who really likes the game will learn one way or the other lol so yes you will probly get a few complaints . But remember back in the old days when every one did not change everything over one person . ( even me lol )

Now for the import export buildings like the gate ( hey I just love the gate adding the slider was great .
anyway until later today or tomorrow I wont have a way of seeing exactly how a 100 k resources gets placed on it .
so if we put the exact amount in trades does it then show up on imports ?
I am sure it must be this )ODD though the star gate offers ARE not showing up on trades at all ?

Anyway here I was thinking just what else could you possibly add but once again you surprise me .
the slider ( imports exports was brilliant now with the auto trader and adding people trades on the imports was great .

as for a 95 % working dozer man I sure wated on that long over do .
ps I say 95 % working as a drag and select a area then let go to doze is the best kind of dozer possible aka SimCity 3000 and SimCity 4 style dozer .

But dobble click works along with delete all in combo is darn near as good .
truly you now have a one of a kind dozer lol .
O ps The new auto trader changes how things are stored drastically plz check game ideas ill post there .

How do you turn auto trader on? I cant find the setting anywhere and you dont say where to find it in the release notes.
Orrigo said:How do you turn auto trader on? I cant find the setting anywhere and you dont say where to find it in the release notes.

Sorry I glossed over that part. It's in the GBT next to the New Offer buttons. I also forgot to mention that it requires Government Level 2.
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Excelent update! Everything works as should.

However, might i suggest an idea for the auto-trade feature for the future?

Please consider the option of partial order fills.

For example my region map puts out sell orders of like 24 mil resources at a time through the auto trade. Now if someone smaller only needs like 1 mil resources at a time or less, it means that our paths will never cross on the GBT , even if i'm selling for great prices.
I feel like having a ''partial order fill'' would be beneficial to both parties. So in my example, i would be left with a 23 mil order and the buyer picks up their 1 mil like they wanted.

Either that, or reorganize how the buy/sell orders are set on the auto trade into 500, 1k, 5k, 10k ...... etc .....1 mil, 10 mil chunks. That would be easier to implement...

I hope i'm making sense.

Bottom line is that it's but a suggestion, and perhaps i should have put this in a different thread, but i felt like putting this idea out there.

Keep up the good work! I couldn't imagine having my morning coffee and not expanding my little colony :)
One thing that you may want to look at is the use of civics when doing auto trade. I had 3 things on auto trade, and it was spending 30 to 40k worth of civics for the auto trades. This has lead to me having to have a lot more civic producing buildings than I normally would.
I love the auto-trader idea. The civics issue is also a concern.
It might be safer to choose only critical items for auto purchase.
I didn't see it mentioned, but I have the notion that the implementation should allow separate settings for auto-selling and auto-purchase.

The bulldozer change looks good. Often you want to clear large areas of bio-debris for building placement

I'm going to go try it all out right now.

Thanks very much for the new tools.
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