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Hello there, everyone! Today, I will be sharing some suggestions with the community about fish production and consumption! There is no building that consumes (or produces) fish in the insect race, and nothing that produces fish in the reptile race. There is also a narrow range of fish production/consumption in the game, so I will expand these ideas for possible inclusion into the game in the future. I apologize that these ideas were posted a few months after expected! These ideas were planned and drafted by me, so I hope you like it!

WARNING: Long page
This post will be long, so if you are using an low-end phone or an device with low memory, I suggest that you avoid reading this thread/post, immediately. Thank you!


  • Fish Processing Facility (Zolarg)

    An facility which processes fish into food. It also generates a trace amount of atmosphere because of the fish gasses released from cutting.
  • Fish Research Facility (Zolarg)

    An specialized facility for producing research from fish studies. Requires a steady supplement of fish to operate. Also produces money from government funds.
  • Fisherbug's Mound (Zolarg)

    It's almost the same as the Fisherbot's Hut, but it stores less fish and food, and produces food slower (and on a smaller scale than the Fish Processing Facility).
  • Natural Fish Habitat (Zolarg)

    This habitat grows and stores fish for you to use at a later time. Also acts as an small water storage.
  • Fish Converter (Zolarg/Draconian)

    By using an scientific method which determines what raw material is the greatest in the fish, the Fish Converter converts fish into a raw material resource (either ore, gold, aluminum, uranium, oil, wood, regolith or charcoal), in which Ant Paste is used to convert the fish into raw material. The process sometimes creates steel due to the involvement of high power and reverse bioengineering. Looks good!
  • Fish For Years Facility (Draconian)

    The Fish Butchering Facility is where fish are turned into food, but on a much, much larger scale than the Raw Fish Diner. Now your colonists won't have to complain about hunger again!
  • Fish Reserve (Draconian)

    The Fish Reserve is where fish are reserved and also provides said resource over time. Also stores fish, and can act as an entertainment building for the colony. Oddly enough for you, this structure is built by the Enslaved Waterbug.
  • Fish Warehouse (United Earth/LIS)

    The Fish Warehouse is an large building that can store a lot of fish. Requires power and food to operate, because the fish that are stored here need to keep their calm.
  • Fishing Pier (United Earth/LIS)

    This building provides fish for the colony, but must be placed adjacent to water. Stores a small amount of fish for later use.
  • Sea Material Processing Facility (United Earth/LIS)

    The Sea Material Processing Facility transforms fish and salt water into food and water, respectively! An all-around must-have building!
  • Fish Nursery (United Earth/LIS)

    Fish nurseries are a chosen area which young fish can be stored, raised and grown in their natural salt-water habitat! Requires a steady supply of food and water to operate, to keep the fishes healthy and alive.
  • Fish Profit Facility (United Earth/LIS)

    A facility that is used for selling fish onto other worlds, for economic gain in return. Also generates civics from colonial transaction fees.

I also want the Waterbot to be able to build structures, particularly the Hydrogen Reactor, Water Pool and Nuclear Water Synthesis Plant.

That is pretty much it for today! If you have any questions, comments, replies and concerns, please leave a reply below and I will reply to it as swiftly as possible! I will see everyone later!
11mo ago
I know that many players have been patiently waiting for the next My Colony 2 update, but now the way is finally over as MC2 has just been updated to v0.31.0, and along with the usual bug fixes, this update brings with it a massive new content dump! So what all is inside? Let's take a look!

If you look at the screenshot above and think that something seems a bit fishy, then you would be correct. This update adds fish as a new resource, and you will now see them swimming around in the oceans on the Water World map! Fish are technically a Terrain type object in the game engine much like Ore and Gold deposits, except this is the first terrain class that can be generated in the water. The object also rotates in a circle, to give the appearance that the fish are swimming. They will spread too, similar to synthetic crystalline (although at a slower rate). The oceans on Water World are so overflowing with fish, that I doubt anybody will ever run out.

To go along with the new fish resource are the also-new Fish Dropoff structure and the Trawler unit, which are available pretty early on in the game and made with models provided by @spamdude . The Fish Dropoff can store 2500 Fish and also converts some of it into food, but once you unlock Salt Water production, you can also build the shore based Refrigerated Fish Bins for additional Fish storage. In addition to the new content, the existing Fish Hatchery gains fish storage and slight generation.

Moving on, there was a massive dump of community submitted MC2 models on the Official Discord Server recently, with contributions coming in from @spamdude , @SPARKY0303 and @DoYouHaveAnyOats , so please take a moment to thank these three users for their contributions to the game! In the screenshot below, you can see many of the new structures.

New buildings provided by @SPARKY0303 are the Hospital, the Virtual Music Experience and the Integrated Nuclear Reactor. The Hospital was a much needed upgrade to the two infirmary structures which were increasingly unable to keep up with the medical demands of larger colonies. The Virtual Music Experience adds a new semi-early game entertainment structure for your colonists (which also generates some money) and the Integrated Nuclear Reactor is another much needed structure, providing a power boosting upgrade to the existing Small Nuclear Reactor.

In addition to the new Fish related content already mentioned, further contributions from @spamdude include the new Medium Software Studio, Advanced Drilling Platform, Integrated Warehouse, and Medium Security Station. The Medium Software Studio, Integrated Warehouse and Medium Security Station each represent new mid-game upgrades to some of the existing structures that badly needed upgrade options, with the new Integrated Warehouse in particular adding storage for many resources that the regular Warehouse did not cover.

The new Advanced Drilling Platform might just be everyone's new favorite structure. Currently the most expensive building in the game and requiring the new Ultra Deep Excavation tech, the Advanced Drilling Platform consumes Helium 3 (as well as a fair amount of Power, Water and Bandwidth) while producing Ore, Regolith, Gold, Aluminum, Oil, Salt Water, the new Clay resource, and even a few Alien Artifacts! Clearly you are going to need to get your hands on some Helium 3 in order to operate this thing, but you can either find it in the Galactic Board of Trade, or the new Integrated Nuclear Reactor also produces enough Helium 3 to operate one Advanced Drilling Platform. I have also added a new Helium 3 Tank to the game, since it is clear that more He3 storage will be needed going forward.

From @DoYouHaveAnyOats we have three new structures, the Elementary School, High School and the nonsense Fish 'R Us building.

The two school models to me looked like they required an Atmospheric environment, so they are only available on worlds which would have an atmosphere. They both sit below the current Vocational Training Center in terms of education output, but are good early game education structures. The Fish R Us is similar in mechanics to the existing Canteen, except it utilizes Fish instead of Rum. I'm not going to post a picture of it here, you just have to see it in-game.

There are a few other new structures to arrive in this update as well. The new Ancient Alien Quantum Physics tech unlocks two new Alien structures, the Alien Solar Tower and the Quantum Food Silo, which both represent much needed Alien upgrades to existing structures. Climate Science Theory tech has also been added to the game, and unlocking it will allow you to build the new Nuclear Water Synthesis Plant, which I felt was needed particularly on the Lunar and Abandoned Worlds.

On top of all of the new content, some tweaks have been made to some of the existing items in the game. I have increased the charcoal output of the Charcoal Factory, slightly reduced the rum consumption of the Canteen, increased the spice and ether storage on the Lander, added a small amount of Helium 3 and Salt Water storage to the Lander, and added several new upgrade paths for existing structures to take advantage of the new content.

There are also some technical changes and fixes. Firstly, I corrected an issue where players who were not logged in to an Ape Apps Account were unable to play the game. I fixed a bug where MC2 was unable to load using the new Ape Apps Launcher. Structures can now be placed directly over Terrain objects, doing so will automatically bulldoze the terrains underneath. I corrected several technical issues with the Galactic Board of Trade. Fixed a bug where you could no longer properly build Palm Trees or Synthetic Crystalline deposits. There were also several minor fixes and UI tweaks made to the game.

All in all, this update includes 1 new Terrain object, 3 new Techs, 2 new Resources, 1 new Unit, and 16 new Structures. I want to thank everyone who contributed content to this release (as well as bug reports and suggestions), and I hope that you all take a moment to show them some gratitude as well! This update took a bit longer than normal, but I think you will find that it was worth the wait. It should be available to play right now on the Launcher and on the Web, and should be hitting Android and iPhone over the coming days, so let me know what you think, let me know what issues you find, and stay tuned for more!

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H3110 guys!

Though fish is the exclusive resource in Water World - Zolarg don’t really ‘collects’ them, since they obtain food and sugar directly from fishes but not simply, fish.
So I think... why not let Zolarg be able to obtain fish, not just further expand the usage of this exclusive resource but also gives Zolarg some new stuffs in Water World?

Here it goes!

  • Drying Racks
    A fish drop off spot and storage for fishes. Also slowly converts fish into some food - Ever tried dry salted fish?
  • Fish Compost
    Just dump some fishes and fresh water with insectboid spits in and it will slowly become ant paste.
  • Fish Carbohydrate Extractor
    It’s an old useful trick from Insectnoids to extract sugar from fishs when they are slowly roasted in a burrow with wood. Also produces some food.
  • Mineral Press
    A crude man-powered compactor to turn the mixture of fish and charcoal into some ore.
  • Fishworks
    A better fish processing facility to turn fish into sugar and food, while also providing some storages for all of them.
This is mostly about My Land but I have something to say about My Colony too,

For my colony, I couldn't help but notice that On Earthlike, United Earth has no way of producing, nor storing fish, I found this strange since you can still view the GBT fish trades, but cannot buy any because of storage, and it is also strange because the fish hatchery, cannery, and the department of adv fish mating studies are available.
I'm not sure why I can't have fish, I'm a penguin, I need fish...

About My Land I have a few suggestions,

-Fish-Basically just another animal that swims in ditches filled with water/rivers, they would attract visitors and (maybe) could be sold for $

-Bridges-A simple bridge that could be placed over a ditch or river, visitors could walk across this bridge, but maybe animals couldn't, or there could be an animal version.I

-House-Just a house for yourself, would be about 2x2 wide and wouldn't have much of a purpose but it seems like it would make sense.

-Barn-A 2x2 tile similar to the house, could be like an upgraded version of a silo and could "house" cows.

-Horses-Just another animal that would be like a copy of the cow, could eat yay father than grass and could maybe be riden by visitors

-The Player!- I found it odd that they are visitors but no player, could give the house mentioned earlier a purpose!

-Hay-just an extra "resource" that could be for the horse mentioned above.

-A Wolf?-somebody said there should be wolves in the game? Idk if that would fit the theme but I thought I would mention the idea.

Just a few ideas but I would really love to see fish in the game of anything, thank you for your effort in making these games,

Today I am putting the finishing touches on the v0.95.0 patch for My Colony, and it should be hitting all platforms within the coming days. I've actually got a fairly big update in store for you guys today, so I hope you enjoy it. Let's take a look at what's new!

First let's start with the small stuff. In this release I have added 40 new flag logos that you can add to your colony flags, including all letters of the alphabet. I have also fixed issues on a couple of the logos that did not let you adjust their color properly.

Next up, I have made stat adjustments/tweaks to a few of the maps and buildings in the game. The Star Gate, Star Port, and Medium Range Star Gate can now all import and export Software. The Antaura production has been increased on the Interstellar Pad of Thought. Newly created Water World maps will no longer contain the Fresh Water deposits on the map, as they making getting Water way too easy. The Crudebot can now be constructed on Water World and Desert World maps, and the Diamond Miner can now be build on the Water World. Finally, the Center for Artificial Learning has been slightly nerfed, and the Research Converter now requires a little more research to operate.

A number of UI tweaks have been made in this update. Now when you are in building mode (as in, you have a new building for construction selected), the Chat Notification area will disappear. Before the chat log was in the way when you were trying to build things, so now it should no longer be a problem.

I have also added a new, faster way to reply to chat messages without having to open up the actual chat window, although you do need to be using a keyboard in order to use it. But now if you are connected to a chat server, you can simply press the Tab key (customizable in Engine Settings) to open up the new chat reply input box.

This makes it a lot faster and easier to reply to chats in-game.

There are also a couple of chat text color changes. When a Developer posts in chat (I'm the only one), they will have Gold text color. When a Moderator posts in chat ( @cry8wolf9 is the only one), their text will appear Blue. When somebody playing an offline colony posts, they will have a Teal text color. This is helpful because a lot of times new players ask for resources in chat, and they do not even know they are playing offline.

I believe that these interface changes make the in-game chat a whole lot better.

Next, the Desktop Build Confirm costs area now shows Power and Bandwidth requirements when queuing up multiple buildings.

Obviously this is good information to have, and probably should have been there to begin with!

Next, you will probably notice that the resource amount numbers in the Resources display are now colored.

The colors gradiate from red to orange to green, and allow you to see at a glance how full your storage is. Green means you have full storage, orange is half way, red is empty. This should be especially helpful on mobile, since you can't hover over the readout to see the little bar graphs.

In addition, the Resource view that only shows down-trending resources will now only show resources that are both down-trending and under 95% storage capacity.

Also, a new feature has been added for Federations. The Federation president can now kick member colonies out of the Federation for whatever reason.

Now on to the new content. In this update I have added one new resource (Salt Water) and 11 new structures. Mixing things up a bit, a lot of the new content in this update relates to the Water World map. Here is a list of the new stuff, and then I will discuss some of the structures afterwards.

New Structures
  • Fine Arts Warehouse
  • Counterfeit Market
  • Integrated Aluminum Generator
  • Advanced Ship Yard
  • Department of Advanced Fish Mating Studies
  • Mesh Platform
  • Salt Water Pump
  • Salt Water Tank
  • Desalination Factility
  • Fishery
  • Fish Cannery
The Fine Arts Warehouse and Counterfeit Market provide additional storage for Paintings, Pottery, and Cloth, and are for United Earth and L.I.S., respectively. The L.I.S. version has less storage and also exchanges some of the goods for money.

The Integrated Aluminum Generator brings a long awaited upgrade to the old Aluminum Generator, costing more and utilizing Software and Bandwidth.

I have also added the new upgraded double decker Advanced Ship Yard for faster Human Star Ship production, also requiring Software and Bandwidth.

Next, United Earth players get a new wasteful government building in the form of the Department of Advanced Fish Mating Studies. This building creates research but, more importantly, offers over 5000 useless jobs, for larger colonies with a lot of unemployment.

The remainder of the new content is for the Water World map.

The Mesh Platform is a new bridge structure with no particular orientation, so you can connect them together without issue. You can now also harvest ocean Salt Water with the new Salt Water Pump, which is built directly onto Salt Water tiles. The water is stored using the Salt Water Tank, and can be converted into massive amounts of fresh Water using the new Desalination Factility.

For island Food production, I have added the Fishery, which is built directly onto water and harvests large amounts of Fish, and the Fish Cannery, which turns said fish into large amounts of Food. Fish will soon be making it's way to the GBT and, like Ether on the Ether map, will only be harvestable on the Water World map, since I said that I would be adding more unique map-specific resources to the game.

There is still more I.T. stuff to add, but I was playing my Water World map the other day and wanted to add some content to it, and I saw a post about Water World in the suggestions forum, and decided to go for it. I also want to add additional structures that can be built over water tiles, like tourist stuff, some unique housing, and an offshore drilling platform. I want to add boats or a water based bot, but I don't know if I will, since I will have to create a whole additional collision map for water tiles, which will take up a lot of runtime memory. We will see.

So that about sums it up for today's update. Like I said, it will be making it's way to all platforms in the coming days, so be on the lookout for the update. And as always, keep those suggestions coming, and thanks for playing My Colony!
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H3110 guys! (•ω•)

Guys who have played Water World, Earthlike, and lost world map might know about some structures can be built on water, but now we only have BRIDGES.

Today I’ll introduce my ideas about more stuff that can be built on water, as well... develop better usage of fishes (?)

As all structures requires at least one tile surrrounding the building that allows walking, when building a offshore structure you are suggested to build offshore roads first.

Offshore Buildings
Mesh Platform - Another type of offshore road, unlike bridges, it allows travelling of all directions instead of two ways. Useful for creating prependicular intersection of bridges.
Offshore pump - Directly pumps water from the river tiles, better than the ordinary land water pumps.
Desalination Factility - An 2×2 exclusive structure in Water World, providing massive amounts of water.
Fishing Platform - Where workers catch fishes for meals and also somewhere to spend your leisure time.
Fishery - A offshore fish hatchery that produces lots of fishes!

Fish Usage
Fish Cannery - Process fish into cans of food for feeding your colonists.
Fish market - So as to sell your surplus fish for surplus profit.
Sushi Bar (tourism & entertainment)
Aquarium (tourism & entertainment)

Department of Advanced Fish Mating Studies
Superficially, it's a typical bloated government sinkhole, but inside, thousands of this generation's brightest minds conduct research day and night with the power of the most advanced neural network the galaxy has ever seen in order to find answers to one of the most enigmatic mysteries in the universe: the true nature of fish. For some reason, the research process seems to involve a lot of rum.
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AgentC said:How about a Fish Oil Factory, where Fish is converted into small amounts of Oil?

Seems works like the synthetic oil, but yes reasonable, and giving a good way to turn excess fish into valuable oil.
Fish Oil Refinery[/b]

Ansom said:Plastic from fish/water

Energy from sea waves

Gas from underwater underground deposits

Atmosphere with phitoplankton photosynthesis

Clay with drainage

Cloth using seaweed


• Aqua-plastics refinery
What else I can say? It’s definitely a brilliant new plastic recipe!

• Hydropower Station
Low emission power generation is what we just needed on water world (as already earthlike atmosphere density present and atmosphere amount has to be controled). That’s a good way to produce lots of power cheaply without uranium, or something else very expensive.

Undersea Geyser Pump
Humm. @Ansom do you suppose a new resource?

Phytoplankton Farm
... Putting in the water world now has no use. That would probably not useful unless a new map filled with water but with low atmosphere (stage 1).

Clay Pump
Extracting underwater clay using hydraulic pumps? Wise idea.

Seaweed Textile Farm
Even I cannot think of this before!

Probably it would work using bacteria to process algae into textiles 🤔
I was think it would be cool if a region map could have multiple terrains?

It would be mostly earthlike in the middle with some forest worlds here and there,around that there could be beach or special water world maps with land along one side and mostly water on the outside, then along the outside of the map would be met normal water world maps

Obviously this would be optional, and maybe a normal region could be converted into a multi-terrain region, meaning any already existing maps would stay the same even if they break format.

I know this would probably take a long time to code so I'm not saying you should add this bast, but I think that everybody just wants to be able to have fish in an earthlike region, ok maybe that's just me but seriously the fish hatchery and cannery and the art mating thing can be built on earthquake so why not be able to obtain fish?

Also add fish to my land pls
This has been anticipated for a long time and it has been sitting in my todo list for a while, however now that I am back from my (albeit long) vacation from life, I'm ready to post some of these new buildings I have been working on for UE & LIS!

First up is the Department of Paradoxical Studies! (LIS version of the Department of Fish Mating Studies.)
SVG File:

This will be an LIS only building offering 6500 jobs. A LIS version of the Fish Mating Studies building this way LIS players can also have dead end high density jobs! Building Requirements will be just a bit higher than the DFMS as it provides a bit more jobs than it.

Tax: -$20
Workers Required: Yes
Occupation: Scientist
Requires: 1100 Power
Requires: 225 Bandwidth
Resource Costs:
  • Money: $1,250,000
  • Civics: 1,250,000
  • Research: 1,250,000
  • Ore: 1,600,000
  • Steel: 600,000
  • Gold: 250,000
  • Microchips: 100,000
  • Wood: 80,000
  • Bricks:90,000
  • Pottery: 20,000
  • Paintings: 800
  • Cloth: 20,000
  • Software: 18,000
  • Robots: 15,000
The building will input the following under full workers:
  • Rum: 500minute
  • Money: 300/minute
  • Software: 100/minute
  • Ancient Instructions: 28/minute
The Building will output the following:
  • Research: 14000/minute
Tech Requirements: League of Independent States Base, Mass Data Management, Political Theatre, Ancient Alien Language

Building Description: After a long time of reading ancient instructions, scientists have made a breakthrough in their ability to study paradoxes. Lots of rum tends to be the solution.

Subject to change as I'm still greatly updating this and working on it, however I thought I would release what I have so far. Feel free to share any ideas!
This thread will discuss Biomes for the game. I'm hoping that we can start out with 1 or 2 basic biomes to add and then add the others in phases. It could be up to the community to discuss what biomes should be on this list and which one's should be added first, second, and so on.

For each biome, I will discuss the basic features of the biome as a theme to go off of, and that theme could be taken in many different directions. Of course, I always provide my ideas in terms of how a theme could be made to work, but feel free to share your ideas as well.

Phase 0: the greening update

Grasslands: A flat biome filled with tall grass and flowers, sparsely populated with trees.

real life features:
- sparse trees
- flat grassy terrain
- areas of tall grass
-flowers are common
-caves aren't common
-common fauna: cattle, sheep, horses, bison, etc.

My ideas: I think that bast can copy this biome off of the original one, just add some tall grass to get seeds from, reduce the tree density, and add some flowers that could be used for basic things like dyes and potions(see my post in the agriculture page). Caves should still occur in this biome, but not too often. mushrooms would have to go for this biome though, but would be implemented in forests.

Forest: This biomes is densely populated with trees. Forests tend to have the most variety of animals and planets. On the forest floor, there are usually wild bushes and other small plants that dot the landscape. This biome should be the easiest to make since trees are already a part of the game, and you can create the forest biome with dense trees, and then go back and add the other features later.

real life features:
-dense trees
-smaller ground plants
-fallen logs
- high variety of animals
-caves are somewhat common
- common fauna: squirrel, deer, bear, fox, chicken, bobcat, etc.

My idea: The easiest way to make this biome is to take the original biome and crank up tree population. everything else is good for now. In a later phase, you might want to come back and add more variety of smaller plants, like maybe some berry bushes for food, briars which damage entities and could be broken and replaced for defensive purposes, and poison ivy, which could be used as a low level poison in limited ways.

Phase 1: The dessert update

dessert: everyone knows what a desert is, should be self explanatory.

real life features:
-sandy ground
-small shrubbery
-caves somewhat common.
-common fauna: poisonous snakes, rabbits, camels, etc.

My idea: This biome needs to be built from scratch, which is why it's in it's own phase.
cacti can be another farm. It should produce fruit once before it has to be re-planted, but the fruit can turn into multiple seeds. the slow growing cacti must be planted in the dessert. The small shrubbery can be harvested for sticks, and the boulders provide stone for building.

Sandstone cave: Self explanatory, the walls can be mined for sandstone, which would be another building material. gravel and sand could be mixed into the sandstone to give sand for glass and gravel for paths.

real life features:
-sandstone walls
-lose sand and gravel debris
-eventually leads to stone caves further down.

My idea: I don't really have much to say about this one. Other than enemy mobs, nothing can survive in these caves, so they are just there for aesthetics and resources, as you can't obtain sand or gravel from the surface.

Phase 2: The water update

surface lakes: small randomly shaped bodies of water that the player can swim through. Slows movement, but should provide a supply of water, and the player should be able to fish in surface lakes. The bigger the lake, the less likely you are to wait a long time to catch fish. The player should have a way to build these as decoration, food supply, and as a defensive mechanism. surface lakes can also occur in caves.

swamp lakes: same function as surface lakes, but the water is stagnate. Has a more potent slow effect yet yeilds more fish than a regular surface lake. The player shouldn't be able to build swamp lakes.

Swamp: this one is self explanatory, swamp lakes surrounded by muddy ground, brownish-green land. large willow trees. Cotton-tails and reeds growing at the edge of the water. Crocodiles swimming in the water, waiting to kill unsuspecting prey.

Real life features:
-large trees
-swamp lakes
-muddy ground surrounds swamp lakes
-dull green-brown ground
-cotton tails and reeds grow in the mud around swamp lakes.
-common fauna: mosquito, crocodile, frog, etc.
-caves are common, but come in the moist variety

my ideas: This one would require surface lakes to be implemented, which is why I've put it off a little. The reeds could be used for paper and the cotton-tails could be used to make cotton.

stagnate caves: caves that are periodically filled with water and silt. Muddy walls yeild mud when broken, which can be cooked to make mud bricks, but there should be some clay veins mixed in with the mud, yielding clay, which can be cooked into clay bricks. Both have the same texture but different colors, and clay bricks are much stronger than mud bricks. There should be a way later in the game to filter clay from mud to get additional clay.

I'll just summarize the phases from now on, since it's not really beneficial to plan that far ahead.

Phase 3: the winter phase

this will be the tiaga and tundra update. This update comes later because it's the least necessary compared to the other 3.

for 0, grasslands provide easy room to build while forests provide lots of building materials, allowing the player to have an easier time building. in 1, desserts provide sand for glass and a new structural material called sandstone, along with cacti that can be farmed. 2 introduces water bodies in the map for a rather important aesthetic and food source, mud and clay for new building materials, and a source of cotton for clothes and armor, and paper for things like maps and books.

3 will only provide a few minute resources, such a snow, ice, ...and not much else. This update is purely for aesthetics and to provide a harder biome to survive in. The cold should make players go hungry faster, and there should be more powerful enemies that come out at night. It's harder to farm or fish because water always freezes, so the player has to resort to hunting to survive.

phase 4: the ocean phase

this phase will feature a beech biome and an ocean biome. The ocean will have multiple underwater "floors" where the player can fight dangerous sea monsters, gather fish for food, and gather up exotic plants from the sea floor. The beech will have no caves, but it itself should be an interesting place to visit with it's own resources. More info to come on this if bast implements anything in the other phases.

phase 5: the elevation phase

The phase would focus on the ability to have upper levels and climbable objects like mountains. I think it would also be cool to enable multi-level building construction and the ability to place stairs that transport you between the upper levels. These updates would allow bast to create other more complicated biomes like the mesa and climbable jungle tree maps.

phase 6: the jungle update

this phase implements jungle biomes with climbable jungle trees. This would allow players to build tree-houses. It may or may not be possible to implement this, but I'm putting it in here just in case.

Anyway, that's what I think the order should be, assuming bast will be adding other biomes. Let me know what your ideas are and which biomes you think should go first or last
4y ago
Hello everyone, I have another My Colony update ready for you today, v0.96.0. This update is somewhat minor, but during last weeks major content update, I had inadvertently removed the Fish Hatchery from the game, which in turn caused a whole bunch of problems, including the build menu not working for Advanced Builder Bots on mobile. Not good!

So today's update brings back the Fish Hatchery, but sadly if your Fish Hatchery disappeared in the last update, you will have to re-build it again 👿. Sorry!

There are a couple of other small additions today. Now, if you click on somebody's username from the slide-out chat window, it will open up their My Colony profile (before it only worked if you clicked on their message in the notification area).

I have also added an in-game friends list. Now when you are looking at a user's profile window, there will be a new "Add Friends" button up in the corner. This button is used to both add a new friend, or accept a pending friend request.

There is a new section on the Statistics window for friends now. This will show all of your confirmed friends and incoming friends requests, and will show you if your friends are online or offline. Clicking on a friend will bring up all of their colonies.

Keep in mind that the friends list is for all of Ape Apps, not just My Colony, although My Colony is the first game to implement the feature. I plan on expanding it to other Ape Apps things as well though, from games to the website to the chat program.

So that is really it for today. I am sorry that the update is smaller this time, but I had to get that Fish Hatchery bug fixed because it was causing major problems on mobile! The update should be hitting all devices within the coming days, so be on the lookout. Also keep in mind that if you are using the Ape Apps Launcher, the update requires an update to the Launcher which should also be coming later today.

That's it for now, stay tuned for more and thanks for playing!
4y ago
The time has come for yet another My Colony update, the v0.99.0 patch, aka the Reptilian Content patch! This is a very special release, as it is the very last beta version of My Colony! It's going to be sad to see beta go, but there is a lot in store for you guys with this update. Because of some of the core changes, this update is going to take several days to push out to all platforms, with Web coming today. I actually can't even push it out to the Ape Apps Launcher yet, as the Launcher will require an update itself before this patch should go live, so please stick with me as the v0.99.0 roll-out will be a bit slower than most releases. So what's new in this patch? Let's go over it right now!

This is at it's core a Reptilian update, but there is a ton of other stuff thrown in as well. First off, and the reason for the delayed rollout, is I have taken the game-streaming option out of the core My Colony code, and transferred it to the "Web App Core" wrapper, which is the in-house wrapper I created to be able to port my games to all platforms easily. This changes the behavior by streaming your gameplay straight to your profile on the Ape Apps website, instead of to I will be updating shortly though that will embed the stream in the same place it used to be, so for the most part it should still look the same.

I made this change for long-term planning, so that I can add streaming capabilities to my other games. The stream viewer on is improved from what was available on the My Colony website. It now shows how many people are watching and lets you record the stream. It has other capabilities as well that aren't worth mentioning here, but will be implemented in other games in the future. To access your livestream page, go to your profile here on Ape Apps and click on the little video camera button on the left sidebar.

To go along with this change, the in-game streaming interface has been updated, with a new livestream control bar now appearing when you have streaming turned on.

This bar shows you how many people are watching the stream, and lets you turn either microphone or webcam on or off (previously, webcam wasn't even supported). Streaming is currently supported on Chrome, the new version of Edge, on the Desktop version, the Ape Apps Launcher, and on Android. I can't get it working right yet on iOS or Windows Store.

Moving on. Last update was the big Zolarg release, but I had accidentally forgot to make the dazzling hot-pink Etherbug buildable. This is now fixed, and you can now create the Etherbug on your Zolarg maps. Sorry about that!

A lot of people had complained about the massive gold cost on the Zolarg Unholy Pit and Unholy Tower of Stuff. I have reduced theses costs in this update to make them more reasonable. In addition, these two structures have gained storage capabilities for Charcoal, Oil, and Software.

In addition, the Zolarg Customs Processing building can now import and export Diamonds and Software.

I have made a small change to the in-game encyclopedia. Before, under each category (buildings, vehicles, etc) it said Everything you need to know... Now, it shows the number of items that are in each category (number of buildings, vehicles, etc).

I have loosened the building requirements for the Reptilian Brewmasters Den, as it was too difficult to build at the beginning, and is an essential building. I removed Helium-3 and Crystalline from the build requirements. In addition, the building now uses Ant Paste during production, instead of Helium 3.

The Powered Materials Silo has gained Software Storage, and also now acts as a drop-off point for Diamond harvesting.

I don't know if anybody had noticed, but I had inadvertently allowed Ether importing from the Reptilian Medium Range Star Gate. This has been removed. In exchange, this structure can now export Fish and Salt Water.

Speaking of Fish and Salt Water, they have both been added to the Galactic Board of Trade, and will eventually be used in other non-Water World processes. They are the two map-specific resources for the Water World.

While we are on the subject of resources, a brand new one was added to the game this update, Cobalt. Cobalt is a super-rare, because 1) it's only available on the dreaded Lava World, and 2) it only appears after a volcanic eruption.

Why Cobalt? Well, originally Obsidian was going to be the map-exclusive resource for Lava World, but I forgot and ended up adding it to everything, so that wasn't going to work. So now we have Cobalt. It's all good. Anyway, right now only the Reptilians can harvest it, but other civs will be able to after v1.0. It will be coming to the GBT on the next update as well, and will be used for new super-high-end structures on all civs. Being tied to the Lava World, I suspect it will command a pretty good price on the GBT once trading opens up.

Moving on. Since probably v0.1.0 of My Colony way back in 2016, people have been requesting to be able to move buildings once built. I haven't counted, but it's probably the top request in the game, or a close second to Mass Transit. I understand why it's been wanted. Most My Colony players are on Android, and most mobile builder games allow you to move structures. Of course, most mobile builder games are also IAP filled "diamond" (or gems or special coins) festivals that nickel and dime players by making buildings take 5 days to build unless you pay real money. My Colony isn't like that, and I never thought a move building option was realistic enough for the game, but nonetheless people still request it all the time, so for this update, I have now added an option to move buildings, with caveats.

You can now move any structure in the game, unless it is a harvest drop-off location or has it's own move function, like the Lander, Queen/Mound, or the deployed Construction Mech.

I do want to give people the option to configure and organize their base as they see fit, and I understand that as a colony grows from a small settlement to a major city, you might want to rethink the way you placed buildings at the beginning, so that is why I am allowing the move option. The reason I do not allow it on harvest drop-off spots though, should be obvious. I'm not going to let players just, for example, keep moving their Ore Refinery right next to the Ore every time a deposit is dried up. That would be lame.

Next, I have made an interface change to the mobile version of the game. Now when you are building a structure on mobile, you get the same (well, a minified) "new construction" bar that desktop players have.

This makes it easy to see what you are building will cost, and to flip structures before placing them.

So now let's talk about the meat of the update, the new Reptilian content. There are two new vehicles, the Diamond Extractor and the Cobalt Extractor (I think you can figure out what each does), and 19 new buildings, which I will list below and then talk about some of them in detail afterwards.
  • Galactic Star Gate
  • Radiated Crystal Farm
  • Advanced Materials Silo
  • Subterranean Slum
  • Raw Fish Diner
  • Deep Sea Drilling Platform
  • Coral Radiator
  • Offshore Slum
  • Dracarus Mint
  • Turbo Microreactor
  • Diamond Cobalt Microreactor
  • Basic Crystal Furnace
  • Suppertime Arena
  • Primitive Robotics Lab
  • Advanced Chip Transporter
  • Automated Software Node
  • Antanium Radiator
  • Ultra High Frequency Node
  • Near-Infinite Materials Silo
My core of thinking with this update was to make the Reptilians more playable, or rather enjoyable to play, and reduce the sheer idling time required to play a Reptilian colony. Starting with Reptilians was so slow before, that a new colony would have to idle for hours just to get anywhere, which isn't really feasible on mobile. So a lot of this content is geared towards early to early-mid game, but there are a few later-stage items as well. Structures like the Basic Crystal Furnace, the Coral Radiator, and the Dracarus Mint should help speed along early-game a bit.

Reptilians also get a couple of new housing units, both slums (of course). The Subterranean Slum is a high-density building for all maps, and the Offshore Slum is a way to gain more space on the traditionally space-limited Water World islands.

I added a couple of new Tourism related structures for Reptilians, in the form of the new Raw Fish Diner and the Audrey II inspired Suppertime Arena, where Reptilians and tourists alike can watch an evil plant eat Insectoids.

There are new much-needed upgrades to Reptilian Storage, Power generation, increased import/export capacity, Microchip production, Software production, and Bandwidth generation. Reptilians also gain the ability to build robots with the new Primitive Robotics Lab, and the ability to build Triantanium with the Antanium Radiator.

All in all, this is a fairly large update that adds some nice QOL improvements to the game, and adds much needed content and improvements to the Reptilian race (a bit for Zolarg too).

Now, to talk a bit about the future. If you missed it, I published a new episode of the My Colony Podcast last night about the coming end of beta for My Colony. v0.99.0 is in fact the 99th feature release of My Colony (which was originally published on May 16, 2016), which will make the next update the 100th feature update of My Colony, in which it will finally be bumped up to v1.0.0.

Now to me it's just a number, but since 100 of anything is generally seen as special, I think something special should happen for the next update to the game. To help kick off the v1.0.0 release, I would like to do another classic episode of the My Colony Podcast with a community group voice chat, the way the old episodes were done a couple of years ago. I would like to host the episode on one of the federation Discord channels, possibly the NOZ channel if they will allow it, and have anybody and everybody from the community be able to participate if they want to. We will just be talking about the growth and changes of the game over the last few years and bumping suggestions and ideas off of each other for the coming updates. You can also ask me anything you want about My Colony or otherwise. I think it will be a fun episode for everybody, and I hope a lot of people participate. I just need to nail down a location, time, date, and re-figure out how to record the thing. So be looking out for more information about that.

As for the update itself, I plan on adding something of an online leader-board to the game, featuring multiple in-game challenges and awards that people can participate in if they choose to. It will be optional, so you can still play as normal without doing the leader-boards, but the purpose is to have something to do in the game after you have a million people in your colony and all buildings unlocked, but it's also going to be set up in a tiered way so that new players can also participate. I still have some things to work out with it, and so you have some time to make suggestions in the forum if you want your ideas implemented!

As for a timeframe, the next release is going to take longer than normal. I go over the reasons in the latest podcast, but basically we have Thanksgiving in the U.S. coming up soon with holiday travels, and I also need to take some time away from My Colony to get work done on my other projects before the holiday season, since December is the biggest month of the year for the app business, and with my schedule I am going to be pressed for time to get much work done later in this month. So I would shoot for early-mid December for the v1.0.0 release, although there might be a couple of platform-specific bug patches between now and then, should the need arise.

Further out, v1.1.0 and v1.2.0 will probably be performance tweak related updates, since I am getting a lot of requests for those, particularly on the Android side of things, so I will have to try to see if I can squeeze more juice out of the engine. So they will still have new content, but not like 10-20+ new items like the last few updates have had. After that, I want to add crime and law enforcement to the game, and even further out, I want to add the ability to have a map with an AI controlled faction, as I want to add a new map type that is inhabited with primitive ewok-type creatures that you have to either coexist with or... something else. So stay tuned for that...

Anyway, that's all for v0.99.0. I hope you guys enjoyed it, let me know if you did (or didn't)! Like I said at the beginning, the roll-out will take several days here, but it's live and final on the Web now. Launcher will probably be next, then Steam, then Android, then Windows, and lastly iOS. I expect to have it published to all stores by Wednesday, so stay tuned!
4y ago
Hello guys!
Some times ago I was thinking about minor civilizations and other races in the galaxy. One of the things in my mind is an aquatic civilization. Taking a bit reference from the legendary Atlantis, this gave me an idea - The Atlanians.

National Emblem: The Moon Aqua and the Trident of Balance

The Atlanians have a very long history, longer than that of Humans, but not old as Alpha Draconians. Their civilization was born some millenniums after the disappearance of the Ancients, on a planet in the Blue Clusters lying just at the rim of the central Galaxy.
Originally, the Atlanians were just fishes in the deep ocean, only dwells in the deep abysses of this oceanic planet. There's a myth telling how Atlanians touched the lands and the air of their planet for the first time:
A fish look at "The Walls", wondered how would the world above the ocean would look like. He swim upper and upper, trying to reach the top of "The Walls". As he reached the borderline between the skies and the ocean, he jumped out from the water with his all efforts. He passed over.
When he wake up, he saw the world above the ocean. He saw the land above "The Walls", he saw a new world, he saw a rising sun on the horizons. When he tried to move, he found out his body was not the same as before - fins becomes limbs, tail becomes legs. In the air, he hears a wisper from the god - A gift for the curious fish.

Still, in human perspectives, it is a result of evolution. There are fossil records found that resembles intermediate of primitive aquatic creatures and Atlanians.

In a very long time of Atlanian history, Atlanians organizes themselves as kingdoms since their civilization begin to form.
Atlanians are relatively peaceful when compared to other mainstream civilizations in the galaxy. Some said peace is their nature, but more (non-Atlanian) people believe their peace is a result of culture and history. Rarely they have conflicts within or with other civilizations in their history, but still, one of the wars has taken a big part forming their ideology of peace, balance and coexistence. This legend is recorded in their ancient literature:
The war between the Kings spread across the world, the seas are no longer clear as Aquamarine, it is corrupted in bloodbath. A young man, hoped to stop the Kings' rampage, set on his journey to the Moon Aqua, wish to know the way to restore harmony between the Kingdoms......
......After the Trials of the Ocean Gods, he finally reaches the answer he looks for - The Balance. His vision for a harmonious world is clear. The Trident of Balance responds to his will, granting him the power to restore his world, to save his world from chaos.
He spread the words of peace across the world, he shared his vision to the Kings. The Kings, figuring out the destruction have done to the world, eventually withdraw their weapons. They kneeled to the young man, asked the young man to show the path to redeem their sins.
The young man showed them the way of harmony, peace and mercy instead of punishments. He said, Balance is the key for a better world.

Their peaceful ideologies impacted their history a lot which has promoted the prosperity and stability of their civilization. Several generations later, they begin marching into the space and established many colonies, and eventually new kingdoms, in the Blue Clusters. All these kingdoms collectively formed a confederate to maintain their common vision of their harmonious civilization - the Confederate of Atlanian Kingdoms.
Due to their neutrality, and their relative powerful strength as a minor civilization in the Galaxy, they seldom have problems facing diplomatic or military pressure from any other nations, their civilization remained very peaceful for many years while remained cooperation with many other nations and civilizations. However, the recent invasion by the New Galactic Empire is the turning point in their history which their peaceful stance is not being respected. Fearing it would become the demise of their civilization, they accepted the offers of Alpha Draconians for a cooperation against the aggression of the New Galactic Empire, first time breaking their neutrality.

Since the birth of their civilization, the Blue Clusters is the home for these Atlanians. Besides the Blue Clusters, they also have many colonies across the Galaxy, mainly on aquatic planets.
  • <Blue Clusters>
    The homeworld of Atlanians, the cradle of Atlanian Kingdoms. This region contains numerous oceanic and aquatic planets which makes comfortable homes for these ocean-dwelling people. It is the political capital and cultural center of this civilization. Has the name of Blue Clusters as the stars in this region emit distinctive blue lights.
  • <Selene System>
    This is the economic center of Atlanian Kingdoms. This place has been an important trading port due to its location, it borders United Earth, Alpha Draconians and Blue Clusters. Many colonies of Atlanian Kingdoms are located here.
  • <Anthea System>
    One of the major exclaves of Atlanian Kingdoms, an encalve located inside United Earth. Regarded as one of the best locations for tropical vacations - there are some beautiful tropical planets in this system.
  • <Larisa Enclaves>
    A cluster of Atlanian exclaves are located in the neutral Larisa Stars region.

<Political Structure>
As a confederate, Atlanian Kingdoms are composed of many member kingdoms of Atlanian origins, which includes those in Blue Clusters and their exclaves.
The Assembly of Kings is the legislation and executive institution of the Atlanian Kingdoms, each meeting hold at regular intervals of 10 years and usually lasts around a month. A meeting begins with every kingdom reporting their overall situation and welcome new kings and queens if there is any. And then the kingdoms will discuss any submitted issues of Atlanian importance (such as external trade and diplomacy), making decisions on collective principle, by those kingdoms who are considered involved into.
If not considering the collective policies, each kingdoms are governed on their own without common restrictions. The constitutional structure might varies from kingdom to kingdom as each might has their own roles, however in every kingdom, the King or the Queen is the representative and the highest leader of his or her kingdom.

Culturally, Atlanians are well known not only because of their pacifism, but they are well mannered, they have pursuit of sophistication and perfection, and especially their unique artistic values. When you look into their architecture, you won't feel a large contrast, but they combine pretty well into the atmosphere and the surrounding environment, in the same time they are amazing with fine details. When you look into their outfits, they might look simple, but actually created with many fine details, while it is comfortable to wear and durable. That's the art of Atlanians: Extraordinary, but in a harmonious, non-aggressive way that makes you feel comfortable.

Many technologies used in Atlanian Kingdoms are directly or derived from those of United Earth and Alpha Draconian origins, acquired from trading agreements. Yet Atlanians are not without their unique wisdom, especially they are the largest aquatic civilization in the galaxy - a master of aquatic technologies. Their technologies are not limited by oceans, they can be used on land and space and are highly adaptable to many environments, except those extreme. Most importantly, they are environmentally friendly. :)

A large proportion of Atlanian economy is driven by external trades, mainly between United Earth and Alpha Draconians.
Domestically, they have some unique industries.
One of their famous industries is fish herding, they breed fishes in a natural way but still supported by their technologies to achieve high yield. The fish meat produced are in high quality, and you can get the most original taste of it compared to the GM fishes which is common in United Earth. The silk produced by a deep sea dwelling Silk-cod is a good material for making fine sheets of fabric.
Another of their unique industries is the deep sea quarrying, one of the major supplier of the beautiful but rare Atlanian Yellow Marble in the Galaxy. These marbles are primarily for constructions in Atlanian cities.

Atlanian military was never used for invading others, purely for self-defense. The majority of their military are garrisons on the planets, while the remaining are mobile response forces operating in Blue Clusters or in the exclaves of Atlanian Kingdoms.
Their military focuses on quality over quantity. This is reflected by their strict military standards - to be enlisted as a soldier, first you'll need to spend 5 years in military academy learning combat skills, martial arts, military doctrines and basic tactics. And then you'll face your first test. Once you've passed the test, you'll have to spend another 10 years mastering your techniques and all relevant knowledge as a soldier in practical scenarios. And then comes the last test. Failing any one of the tests, you'll start over. Despite the low pass rate of the tests, every successfully enlisted soldier are the finest who can take on many enemies with ease. These soldiers are highly respected in the society.
Their combat vehicles does not require many people to operate, sometimes one pilot is enough to run a tank. Often Atlanian combat vehicles are tailor-made for the pilot, which the pilot can optimally make use of their strengths. However this also means it totally depends on the skills of the pilot.
Moreover, Atlanians is an amphibious race. Their adaptability in both dry land and water makes them even more versatile in battles, they are indeed a formidable force to be reckoned with.

<Other facts about Atlanians>
  • Atlanians has one special biological feature is their large variance in size, possibly due to environmental factors. While average Atlanians are at the size close to average humans, some of the Atlanians, especially those dwells in the deep ocean, can grow larger than a whale when mature. These large Atlanians are called Leviathans.
  • Atlanians has 2 respiratory systems, one being gills, another being lungs.
  • Atlanian Kingdoms remains politically independent even is in "temporary affiliation" with Alpha Draconians.

Hopefully you like this idea!

Fish Bin Complex
A larger facility capable of sustaining an entire pond's worth of fish. New fish are occasionally produced in storage.
Click to expand section.
1y ago
"Using one strand of fossilized Fish DNA and filling the gaps with Food and Oil, create lots of Fish for your colonists to enjoy! Please note that all the fish are female to prevent unchecked breeding."

H3110 guys!

First and foremost...
Thanks @bastecklein (& his epic team) has made such an epic game!

I have tried out the game and I have found some apples along the way. When I picked up the first apple, I figured out one thing... Wait, where’s the hungar bar? As well HP?

That’s why I’m posting ideas regarding this today. A survival game cannot be without hunger & food mechanism.

I think I don’t have to explain how the hunger works. Starving too long can be fatural, that’s the simple thing.

Speaking of food. We have quite lots of examples we can take reference from Minecraft. Growing crops, ranching lifesticks... And even get food from combat booty.

So let’s begin with ordinery stuff:
Non-edibles are in red.
Toxic edibles are in green.
Underground Objects are in purple.

Raw food & ingredients
Raw Meat
• Carrots
Raw Fish
• Flax seeds
• Stoneworms

New working station
Kitchen Stove for processing food into more gut-filling meals.
Campfire for some simple meals, just in case you can’t afford a stove
Outhouse for cases you have some ‘personal needs’, but you can get some stinky yet useful poops for fretilizing crops

New Objects
• Pig
• Water
• Flax (one-time harvest)
• Wild Wheat (one-time harvest)
• Wild Carrots (one-time harvest)
Mushroom (one-time harvest)
• Wild Potato (one-time harvest)
• Wormrock (produces stoneworms)
• Cultivated Wheat (permanent)
• Cultivated Carrots (permenent)
• Cultivated Flax (permenent)
• Cultivated Potato (permenent)
• Cultivated Mushroom (permenent)

New items
• Flax Fibre
• String
• Fishing Rod
• Charcoal
• Wooden Plough
• Brownies (poop)

Food recipes
• Raw meat → Roasted Meat
• Raw fish → Roasted Fish
• Potato → Roasted Potato
• Wheat ×3 → Bread
• Poatao ×2 + Carrot + Roasted Meat → Potato Salad
• Stoneworms ×3 → Worm Salad
• Potato + Carrot + Mushroom + Raw Meat ×3 → Meat Stew
How about a Fish Oil Factory, where Fish is converted into small amounts of Oil?
4y ago
H3110 guys! (^ω^)

Insectnoids are now leaving without any source of water in Water World. Some sea water extract & purification buildings are required.

Firstly I am presenting a big thanks 😉 to @bastecklein for featuring the ideas about offshore buildings (and some fish stuff) in the recent update.

I have the second branch of my ideas about the offshore buildings.
And I am pushing the limits of construction - I’ll also feature buildings that can be built on LAVA for insectnoids (later when I have time to update the post)

Here it comes!
Buildings on WATER
  • Salt Water Filter
    Serve as startup-stage way for obtaining pure water. But it’s a bit slow.
  • Algae Farm
    Cultivating algae for food.
  • Offshore Oil Drill
    Start extracting precious oil out from deep seas.
  • Offshore Resort
    The idea is simple here. You build an tropical resort and it will be able to attract tourism.
  • Submarine Docks
    What’s sinking under the seas? Take a ride on the submarine and find out! Produces less alien artifects than a dig site.
  • Driller Submarine Depot
    Driller submarines are capable to extract minerals from sea beds.
  • Water Sports Centre
    Why not having some fun playing water sports that will also make a great entertainment and tourist attraction!
  • Seastead
    Offshore homes would be interesting and great for your colonists to live. You can see wonderful fishes evryday you wake up.
  • Sea Safari Depot
    Wanna have a tour in the beautiful ocean?
  • Insectnoid Fishery
    So instead of fetching wild fish, why not make fish come to you?
  • Aquamound
    Insectnoid offshore homes.
  • Seabeet Farm
    Seabeet is a sugar-rich aquatic vegetable from Zolarg Prime. Although produces less sugar than a sugarcane farm does, it can be built offshore.
  • Aqua Ring
    A water extraction structure, but it is built offshore to extract sea water.
  • Aqua Scrubber
    Purifies sea water into drinkable water.
  • Aqua Purifier
    It’s just literally a distiller...
  • Floating Bazaar
    An offshore Bugzaar (Insectnoid bazaar).
  • Mangrove Farm
    Insectnoid style tree farm... for Water World, which you’ll need lotta of wood to build offshore stuff.
  • Geothermo Stablizer Node
    Stablizes lava tiles of a small range of 5×5.
  • Obsidian Solidifier
    Make obsidian by pumping water into the lava sea which quickly cools the lava into lumps of obsidian.
  • Lava Centrifuge
    So when you are short in minerals, why not try seperate them from the natural slags around you.
  • Lava Furnance
    Smelt antanium using geothermal energy directly without the need of using your own power!
  • Inferno Spire
    Generate a epic amount of energy without consuming anything with this geothermal Inferno Spire!
Today I am releasing v0.37.0 of My Colony 2, and from a technical perspective, this is the largest release since the game first came out in late 2020. My Colony 2 has now been moved off of the antiquated Web App Core framework that I first developed back in 2012, and is now being hosted at it's own domain at There are some important implications associated with this change, so let's get into it!

The most obvious change is that the game is now hosted at a new URL. Since the majority of My Colony 2 players access the game through the web client, everyone is going to need to update their bookmarks to the new location. If you have the game installed to your device as a Progressive Web App, you need to know that the PWA will not automatically change to the new URL, so you need to first uninstall the old PWA and then install the new one. I realize that it is a bit of a pain, but the change will be worth it in the long run.

The biggest impact this will have is related to save data. Users who sync their save file to the Cloud or who have exported their save data to the filesystem (which I highly recommend) will not be impacted at all, but if your save game is stored in the internal app cache (the riskiest solution with a browser-based game), data will not carry over to the new domain. I hope that most players took heed of this change when I announced it about a month ago! If it ends up being an issue, I might be able to cook up some sort of migration solution, but I think most players will be fine. I think (hope) that the mobile versions of the game are not impacted by this.

Beyond what was stated above, the migration off of the Web App Core framework resulted in considerable changes to the game engine "under the hood." The Web App Core functions touched almost everything, so in many ways this update constitutes a serious rewrite of major portions of the game. Because of this, I would sort of expect there to be some issues here and there. Surprisingly, I have not run into many of them during testing, so maybe things went more smoothly then I had planned, but please be on the lookout for things I may have missed, and please post about what issues you find here in the forums.

Since so much of the code was being changed in this release, I did take the time to work on a few issues that had been plaguing the engine for a while now. First of all, the issue with faded/muted colors I think is pretty well fixed. There may be a few models left that still have color balancing issues, and if you notice any of them please post a list in the forum here so I can get them re-color balanced for the next update.

There had been an issue where Spice deposits were not spreading properly on the Spice World, and this has now been corrected.

Additionally, there was an issue where players who were connected to a remote dedicated server were unable to access the Galactic Board of Trade or other MC2 Online features. This should now be fixed as well.

Game loading and startup should be a lot faster now than it used to be, especially after the first load. I decided to stop compressing the main game data bundle, and even though this added 4mb to the initial game data download, I figured it was not a big deal, since after the first load, the browser stores the bundle data anyway. This means that the data no longer needs to be decompressed when the game is starting up, which on some devices (especially mobile) this could take quite a long time. The start up time improvement can actually be pretty significant, especially if the app is installed to the system as a PWA. I have noticed start up times on the new release of just a few seconds.

Big improvements have been made to flying units. They were sort of borked before - drones randomly disappearing or flying up into the stratosphere, landers not moving, etc. They should just work now.

Don't you hate it when you join a world, then you scroll around the map trying to find a good landing spot, only to never be able to find your lander again? Fear not, if you have not yet deployed your lander, it will not be automatically placed in the Bookmarks tab, so you can always go and find where your lander is sitting.

A major rebalancing has been done in this release, thanks in large part to a document put together by @SPARKY0303 (which you can find here). There were a ton of changes implemented from this, so here is just a rough readout of everything I did:
  • Increased firing range and reduced money cost of the Brick Wall Turret
  • Increased the gift capacity of the Galactic Board of Trade to 25k
  • Fixed the borked stats on the Museum
  • Increased the ore cost and output of the Medium Software Studio
  • Increased the uranium cost and the artifact storage of the Giorgio Institute
  • Increase the build cost and money/civics output of the Investment Bank
  • Increased the output and worker requirement of the Bank
  • Increased the cost and research output for the Center for Artificial Learning
  • Increased the build and input cost of the Robotics Factory while also increasing the robot output
  • Increased the cost and doubled the production rate of the Plastic Factory
  • Increased the cost and production output of the Advanced Microchip Factory
  • Increased the cost and production rate of the Advanced Plastic Factory
  • Increased the build cost and production output of the Synthetic Wood Lab
  • Increased the worker requirement of the Synthetic Oil Lab while doubling production input and tripling output
  • Increased the rum cost and consumption for the Galactic Stock Exchange while also increasing the money output
  • Increased the food cost and money output of the Canteen
  • Increased the cost and attack power of the Pillbox while decreasing the attack range
  • Added worker requirement and increased salt water consumption for Fish R Us
  • Increased the worker requirement and food output of the Hydroponic Farm
  • Increased cost and production output of the Vertical Warehouse Farm
  • Increased cost and software cosumption of the Research Facility while increasing research output
  • Decreased Rum consumption and increased Money output for The Rum
  • Increased money output for the Trading Depot
  • Decreased build cost and aluminum output of the Advanced Drilling Platform
  • Increased the cost and artifact output of the Ultra Deep Drilling Facility while decreasing the aluminum production
  • Increased the cost, money output and rum consumption of the Galactic Trade Authority Office while decreasing the worker requirement
  • The Spice Den can no longer be built on Spice Worlds
  • Increased the worker requirement and production rates of the Aluminum Generator
There may be more rebalancing work to do in the future, so let me know what your thoughts are on the changes.

Some other things have been changed as well. The Blue Dorms have been renamed to the Painted Dorms, which you can now specify your own color for. The Ancient Alien Ore Refinery has been re-skinned with a new model provided by @SPARKY0303 .

Also fulfilling a big request from MC1 players, there are now Building Counts available on the construction sidebar.

I have also added a new option to the Performance Tweaks section of the Engine Settings menu, allowing users to customize the number of chunks that the game renders around the camera.

We also have two new models in this update from @spamdude , including the new Fish Bin Complex (for storing lots of fish), and the giant new Large Brickworks, for bumping out lots of bricks!

Next up, as hinted to in the previous update's release notes, Diamonds have been added to this update, along with the Diamond Miner and the Diamond Solar Tower.

Diamonds are a Lunar World exclusive, and can only be discovered through digging. Once you uncover a diamond deposit, the Diamond Mining tech is automatically unlocked, allowing you to construct the Diamond Miner. Diamond utility will be expanded in the coming updates. At some point once every world has it's own unique resource, there will be some late game super structure that requires a ton of the unique resources from all of the different worlds.

Ok so last but not least, probably the biggest and most common request I get for the game via the in-game feedback is to bring back the Ore Mine from MC1. I never considered the Ore Mine to be necessary, since the world sizes are infinite and you can always just go and find more Ore, and later on you can just generate Ore on all worlds. That said, people have always wanted it, so today I am introducing MC2's version of the Ore Mine, which is the new Ore Drill.

The Ore Drill works sort of like the Spice Vane that occurs naturally on the Spice World. You build it, and then every once and a while it will plop out a small Ore Deposit. Once you build your settlement up to the point where you can make your own ore, you can simply bulldoze the drill. I think this is a reasonable solution for early game Ore, and I might make a Gold version of it in the next update as well. The Ore Drill is only available on maps that have surface ore.

So that is v0.37.0 in a nutshell. The update is available right now on the Web at it's new location ( and will probably hit the various mobile platforms throughout the weekend or early next week. Please let me know your thoughts on the changes (good or bad), spread the word that the URL for MC2 has changed, and stay tuned for more MC2 goodness to come in the months ahead!

1y ago

@bastecklein here are the stats + complete data object

Built by: Megabot
4,500 ore
7,000 steel
1,500 gold
550 aluminum
70 microchip
35 software
400 oil
400 food
1 crystalline

Requires tech:
Low Atmosphere Zoology
Human Cloning
Low Gravity Oil Production

105 power
120 water
21 bandwidth

12 workers

200 food
200 oil
200 fish

900 ticks

1 oil
1 food


30 fish
(All is for Human races only)(United Earth & League of Independent States)

First things first, I apologize for there being any grammar mistakes, am doing this from my phone, and I also don’t like to be too formal because I don’t really see a point of it.

Do I need to get rid of Trash and limit the amount of Atmosphere I have?

Atmosphere and Trash have absolutely no negative effects to your colony(as of right now), in fact it’s best to get as much of these two resources as you can. Reason for that being that Trash can eventually be used to make Plastic (Small Recycler) and eventually Plastic and Aluminum as well! (Medium Recycler)Also, if you really wanna boost your the amount of Atmosphere you have, the incinerator ( 2x2 building) produces a TON of atmosphere at the expense of burning away a lot of trash. Atmosphere can be used eventually to create a lot of water which is really useful in some colonies. The Ant Paste Synthesizer consumes trash as well to make Ant Paste.
(Do note, Atmosphere and Trash may effect gameplay negatively in a future update, however as of right now it does not)
(I personally currently have 42.8 Billion atmosphere, and 12.6 Billion Trash)

Aluminum! If you have this resource in your world DO NOT use all of it! Save as much aluminum as you possibly can because one it goes away, there’s not another way of making more until you get Alien Tech or you unlock the Medium Recycling Center! Aluminum can also be pricy at times aswell, but with that being said it is also an option to purchase it from the trade market, and also the Uranium Enrichment Facility allows you to purchase some Aluminum in amounts of 100.

Uranium Enrichment Facility? This building requires Uranium and Aluminum in order to function. It takes in 1 Uranium and produces 2. Meaning every time the bar is filled you will receive 1 Uranium.

Best way to get Civics? The most efficient way of generating high amounts of civics for United Earth is the Imperial Propaganda Office, while the Investment Bank generates more, the IPO is more space, and cost (the second clue for the challenge is a building not looked highly upon for it produces a resource only useful for the government and pubs) efficient considering the IB requires 4 tiles, 5k workers, and a couple thousand resources as well as $2.5M.

Best way of generating Research? The most efficient way of generating resource is without a doubt the Center for Artificial Learning. It generates about 1100 Research a second at max worker capacity.

What is the Department of Fish Mating Studies & is it Worth it? The DFMS is and was designed to simply be a building to send extra colonists to work without damaging your production lines. It simply just generates Research in amounts of 1 extremely fast while using Money, Rum, and Software. It can hold 5,500 workers, and it is a 3x3 sized building. It isn’t worth it if you have to worry about the resources required to build it, it is simply a job filler.

What is Tourism? Tourism is a quick way of earning passive income without the need of consuming a lot of resources. While you do not get resources produced by it you do get money. The amount of Tourists you can support can be found to the right of your Population number and it has the symbol of a colonist wearing a blue shirt, a red hat, and is looking through binoculars. Tourists will come in from the Space Port, and to increase your Tourism capacity, simply build more tourist buildings.

How do I get rid of Depression in my colony? In order to cure the depression within your colony simply build more entertainment buildings.

How do i cure Fatigue? Fatigue is caused by your colonists having to take too long of a trip in order to get to and from work, entertainment, education, and medical buildings. It is best to keep all of these buildings at an absolute max of 50 tiles, and a preferred max of 25 tiles. This means the path the colonists would have to walk, not a direct route through buildings. (like pac-man)

What is Ether and where can I get it? Ether is a resource primarily obtained by the Draconian and Zolarg race, however recently League of Independent States have been granted the ability to obtain it as well. When i say obtain i mean actually produce it from a source. The source can be found on Abandoned Planet and is found by Ether River tiles that have an infinite amount of Ether. This is obtained by building the Worker/Vehicle that can get get the Ether. Ether is used for human races for only two buildings currently, those being the Advanced Cloning Facility, and the Ether Tree Farms. Both buildings are the best for what they both do. (Immigration & Wood)

Is it useful to always Group Up my rovers? In most cases yes, however do not group them up if they are harvesting resources because it will slow down the rate at which you get said resources. If the rover is strictly for building, then yes group it up. Also, group if you are experiencing high amounts of lag.

Also, it is best to place a Resource Depot next to the resource you are harvesting (at most one tile away). This way the rovers do not have to take trips back and fourth and can constantly pick up and drop off immediately.

Why is Mobile so errr poor quality in some ways?

Well when it comes to this, and it’s from my experience considering I am a mobile player only and I do not actually own a computer. (am using an Iphone 8+) You have to consider the processing power of mobile phones, I mean, think of trying to calculate hundreds of buildings, manage the population, manage new buildings being built, the trees growing over time, the GDP of your colony, and more all at once. While many say this game is poorly optimized for mobile, it honestly is really optimized. While yes it may fry your phone and murder your battery, the fact that it’s possible to run something of this size at all from something in your pocket is insane.

If your colony is lagging horribly it’s best to group up your rovers, limit the number of buildings being built as low as you can, zoom in away from the majority of your buildings, and turn your settings down. With that being said, if you play in a Region you shouldn’t worry too much about lag however if your a single city colony, if you start experiencing lag even though everything i just listed is being done, then unfortunately there’s not much you can do.

What are Starships?Starships are another Endgame resource that does not currently really have a use other than for selling it for high amounts of money, I sell about 150k at a time and make a good $10-15 billion. Also, don’t sell it as a contract in the Trade Market unless you are doing it as a way of storage, nobody ever really buys them. If you want to make money, I would sell directly.

What is the Regional Bussing Authority? This is a recently added mass transit feauture that is useful simply for Regions only, it allows you to place one of these down in a Regional City that just has Housing & Colonists only, and place one down in an adjacent (right next to) Regional city that just has Jobs, and the colonists will then come from one city to another to work. It does not allow colonists to move from one city to another and stay there, they will only work. From what i have seen, 1 bussing authority transfers 400 colonists to an adjacent city. And as far as i know it is stackable. However in my personal opinion, it is better to just build the Housing and Jobs in the same city.

Is there a way to stop babies from being born? Unfortunately there is currently no way from stopping babies from being born within your colony, however there is an policy option granted by building the Hall of Congress that allows you to deport children from your colony.

How long does it take for them to grow up? If i am correct, and note i have not confirmed this nor has anyone else confirmed this for me. But it takes 15 minutes for a month to pass by in the game. The aging system is actually based on in game time so they will grow up based upon time, so it might take a good day or so for one generation of kids to grow up and begin working.

What are Embassies and are they worth it? Embassies are basically like a friend system, they allow you to build a building that allows a quick way to gift resources and send messages together regardless of if they are talking in global chat or not. Also, if you are human for example, and you get an embassy from a zolarg/draconian race. you will then also get zolarg/draconian colonists as well. and vice versa if your another race. The cross-race system has no benefits or downfalls, it is simply just a for looks or for bragging rights type of thing.

Is the arcologies worth it? if you have to ask yourself if it’s worth it even after i describe what they are then they are not, also note, the black/normal arcology consumes less resources than the Fantasy Arcology and has 500 medical slots, 2k education slots, 500 tourist slots, and 10k housing population capacity. However the downfall is it has 7k worker capacity. With the new addition of the sliders allowing you to make it so no one will work in it, it has become more useful if you need more education/medical/entertainment, however the Fantasy Arcology houses 16k people with no jobs or anything else, however it does use resources like Toys, Rum, and Cloth.

Is there any way to passively generate Clay without the need of constantly building Clay Mines? Yes! if you build the Ultra Deep Dig site (built by drones) then you will get more alien artifacts as well as some clay over time!

Lastly, I just want people to understand this. This game is not something that will be perfect, I mean, it can, and it already basically is. But of course there will always be bugs and issues. That’s just apart of expanding a game. Not to mention that this game isn’t on some million dollar budget, it is made by one, amazing person, someone who makes hundreds of different games, all free to play! Bast is only human, so please do cut him some slack on some things okay...? Yes there are some issues with My Colony, some big, some small. But we gotta take it one step at a time and we gotta help bast, not bombard him with a million problems at once and expect him to fix it all in that moment.
Bast is the only developer I know. He is the only person I know that actually gets this involved with the community and actually reads all the forum posts and provides feedback. Like I personally could never! The amount of time, and patience that would be required to have something of this scale and keep it in tip top shape to ensure thousands of people are happy at once? Like that’s honestly insane, yet bast somehow manages to do it flawlessly. So @bastecklein, I would like to say thank you.Thank you for giving us something that brings us all together, and something that we can all enjoy. To the part of the community that has been here with us and has supported, guided, and provided helpful feedback. Thank you.

I hope this answers some questions you may have!

​If you have any other questions, please comment below and I will do my best to answer!

Posted 11-30-2020 (30th of November)

Update Version: 1.10.0
Today I am publishing a long awaited update to the original My Colony, v1.20.0, which is live now on Ape Web Apps and the Ape Apps Launcher, and should be hitting everywhere else sometime next week (might have delayed app reviews due to labor day weekend). People have been asking for fixes and content, so it's time to give MC1 some love, so let's take a look at what is new, as well as what's to come!

First off, one of the longest awaited bug fixes is here in this release, regarding colony health statistics. There was a bug in MC1 where, if your colony ever ran out of food or water, it would completely bork the health reporting stats, even after food and water was restored. This has been corrected, and health stat reporting should be back to normal. If yours was borked, it might take up to ten minutes in-game for the issue to correct itself.

There was a request by @josip0101v to overhaul the building color codes in the "Building Colors Only" view mode, and this has now been done. I don't remember the new color coding off the top of my head, but its something like Yellow for resource production, Green for residential, blue and purple are in there too. I think they correspond to the graph colors when you click on a building. Anyway, it's better than showing everything in Red.

If you are one of those people who hate kids, then you are in luck because the long broken Deport Children function has been fixed. Deporting children will remove all kids 10 years of age and younger. The cutoff is 10, because MC1 considers kids over 10 to be working age, and they are available to work in the labor market.

There have been several issues raised related to inappropriate language and behavior in the in-game chat, so some basic automatic chat moderation has been added. These changes only apply to the green letter chat that shows up in the game window, and the slide-out chat sidebar will still show everything, for those who do not want moderation.

The game will filter out a variety of common profanity words. By filter them out, I mean if a message contains one, the message just wont show up in the game at all (it will still be in the chat sidebar though).

The chat overlay will now no longer show messages over 400 characters long. There have been complaints about people either typing a bunch of nonsense or just copy/pasting stuff into chat. This will no longer show up.

There have also been complaints about non-stop spam posting. The game will now no longer allow more than three messages from a user within a 10 (I think 10) second time span. This should be well enough time to allow for normal conversation to go uniterrupted.

Again, none of this moderation happens in the slideout chat, it's mainly to keep things from showing up for people who are just trying to play the game.

By request from @Shadowdoom286 , more information has been added to the popup window when you mouse-over the population of your colony. It will now show the number of children, the number of working age adults, and the number of retired people.

Moving on. The Quantum Warehouse and the Gravity Compression Warehouse now have storage for Cobalt. Cobalt will now also be generated by the Research Converter.

I have included three new buildings in this update that were submitted by the community. The new Nuclear Water Synthesis Plant (submitted by @itsLiseczeq ) is a great new structure for water generation (mid game, but its probably one of the best structures for late game as well). The Department of Paradoxical Studies and Nanite Server Building (submitted by @Electrogamer1943 ) have also been added. The Department of Paradoxical Studies is roughly the LIS version of the Department of Fish Mating Studies, and the Nanite Server Building is an upgrade to the Large Server Building, providing more bandwidth, but costing nanites and cobalt.

Next, I decided people might want me to start adding more late game content, and so I am starting down a new tech path which I will expand on over the coming updates. The new Advanced Simulation Theory research has been added to the game, which unlocks the new Advanced Simulations Unlimited structure, which is an OP generator for money, research and civics but costs huge amounts of power and bandwidth, and really chews through the nanites.

Moving forward, I think the game needs (at a minimum) better production facilities for Software, Nanites, and Bricks, so you can expect those in the coming update. I am also open to continued community submissions, so keep them coming and I will keep adding them. While I have been focused on MC2, there seems to be a larger desire for me to keep adding content to MC1, so I might as well, so stay tuned for more content to both games as the weeks progress!

So that's it for today, check out the update on the web now, idk when it will hit other platforms but it should be this coming week (maybe longer for Android). Enjoy!

1y ago
How much Research should this make?
1y ago
think of it as an extremely inefficient CAL
1y ago
I hope everyone is having a good week! Today I am releasing My Colony 2 v0.36.0 and the update should be hitting all platforms within the coming days. This update cleans up a couple of things, adds a couple of things, and fixed some things. So let's take a look at all of the things...

The My Colony 2 engine now supports a second level of user color customization on buildings, besides the random splashes of settlement color found in some places. Voxel models can now specify a second replace color, allowing the user to fully customize the color of their structures. This is currently enabled on the Bunkbed Shelter, Large Living Quarters and Extra Large Living Quarters, and also the brand new Decorative Tile. The "paint job" can be done by clicking on a structure, and you will see a new color wheel option if the structure supports user defined coloring.

Custom colored structures could be a great way to give your settlement character, define districts, or just liven things up a bit. This release is sort of a test of the feature, and it will be certainly expanded to more buildings in the future. If you are a voxel model creator, you can specify areas of a building that can be custom-colored by using the cyan hex code #00ffff.

More statistics have been added to the building mini-stats popup window, which now shows capacity and utilization graphs for medical, education, entertainment and security, similar to what was available in MC1.

Moving along, the My Colony 2 Online stats window has been updated with a new listing for Settlement rankings, now showing the top 30 online settlements listed by population. I plan on adding more to this soon. You will also (at some point) be able to click on both worlds and settlements to get a detailed breakdown screen of each, and I may end up using this screen for future diplomacy related options.

Ok, now for the potentially controversial update, I have added the ability to instant-purchase any structure using Ape Coins instead of paying with resources. I realize that this is somewhat of a pay-to-win, but the truth is that since MC2 lacks the advertising found in most games, I need a way to generate more revenue for the game, that is just the sad truth of it. Let me explain more about it though.

I think I have set the Ape Coin prices high enough that it should deter just rushing through the game, unless someone really wants to pay a lot. I suspect it only to be used in one-off scenarios when someone really does not want to wait to build something, or at the very beginning of the game when prices are low anyway.

The way it works is that the Ape Coin price is calculated at run time based on the GBT value of all of the resources needed to construct the building, with a minimum price of 10 Ape Coins. Since resource prices scale up a lot on the higher end, a player would have to pay serious money in order to build the later game structures, which is why I do not think this system will be abused much later game, which I believe cuts down on the "pay-to-win" aspect of it.

The reality is that nobody is going to pay $15 to purchase an investment bank, or if they do, they sure aren't going to be using this function to spam a bunch of investment banks. So this price calculation being what it is, I think it will safely protect online stats from pay to win abuse. It also cannot be used to purchase buildings that are above your settlement level.

To build a structure using Ape Coins, you just click on the Ape Coin button instead of the green checkmark button on the new construction bottom bar. There is a confirmation dialog, so you are not going to accidentally spend coins.

One more thing to note, if you purchase a building with Ape Coins and then accidentally place it somewhere where it cannot built, like a blocked space, the building goes into a queue on the server, and you can then build it again without clicking on the Ape Coins option. There is no UI to tell you this yet, but the game will actually let you place the building, even though it says you do not have enough resources.

Finally before moving on to new content, I added structure defensive stats to the Encyclopedia window, which now shows Attack Power, Range and Rate of Fire.

I have not forgotten about the poor encyclopedia, it just has not been on the top of the priorities list.

Ok, let's go to new content now. There are three new techs added this time, Mass Data Management, Colonial Bureaucracy and Extremely Deep Excavation!

Mass Data Management is used for the new Alien Uplink Station upgrade (model by @SPARKY0303 ), while Colonial Bureaucracy gives us the new Department of Advanced Fish Mating Studies (model by @spamdude ), which is basically just a big worthless (but pretty) government jobs farm. The new Museum ( @spamdude ) is a nice entertainment/education combo structure, and the new Decorative Tile is basically a blank slate that you can choose your own color for. Could be used to do pixel art on the grounds of your settlement.

Next up, @therealchromedino provides us with the new Bunker of Last Resort. This is a good structure to place somewhere in the center of your settlement, as it can be used to rebuild in the event that you are on a sever and your settlement gets raided by an enemy army.

The Bunker provides storage for basic building materials, minor housing, utility generation, can construct Builder Bots, has an attack rating slightly better than a pillbox, and an extreme amount of hit points. It is not indestructible, and a tank army would still be able to take it down, but it is a good insurance policy, and every major settlement should have at least one or two of these in the event of an emergency.

The big new structure in this update is the Ultra Deep Drilling Facility by @spamdude and to be honest, I could not afford to build it on the colony I was doing my game testing with, so it is possible that it will need to be tweaked a bit in the next update, just let me know in the comments what you all thing. It is an across the board stat improvement over the current Advanced Drilling Platform, and also provides Crystalline which the original one did not.

Ok so I think that is all of the major stuff in this update. For the next update (v0.37.0) I plan on adding Diamonds as a Lunar World exclusive resource, that will be obtained by excavating. There will also be new units/structures associated with the diamond trade. I think I am also going to have the "Online" version of the Player Mode at least somewhat functional for next update, possibly including the star gate travel between worlds (right now there are only 9 active Star Gates in the MC2 universe). So let me know what issues you find or suggestions you have, thank you to all who contributed artwork for this update, and stay tuned for more to come!

1y ago
Hello everybody,

i have the exact same issue. My food and water production went down drastically so I build more and more fish hatcheries and atmosphere condenser but it would not increase. After finally giving up i clicked on the workers info the building gives and saw not the 14/14 in fish hatcheries were working but none or one and after clicking the number on the building info got the number of workers correctly: 1/14. After a few Moments they were fully operating with 14/14 again.

Playing Windows Client 0.5.

Please fix soon - my little settlement is doomed otherwise because i do not wish to click the workers info on all those buildings... :)
6y ago
A youth-oriented simulation game that has you build an aquarium. Could run in background and have Ape App tie-ins with the decorations. You upgrade your fish, tank size, background, decorations, pumps/filters, and food.

Please tell me what you think and please comment to expand this.

Thank you.
6y ago
Plastic from fish/water

Energy from sea waves

Gas from underwater underground deposits

Atmosphere with phitoplankton photosynthesis

Clay with drainage

Cloth using seaweed

4y ago
First, see as that idea from @GeneralWadaling kinda plays into this idea. And this will introduce even more ideas for it. Also, this uses ideas from my past posts and some comments in them. In fact, most of these are new, but some are quiet old(ish). But enjoy, because I may or may not get stumped and call on other people to help and improve on this, because i do not have the patients to sit down and type for long periods of time.

Particle Accelerator Through the Advancement of Qubits, we are able to harness the amount of computing ability to make Nuero-Oxide, a dense material that can be fused into Steel to make extremely durable metal alloys.
Nuero-Oxide, (NXE) is a material that is able to rival tirtanium in its durability, but not cost. Made by fusing particles and steel, this highly impacted material bends easy and allows for the creation or GIANT structures.

Particle Compiler eats up Qubits, but spits out Software like it's the machines last day on this planet.

Particle Encoder Porvides extra storage for Qubits and Nuero-Oxide, while taking in Antium,Cash, and robots.

Particle DecompresserBreaks down the particles to create(somehow) basic elements at a slow and steady pace.

And about heres where I ran into the WALL. The main question I ask myself is this: Do we NEED this? And to most of these, the answer is yes. But I also have a ton of ideas that dont fit anywhere else, and they have nothing to do with the stuff above. So these are the non-sense stuff, and enjoy.

Pablo's Pizza Palace Uses food to make pizza, a delicious dish that will also make sushi from fish, giving fish a new dish.(Rhymes!)

Advanced Helium 3 Genrator This generator works at 1/2 speed of the Regolith Extraction Inc, so you get more helium-3 but it doesn't drain your regolith reserves.

Wood,Inc sells and buys wood from (not real) colonys, and makes you a large gap of wood from it.

The End The end of the game, when you research the last tech. You unlock (if in region) the ability to make 1 medium city say "The End". It would be a cool way to flex on smaller colonys.

The TunnelFats and easy way to import colonists at the cost of electricity.

Swim up Bar Its a swim up bar that colinist over 21 can go to and drink with their friends.

Large Elementary Schoolteaches same range of intelligence as the small elementary school, but just holds more students.(Do this for medium elementary and all learning areas.

So that's about to wrap this thing up for now. This is probably only the first part, so (maybe?) Expect another, but not for a while. I've got a tight schedule, so be BOLO, and I will see yall later.

4y ago
So I made this list because it is a lot better than the last one...

--------New Tiles/Buildings---------
--short-growing grass-animals cannot eat this grass, but it stays short forever and does not have to be cut, would cost more than normal grass.

--bridges-bridge over rivers and ditches that allow visitors to cross over

--animal bridges-bridge over rivers and ditches that allow animals and vehicles to cross over

--deep rivers-not my idea but I thought it was worth noting, not sure how they would work

--house-2x2 building that the "player"/farmer could live in

--more crops-just more crops in general, not really need yet

--vancy tollbooth-just like the normal version but visitors have to pay more, also vote more to build and decreases attractiveness more

--large silo-stores more than the normal will

---------New Vehicles----------

--large lawn mower-normal lawn mower but 3 wide or 2 wide

--large harvester-normal harvester but 3 wide or 2 wide

--automatic lawn mower-normal lawn mower but mows by itself

---------New People--------

--Rich visitor-pays twice as much for everything but rarely appears

--Famous visitor-pays normal or slightly increased amount but increases attractiveness level temporarily, if unable to leave for too long, disappears

--Farmer/player-doesn't have to be controlable, but lives in house

--------New Animals-------

--Horse-like a cow but eats any

--goat-Like a cow but eats multiple things

--fish-swims in rivers and (maybe) increases attractiveness

--wolf - not my idea

--dog/cat-would be pet of farmers and could follow visitors around for a while (should probably have a limit for how many you can have)

--------New game mechanics------

--encyclopedia - just like the one from My Colony

--chatrooms - just like the ones from My Colony

--rain-decreases attractiveness but speeds up from growth
--clouds-basically rain but less effective
--high winds-slowly destroys crops waiting to be harvested(they would still regrow)
--hurricane-would be like a hard mode thing, would pause drop growth, lower
attractiveness to 0, and would scare away any remaining visitors

--hard mode-increases difficulty of game, slows from growth slightly, adds hurricanes, makes every cost slightly more, could add a few "disasters" causes animals to grow slower, harvesters and lawn mowers would eventually break down... Things like that

--easy mode- decreases difficulty of game, increases crop and animal growth, reduces prices, things like that

--land annexation- not my idea, but a great one! would probably work similar to how it works in my colony, just gives you more land

--badges/achievements - this would be cool for My Colony too, you would get an achievement when you "completed" the game, got your first harvester, planted every crop, got a specific amount of cash, and so on...

-----------------that's all!-------------

Just want to say the fish would be cool and I love this game, thank you B A S T!


Just in time for the weekend (if you are using the PWA at least), the My Colony 2 v0.23.0 update is now available, bringing a lot of goodies that I hope think you are going to love. So what's new in this release? Let's take a look!

To begin with, continuing work from the last two releases of My Colony 2, more structure voxel models have been separated from the data files, further reducing initial game load times, particularly on mobile devices. This should especially help on lower memory devices, as some were crashing from the sheer size of the overall MC2 data file during initial load.

Next up, as I mentioned in another thread, all My Colony 2 game statistics are now being automatically logged to the Coloniae service that @Sobeirannovaocc is maintaining. The My Colony 2 implementation of Coloniae is still in development, but you can find it at the following URL to track it's progression. Check it out, see if you can find your own world statistics, and be sure to give Sobe your feedback!

In addition, all new colonies in MC2 are now being automatically added to the mc2global Universe, as outlined in this thread. This will be the default global universe for all new MC2 games, and if you want to join it with your existing colony, simply click on the thread I just posted for instructions.

Next up, commenters in the various app stores have long been requesting that MC2 contain some sort of hints or tutorials such as those found in the original My Colony. So I have started to add helpful dialogs to the game at various points.

More exciting than the tutorials though, are the manner in which they have been implemented. Some time ago, there was a request for some scripting capabilities to be added to MC2 that creators could use for different types of mods. I started implementing it by adding some flag properties to units, structures, worlds, and civs, but then forgot about it, until @Luker124 recently reminded me that they would be helpful for a mod he is planning. As a result, you will now see a new Scripting section in the Game Editor.

I will make a more detailed post on scripting at some point, but it basically works like this. Certain entities (units, structures mainly, but also civs and worlds) can set either a Player Flag or a Global Flag when they are built/come into the game. A Player Flag pertains to the player who triggered the event, and a Global Flag pertains to the entire server. When a flag is triggered, the engine looks through all of the available scripts, and then will run any script that is triggered by the trigger flag.

The engine remembers which players have used which flag, so they can only be triggered once, unless a script gives a "clear flag" command. You can see the currently available script actions in the screenshot above. A script may contain one or more actions, and can call subsequent scripts by setting flags itself.

I plan to use this new flag/script feature to implement something suggested by @GeneralWadaling some months ago, whereby you could discover interesting terrains which would then unlock things. My thinking is that you could discover alien artifacts/tech that would then unlock certain structures that were not available otherwise through the tech tree.

The possibilities are vast though, so it will be interesting to see what modders come up with. The scripting framework is still in its infancy, so try it out and let me know what additions or improvements you would like to see. I foresee eventually being able to make a wide variety of different types of mods with this feature, not even limited to colony builder games.

Next up we come to a new addition that everybody has been asking for since MC2 was first made public, and I am talking about the return of the Bulldozer!

There is now a new toolbar above the build options sidebar. Currently it only has a bulldozer, but that will probably be expanded at some point. As in MC1, the bulldozer mode will turn your interface red so that you do not forget you are in a destructive mode. Unlike MC1, bulldozing a structure will now actually sell it instead of just destroy, so that it is actually more like a quick-sell option than anything else.

Besides just structures, Roads can now finally be removed too, using the bulldozer. This has been one of the top requests for a long time, and now it is a reality. This actually required a pretty substantial rewrite to how roads work, which I outlined in another thread a few weeks ago. But the work is done and the feature is here now. In the coming updates, I plan on also allowing roads to be built pretty much anywhere, not just within the confines of your own settlement, allowing vast highways to be buily across your world!

Moving on, the engine will now enforce structures that have a Settlement Level requirement (currently, only a handful of structures do). You will see this when viewing structure costs on the sidebar. Settlements are leveled up using Civics, and you can level up your settlement by selecting it from the Statistics window.

Now on to new content, as three new Techs have been added in this update: Low Atmospheric Zoology, Advanced Security and Advanced Robotics! Along with the techs, we have two additional resources added to the mix, Cloth and Robots.

Of course, there are new structures here too. The Fish Hatchery is back from MC1, allowing you to breed fish for food. The Outhouse is here, which I think was something of a gag model that GeneralWadaling sent me, but I turned it into an early game sanitation (medical) facility that you can build early on, before you can afford an infirmary. Next we have the Synthetic Textile Lab for creating cloth, and the Robotics Factory for making robots. There is a decorative United Earth Flag that takes on the color of your settlement, and the Storage Yard is a new upgrade to the Raw Materials Depot, allowing you to store way more raw materials than you previously could. Finally, the new War Factory will allow you to build this updates' new military unit, the Main Battle Tank!

All in all, there is a lot here in this update, and I hope you guys like it! So check it out, as it should be hitting all platforms over the coming days, and if you don't want to wait, fire up the web app now at the following URL. Until then, thanks for playing, and have a good weekend!

2y ago
I was just drinking some coke a few hours ago, and once the cola hit, I got this idea: Hey, since MC2 has fish and boats to harvest the fish now, I think the game needs pirates! (Just for the lols). I have designed a pirate ship, a pirate dock, and a new resource: Plunder. I will hook up a mod link and some models that I made.
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